The Idol Group Pet Became a Final Boss!

Chapter 124: Red Carpet 3
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Chapter 124: Red Carpet 3

Eh, a text from Zaizai?

As Xiang Yi flipped through the photos, her eyebrows curved more and more.

It would seem that the man and cat were getting along well.

“Who is it?” Ah Nan looked at the screen and let out a shriek of surprise. “When did your relationship with Shi Yingdi get so good? Isn’t he famous for being distant??”

Xiang Yi: “I don’t think so, I think Senior has a good temper and is really easy to get along with.”

Ah Nan: ???

Was it because I’ve been in this business for too long and all the gossip I’ve acquired was for nothing?

In the manor.

Li Jianyu was still worrying about the contents of today’s live broadcast. “Daddy Shi, what are you planning to stream in a bit? Why don’t you try cooking, too? I remember you knew how to cook instant noodles or something...”

Humble little Li had been so immersed in his food stream that he had forgotten he was a variety show director.

Shi Sui lazily responded, “Not interested.”

“Then what are you planning to do?”

“Pet the cat, watch a stream.” Without Xiang Yi, a certain actor became passive toward his profession within minutes. “Why don’t you stream me watching a stream?”

Li Jianyu: ???

Where did the extremely cooperative daddy Shi from two days ago go?

Why was he suddenly so rebellious today?!

But after pondering it over for a bit, he decided that it was not a bad idea. Overwhelmed, he exclaimed, “Okay, if you have the balls to watch, I have the balls to broadcast!”

A few minutes later...

The stream for “Two Under One Roof” began.

Netizens happily flooded in, in particular several Shisui sisters. Upon hearing that Xiang Yi would not be present today, they were so overjoyed they wanted to set off firecrackers.

Who would have guessed ——

A man in a gray satin shirt with his cold slender fingers caressed a milky white kitten in his arms without a rush in the world. He had changed into a pair of gold-framed glasses with a thin chain. His brows seemed more deep set, his nose bridge more linear, like a noble gentleman from the middle ages, radiating an aura of cold indifference.

Yet, when he faced the camera and smiled lightly, his peach blossom eyes beamed with affection.

“Good evening, shall we watch a stream?”

The comments in the stream quickly became dense:

— [Ahhh what kind of evildoer is this? I’m gone, I’m gone!!]

— [I wish I could transmigrate as Xiao Naofu once again! But speaking of it, Xiao Naofu is so well behaved today]

— [??? Am I going blind? Is the tablet on the table playing the stream from Tomato Entertainment’s annual gala??]

— [Shi Yingdi hates watching gossip. Is he watching this stream because of the Little Vase??!!!]

Outside the hotel.

Cheers from fans rang out ahead, signaling the beginning of the red carpet segment.

Ah Nan hurriedly opened the stream. The first few appearances were made by new artists who were not that popular, so there weren’t many people in the live comments. It was only when the gender-neutral Mo Li walked in with short hair that the comment section exploded.

— [Wowowowow Mo Li is so A, what a boss!]

— [Models are on a different realm for real. She makes walking on a red carpet look like she’s on the stage]

—[No wonder this sister is the darling of the fashion industry. That wide shoulder suit is the newest autumn piece from a high-end luxury brand!]

Following her was Lin Zhiya.

As soon as Ah Nan saw her, he became riled up with adrenaline. “This is the little demon! Ahhh she’s so manipulative. Look, she even altered her dress to be low cut at the chest!”

The sparkling champagne-colored mermaid dress enveloped Lin Zhiya’s alluring figure as the stream suddenly became more vivid and captivating.

— [Holy f*ck, I like this sister!]

—[So Lin Zhiya’s figure was always this outstanding?!]

—[I’m so jealous of her figure, how come her meat knows where to grow so well!]

—[I have a foreboding feeling that the Vase Fairy is going to be smashed into the dust /shaky legs /shaky legs]

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