The Human Emperor

Chapter 2351 - The Meng Clan of the Great Qin!
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Chapter 2351: The Meng Clan of the Great Qin!

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Li Xuantu stared at the corpse on the ground and said, “It’s rather strange. It doesn’t seem like some outsider who wandered into the Celestial Palace!”

Wang Chong carefully examined the corpse on the ground, particularly the face. “It truly is rather strange. His armor doesn’t appear to originate from any dynasty of the Central Plains, and his expression is far too calm. There’s no pain or anger. That’s not a normal reaction at all.”

The battlefield was where people died the most, and Wang Chong had taken part in several major wars, with hundreds of thousands to millions of deaths.

Wang Chong had seen far too much death on the battlefield, and many people would die feeling immense pain, like those Han generals they had encountered in the previous region.

But this corpse was far too calm. His face held no joy or sorrow. It was like all the injuries had happened to someone else.

And those eyes were too unfocused, even empty.

This wasn’t what a normal person should look like. Wang Chong would be more willing to call him a puppet.

As Wang Chong’s eyes passed over the corpse’s ribs, he suddenly snapped his fingers. A moment later, a special token that had been pressed beneath his body flew into the air.


Wang Chong reached out, sucking the metal token into his hand.

‘Celestial Guard’!

These two words, written in ancient script, had been carved into the token.

The two of them fell silent at this token.

“It’s one of Heaven’s people.”

This was actually the first time they had seen one of Heaven’s subordinates after entering the Celestial Palace.

“These are probably puppets of the Celestial Palace. Their will has been completely stripped away, and they feel no pain regardless of the injuries they sustain,” Wang Chong sternly said.

Looking at those slack eyes, Wang Chong recalled the Celestial Army that he had seen in the memories of the Arab High Priest. The two of them were rather similar, but there were also differences, like in the armor. Thus, Wang Chong had not immediately recognized them for what they were.

Moreover, the Celestial Palace was Heaven’s personal ritual tool, and not even the members of the Celestial God Organization were allowed within. To serve as a substitute for them, Heaven had created these guardian puppets that could feel no pain.

They continued deeper, encountering more and more Celestial Guards. Their bodies were scattered about the edge of the third region, all of them having suffered immense damage.

“Whoever came in here was incredibly powerful. With one punch, they were able to punch right through these Celestial Guards, blasting apart their armor. This is truly some shocking strength. What sort of person ended up wandering into this place?” Li Xuantu said.

This place was Heaven’s base, and the majority of the people who came in had been lured by Heaven to walk into his trap. This was the first time they had seen someone who could turn from a ‘guest’ into a ‘master’, killing Heaven’s Celestial Guard without restraint.

The fact that this group was able to resist Heaven’s mental control and even slaughter the Celestial Guards was proof of their strength.

This was clearly an extremely formidable group of people.

Let alone Li Xuantu, even Wang Chong felt very curious. What sort of person could have torn through the Celestial Guards like this?

Their curiosity didn’t last for long. A few moments later, the two of them saw the terrifying foe of these Celestial Guards.

In the square, another corpse was collapsed in front of several Celestial Guards.

This man had a slender yet powerful body. He wore black armor that was completely different from the armor of the Celestial Guards, and his weapon was a long and heavy black sword.

The sword’s edge was chipped and cracked after slaying numerous foes. And if one looked carefully, one could see that dried blood thickly covered the blade.

The man had a vicious face that was seething with killing intent. Even in death, he maintained a fighting posture. Even for a Great General like Wang Chong, it left an extremely deep impression.

There was no doubt that this tiger of a general was not merely strong. He was one of those who truly had no fear of death.

But what drew Wang Chong’s attention the most was the two long black feathers extending from the helmet.

“This is a Qin Guard!”

Wang Chong slightly creased his brow, his expression turning grave.

“Not just any Qin Guard, but someone who served the Imperial Palace, a top-class Kingsguard,” Li Xuantu said as he examined the corpse.

The helmet bearing two black feathers was a special kind of helmet that none of the dynasties after the Qin had used. Moreover, Tang armor was bright and dazzling, and had been designed to have breastplate mirrors, but this Qin Guard was not wearing this sort of armor.

In addition, according to the existing historical records, the Qin Dynasty identified with the color black, and black armor was extremely common in the Qin Dynasty.

The two of them had not imagined that they would find a Qin Dynasty soldier here.

The Kingsguard were not sent out for no reason. The two instantly had all sorts of theories, but they kept them to themselves. They would soon get to the bottom of this riddle.

As they ventured deeper, they soon arrived at the main battlefield.

