The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess

Chapter 559 Ch
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"You disappointed me too much Hex."

"Where is your pride? Where is your vanity?"

"Were you not barking loudly at the gates asking for special treatment?"

"No, that I have brought you to give the special treatment you are running."

"What a shame?"Alex spoke with a sorrowful expression.

"You are not Alex. You are the Devil."

"You are messing with me, "Shion screamed frighteningly.


"Yes, I am messing with you so what can you do?"Alex mocked.

"Take him to Hell's Judgement and ask them to give him special treatment."

The guard took Hex away like trash to throw him away.

Alex gasped heavily and slumped down on the throne. He caressed the armrest and fell into deep memories thinking about his time with the Devil.

The time with the Goddess was monotonous without any fun while his training with the Devil was quite fulfilling.

The Devil was like a big brother to him who also advised him and cared for him. The tiny bit of humanity and sanity he was able to preserve was all due to the Devil's effort.

[Those bitches, just look what they had done with you. They have made an inhumane emotionless killing machine. At this rate, I fear even your children would piss in fear after seeing such a serious look.]

[I wanted you to live like this so that you teach those so-called daughters a lesson but since you are under my tutelage, I am responsible for your physical and mental well-being. Come, we will have some fun.]

Remembering the memories, he felt nostalgic.

Now that he gained power, he recollected the reason for the gap in memories. Due to serious traumas and side effects that had been left from the beginning of training, Alex asked Devil to seal some frightening scenes.

"If only I knew about the things that were going to happen, I would have prepared early."

A deep sense of loneliness flickered in his eyes. The existence of the system was erased the moment he gained his powers back.

The system was based on the God Of Mischief behaviours and tried to make him laugh while also giving him suggestions. However, the more Alex drew his power, the system started to fall silent to preserve itself until it was no more.

Alex while thinking about all this was also searching for the presence of his father in case his soul is in hell.

The concept of good and bad was quite abstract. It might be unbelievable but most of the warriors end up in hell in one way or another.

Because there are no warriors who can be said to be goody shoes. One may have done the right thing from his perspective and it might also be considered a good deed but from others' perspectives, it may not be.

You will not be found guilty if you kill evil people who committed all kinds of sins but some kills cannot be overlooked.

Like in the case of wars. Soldiers from both sides don't have any personal enmity nor it can be called an evil deed for fighting with another country.

All they are doing is fighting for their countries and protecting their families. The real mastermind is the one waging the war, however.....

The act of killing can't be turned a blind eye cause everyone had a choice.....

"It's weird. For a person who killed all his brothers and usurped the throne how can't he be in hell or did his soul vanish."Alex frowned, drawing out the conjecture about his father's soul.

Alex then looked aside and saw his second body healed. After pondering for a moment, he decides to use the second body to enter the Darkness Realm.

The power of light would be suppressed in there and if Alex releases all his strength he might tear down the entire realm.

Before he starts killing, he wants to take a look at the Darkness realm and if possible, he wants to upgrade his second body to his current body level.

In case of trouble, he can just draw out his soul and use his original body.


"Yes, Your Highness!"

"I am leaving this body here. Take a look over it. Don't worry too much, unless someone is stronger than me he can't break my barrier just focus on the task I asked."

"I obey!"Ahriman nodded and bowed his head.


In Zenith...

The period of mourning was on full scale and the entire Kinley was in a state of shock.

Their Emperor, who had not come out for a long time, not only took part in the war but also died.

Inside the castle...

Everyone stood with a lifeless expression. It was too shocking for them and the reality hit them hard.

"It's not possible...It can't be..."

"Sister-in-law, say something," Alicia shouted and cried loudly.

"Alicia, don't cry."Athena hugged Alicia.

Ivine and William tried to open their lips to speak but no words came out.

She was already shocked to hear about his father's death but what was more shocking then that was Alex being declared Emperor.

Her forces along with others might have tried to rebel but the presence of that man foiled everything.

There were also some overlords on their side whom she had kept close contact with, however...

All of them were like pieces of paper.

Enoch, the greatest general in the History of Kinley and beside him stood a elder old beastman who though had an amicable smile on his face but his eyes spoke something else.

"Why....why did all of this happen suddenly?"Leia murmured with disbelief.

"And is there a decree for Alex to be Emperor?"

"Is there any proof?"Ivine and Leia spoke at the same time.

"If at this stage you can't see things and discern things about Alex, then you are not fit to be Emperor."

"And even if there is no proof what you are going to do? We have a grave situation ahead so if you want to create trouble I will cut you down."

Enoch's rude words startled everyone.

Ivine and Leia's feelings hurt and were about to say something when they heard a voice.

"Prepare for the funeral."

A loud sound was heard and Alex appeared before them out of thin air.


Alex appeared with a grave expression. His words were as cold as ice and resonated everywhere.

"Everyone leaves. I need some time."

"But Alex…"Leia started to speak but her body was pinned down on the ground due to an onslaught of pressure.

"I said leave."He then turned his gaze towards his wife and his expression softened.

"Can you give me some time to sort out things?"

Hearing his words everyone left beside Enoch.

"So, now tell me Enoch what is going on behind the scenes?"

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