The Idol Group Pet Became a Final Boss!

Chapter 457 - Even The Most Pretentious Person Has To Take His Hats Off To You
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Chapter 457: Even The Most Pretentious Person Has To Take His Hat’s Off To You

It had been less than an hour since they started dating each other officially.

Yet, she was already considering what to do in the case of a breakup!?!

Ah Nan laughed incessantly while throwing out hints rapidly.

‘Xiang Yi, your mindset is too dangerous!’

“Ah Nan, is your throat uncomfortable? I’ll cook you some loquat paste for you when we get back later.” Xiang Yi blinked and looked at Shi Sui before saying in a warm and serious tone, “From a logical perspective, there is indeed a probability that we might break up. When the time comes, we’ll have to publicize it ag again. Wouldn’t that be too troublesome?”

Shi Sui was speechless too.

‘So she doesn’t want to announce our relationship to the public only because she’s worried that we might break up?’

He asked leisurely in a deep and husky voice, “Xiang Yi, do you find me troublesome?”

“Huh? That’s not what I mean, I meant making our relationship public…”

Shi Sui looked down, his long thick eyelashes casting . a faint shadow on his cold, fair skin. He said pitifully, “You don’t have to go on. I understand, I’ll just listen to you.”

Xiang Yi wavered immediately and curled her toes.After being conflicted for a few seconds, she said, “Why don’t we keep it a secret…”

Shi Sui’s dark eyes lit up. He raised his chiseled chin and said, “Xiang Yi, are you willing to give me a proper status? That’s wonderful. It turns out that I’m not just a secret lover to you.”

Xiang Yi panicked. ‘How could I have forgotten that Shi Sui is just a man with a fragile heart? I have to pamper this baby that I love. I can’t let his vulnerable and fragile soul be hurt!’

“No, no, that’s not what I think!”

“Huh? What do you think, Xiang Yi?”

“I=I just think you’re really nice…”

Si Chuanbai and Ah Nan watched as the young girl wrapped in a small blanket coyly buttered Shi Sui up.

Ah Nan : …!

‘Best Actor Shi Sui, even the the most pretentious person has to take his hat’s off to you!’

Si Chuanbai was speechless and couldn’t bring himself to continue looking.

‘What happened to your gentlemanly, refined and ascetic persona?’

‘It’s fake… It must be fake…’

‘Shi Sui’s true nature is being dog-like!’

There was a sudden change in the filming plan. Although Director Zhu and the others were as busy as bees, they still took the time out of their schedules to visit Xiang Yi.

An apology was necessary. After all, it was strictly speaking, a mistake on the program team’s part.

“But I have a piece of good news to share with you, Xiang Yi.” Director Zhu was grinning incessantly. “Xiang Yi, that man is a fugitive! The officials have been hunting him down for a long time but he’s really good at being a fugitive. He seemed to have also been an international mercenary too. This time, he was overwhelmed by the carpet search, and there was no way for him to flee so he decided to commit a crime one last time but he didn’t expect to have been caught by you!”

Xiang Yi said, “The credit doesn’t belong only to me. We have to thank Jun Han and the others too. We worked hard together to nab him.”

Director Zhu had an even better impression of Xiang Yi because she was brave to be righteous but didn’t want to take all the credit. She was really nice.

“How’s Xu Tumi?” Xiang Yi asked.

Director Zhu answered, “She’s gotten much better, the doctor told her to rest and recuperate. But… ahem…”

“Director Zhu, feel free to tell us.”

Director Zhu said embarrassedly, “She keeps clamoring and asking to stay in the same ward as you. She also said that if there aren’t any spare beds, she can sleep on the same bed as you…”

Xu Tumi was really frightened. She had already cried several times.

Xiang Yi said, “I’m not going to continue being hospitalized. Can she recuperate anywhere?”

Director Zhu said, “Yes, there are no special requirements for that.”

Xiang Yi gave it some thought and said, “Why don’t you bring her to my place? We have lots of spare rooms.”

Shi Sui, who was at the side, was slowly getting confused.

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