Though they had mentally prepared themselves, when they saw it with their own eyes, they were still left reeling in shock.

The first thing Wang Chong saw on this vast battlefield was a giant war banner. On this banner was the word ‘Qin’ (秦).

Around this banner, Wang Chong saw the bodies of many Qin Guards, and around them were thousands of Celestial Guards. Besides these Celestial Guards, Wang Chong also saw men in black who had transformed into Lu Wus. These people had lost all rationality and had crazily charged at the Qin Guards.

But most astonishingly, the outnumbered Qin Guards had had the advantage.

While Heaven was using these people to attack them, the Qin Guards had remained in formation. Despite being attacked from all sides, the Qin Guards had maintained their discipline.

Only upon seeing this army would one understand what a real Qin Guard was. These were the heavy soldiers that had overcome the other states, a true army of tigers and wolves.

Wang Chong felt no fear from this army, and it seemed like not even death could vanquish them.

Not only were they fearless, they exhibited a ferocity that made them even more frightening than the Celestial Guards and men in black.

At this moment, Wang Chong and Li Xuantu understood why such savage killing intent pervaded this region.

Their fighting intent and killing intent lingered even though they had died so long ago.

“Why would the Great Qin’s renowned army appear here? It doesn’t make sense!”

Li Xuantu stared at this sight in shock.

The Han Dynasty was surprising enough, but Li Xuantu had never imagined that even Qin Guards from more than one thousand years ago would appear here.

It made no sense for this army to be here.

Wang Chong was also pondering this question. After all, there was the story of Emperor Wu meeting the green bird in the Han Dynasty, so he could accept Huo Qubing appearing here. But the state of Qin... Wang Chong couldn’t think of anything that connected Heaven to the Qin Empire.

After all, not even the ancient texts had written anything linking the Qin Dynasty to Heaven and the Celestial Domain.

But Wang Chong quickly got ahold of himself.

“We’ll quickly find out the truth, regardless of what it is!”

Wang Chong strode forward.

Looking past this terrifying battlefield, Wang Chong saw something else.

Cautiously walking past the bodies of the Qin Guards and Celestial Guards, on the edge of the battlefield, Wang Chong spotted several imposing figures, their expression grim as they stood in a row, seemingly guarding something.

Judging by their armor, these people were probably the highest generals of this Qin army.

In the center of these people was a looming figure who stood at 1.9 meters tall.

This man gripped a sword with both hands and had deep-set eyes. He seemed around fifty, and though he was dead, his body still radiated a powerful aura.

Standing in front of this figure, Wang Chong felt like he was standing before a mountain that linked the earth and the heavens. While he stood here, anyone would find it difficult to pass him.

A Grotto Heaven realm expert!

This thought suddenly occurred to Wang Chong.

This person’s cultivation wasn’t as good as Genesis Supreme’s, but the gap was not great. This Qin Dynasty general could not be an ordinary individual.

Wang Chong was not in the dark for long. Pa! Wang Chong reached out and plucked a metal token from the general’s body.

‘Great Qin Meng Wu’!

Wang Chong and Li Xuantu both trembled in shock upon seeing this name.

“It’s him!”

Wang Chong looked up at this imposing figure once more, the shock in his eyes obvious.

The Meng Clan of the Great Qin!

Any great clan that had a general in it in any dynasty of the Central Plains knew this name.

This was one of the few truly authentic clans of generals.

‘Were all those kings and nobles born into nobility?’ In the end days of the Qin, these impetuous words had completely altered the history of the Central Plains, countless officials and generals vying with each other to step onto the stage of history.

‘The mountains and rivers produce generation after generation of talents, each stirring their own storm for several hundred years.’ One could interpret these words as meaning that no one could serve as the main character on the stage of history forever.

A tiger father might have a dog son. A father might be wise and powerful while his son might be a lazy and incompetent slacker. Such situations were far too common.

In the Central Plains, even the Wang Clan had a lack of talented individuals after Duke Jiu.

But in the Great Qin, this saying was reversed.

A tiger father did not have any dog sons!

For generation after generation, the Meng Clan had produced numerous famed generals. Meng Wu himself was one of the top ten generals of the Great Qin, and his two sons, Meng Tian and Meng Yi, were also ranked in the top ten.

Meng Tian had led the army north to build the Great Wall and fend off the Xiongnu, achieving many feats in battle that resounded through the generations. At the same time, he served as a foreshadowing for the future conquest of Xiongnu by Emperor Wu of Han and Huo Qubing.

Meng Wu’s father, Meng Ao, had also been an illustrious Great General of the Qin Empire.

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