The Idol Group Pet Became a Final Boss!

Chapter 341 - Gradually Becoming A Dog
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Chapter 341: Gradually Becoming A Dog

Shi Sui’s peach-blossom-shaped eyes were slightly curved, and he smiled derisively. He then bent forward in a bid to kiss Xiao Naofu.

He moved his pale and thin lips closer to Xiao Naofu...

“Meow meow meow!!!”

Xiao Naofu stretched out its fleshy paws and tried its best to block Shi Sui’s lips, not allowing him to get closer by a single inch.

A trace of viciousness flashed in Shi Sui’s eyes, and he slowly retreated.

Xiao Naofu heaved a sigh of relief.

‘Uwu~ I’ve protected my chastity!’

All of a sudden...

Shi Sui suddenly asked, “Huh? Xiang Yi, look, is it just me or Xiao Naofu is balding?”

Xiang Yi went over and took a closer look before saying worriedly, “Yes, a little bit.”

The fur on the crown of Xiao Naofu’s head was obviously much sparser and flatter than the other parts of his body...

‘It’s only been a few days. How long did Xiang Yu rub him for...’

Xiao Naofu’s round eyes were wide open, and it raised its tiny paws to touch its head.

‘Has my fur really become sparse?!’

‘Doesn’t that mean that I’m going to become a bald tiger?!’

To its surprise, it was greeted with a sudden kiss from Shi Sui.

With a soft “mwah”, Shi Sui pressed his lips against Xiao Naofu’s face.

Xiao Naofu was flabbergasted.

Its world began to crumble.

It stared at Shi Sui, dumbstruck, as if he had suffered a huge blow.

“Tsk, why is its fur falling out?” Shi Sui smirked and continued with a somewhat gloating smile, “It doesn’t feel nice to kiss it at all.”

Xiao Naofu: ...!

‘Damned dog! Ugh!’

‘Screw you, screw you, I’m going to bite you to death!!’

It opened its mouth wide to flaunt its sharp and shiny teeth, seemingly ready to fight to the death with Shi Sui.

However, in the next second, it fell into a warm, fragrant embrace.

“Xiao Naofu, don’t bite,” Xiang Yi said, like she was teaching a young child.

Xiao Naofu pointed its paw at Shi Sui. “Ow... Grr...”

‘He kissed me! That dog of a man kissed me!!!’

Xiang Yi roughly understood what he meant. She coaxed softly, “Brother Shi Sui kissed you only because he adores you.”

Shi Sui was still adding fire to the flames from the side. “Yeah, I will never kiss anyone else’s kitten.”

Xiao Naofu was so furious that it lost its rationality. “Woof! Woof! Woof!”

It gradually turned into a dog.

Li Jianyu and Lao Zhang, who were watching from the side, were laughing hysterically.

Xiang Yi was speechless.

‘Do you still remember that you’re a little tiger?’

‘Which little tiger in the world can bark...’

“Okay, okay, don’t be angry, Xiao Naofu, you’re the most obedient one...” Xiang Yi carried Xiao Naofu in her arms and paced back and forth in the room for a few minutes while coaxing it. Xiao Naofu sniffled and nestled itself in Xiang Yi’s arms, rubbing its head coquettishly against her soft and pillowy chest.

Shi Sui, who was standing near them, suddenly squinted his dark eyes.

Xiao Naofu humphed and threw a coquettish, petty tantrum for a long time. At this juncture, Xiang Yu had gotten out of bed and washed up as quickly as he could. Before he could even have time to comb his hair, he immediately headed downstairs to feed Xiao Naofu.

When Li Jianyu saw Xiang Yu, he gestured for Old Zhang to start the livestream.

The opening scene of today’s livestream was that of the “God of E-sports” who looked weary and unkempt, with his hair in a mess.

“Xiang Yi?” he asked, his voice slightly raspy because he had just woken up.

“Brother, I’ve come to pick Xiao Naofu up.”


Xiang Yu stayed silent and carried Xiao Naofu over from her arms. Rubbing Xiao Naofu’s head skilfully, he said coolly, “A frequent change of environment is not good for the mental health of cats.”

The netizens were appalled.

—— [I really dig the way Smog looks when he has just woken up!]

—— [Hahahah, the way Smog is petting the cat is like kneading meatballs.]

—— [Smog: My mental health will suffer without Xiao Naofu.]

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