The Human Emperor

Chapter 13: Yao Guang Yi’s Doubt
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“Incompetent fellow!”

Seeing Yao Feng’s expression, Yao Guang Yi couldn’t help but criticize him. This child had outstanding talent but in terms of scheming and worldly wisdom, he was still far from the level required to become the head of the Yao Clan.

Putting aside that old man above him, Yao Feng probably didn’t even inherit 10% of his own skills. This was also the reason why he was hesitant to hand over the authority over the clan to him.

“Have you ever heard of a saying called ‘trying to conceal a truth, only to expose it more’?”


Kneeling on the floor, Yao Feng suddenly came to a realization. His body shuddered in excitement.

Only then did Yao Guang Yi nod his head in satisfaction.

“Even though many people had seen me standing head to head with Wang Yan, it was also possible for it to be intentional doing on our part. After pulling so many of King Song’s allies to our side, King Song is already suspicious of everyone around him. As long as we continue on with our previous plan and fan the flames of doubt in his heart, eventually he will truly believe in Wang Yan’s betrayal, especially after we strike the fatal blow by the border.”

“Betrayal is still acceptable. After all, it is human nature to go along with the flow. However, if a person like King Song were to realize that he had been duped and made a fool of, how do you think he will react?”

A sinister aura crept around Yao Guang Yi. At the end of his words, Yao Feng trembled involuntarily.

‘A plan to attack minds is far superior to a plan to attack a fortress’. In terms of understanding human personality and scheming, he was far from his father’s capabilities. On this aspect, Yao Feng could only kneel on the floor and listen to his words.

“Wang Yan has a straightforward and inflexible personality. This time, King Song had summoned him over and as long as he answered wrongly, perhaps the matter would be settled without even requiring me to make a move.”

Yao Guang Yi’s gaze into the distance, as though looking through the Yao Residence to peer into the distance. However, he soon regained his senses and helped Yao Feng up.

“Stand up, you don’t have to worry about this! ——Father has something more important for you to attend to.”

“What is it?”

Yao Feng was astonished. What else could be more important than King Song, King Qi and his father’s plans?

“Somehow, I feel that something is amiss with that sibling pair from Wang Clan. If the incident today was just a coincidence, it was nothing much. However, I fear that it wasn’t so.”

Yao Guang Yi’s eyebrows were tightly knitted together and he seemed to be in a dilemma.


Yao Feng couldn’t help but exclaim. He would have never thought that the important matter referred to this:

“Those siblings are only mere kids in their teens, does father think that they were able to see through your plans?”

Yao Feng was in a state of disbelief. He never thought that his father, despite his wisdom and means, would fear two small kids.

“Even though they are only in their teens, didn’t they knock you unconscious in the Vast Crane Pavilion?”

Yao Guang Yi said with a dark face.

“But that is an entirely different matter!”

Yao Feng admitted that the little girl from the Wang Clan had fearsome strength, but he would never believe that those two children were so incredible as to pit against his father’s wisdom, seeing through the ploy which even their father, Wang Yan, failed to see through.

“There’s nothing different about it. You just have to do as I say!”

Yao Guang Yi said coldly.


Yao Feng wanted to reject him but after contemplating for a moment, he abruptly decided to accept it.

He was unable to match up with the elder brother and second brother of the Wang Clan, so it was normal for him to suffer some setback due to them. However, even the number three and number four were climbing over his head now.

In the Vast Crane Pavilion, he was humiliated before so many people. He wouldn’t let this matter slip so easily. Even without his father’s orders, he would search for ways to deal with that pair of siblings.

“I hope that I am just overthinking this!”

Upon seeing Yao Feng changing his decision, Yao Guang Yi’s face soothed significantly. Even though the plan in the Vast Crane Pavilion fell through, he should be able to make a breakthrough in the matter in the border.

Those two siblings may be intelligent and the affair in the Vast Crane Pavilion might be an intentional doing on their part, but Yao Guang Yi did not think that they would be able to hinder his affair at the borders.

Even so, it was better to be safe than sorry. No matter what, after the affairs at the Vast Crane Pavilion, he had to be more careful:

“Remember this, regardless of what happens, I want you to keep an eye on them. If something happens, inform me immediately.”


Yao Feng nodded his head.


Wang Yan sat upright and motionless in the massive carriage that was heading to the King Song Residence. Yet, his heart was in chaos.

The words Wang Chong spoke at the Vast Crane Pavilion filled his mind.

Initially, Wang Yan did not believe either of the two things Wang Chong spoke of. However, the truth was laid out before him and he had no choice but to believe him.

It wasn’t long since his last meeting with King Song, yet King Song had sent another envoy for him. Furthermore, it was right after he stepped out of the Vast Crane Pavilion.

——Wang Chong was spot-on!

Wang Yan did not understand how Wang Chong could have known all these, but that wasn’t the most important matter. Rather, Wang Yan was more bothered about another issue.

“I wonder if King Song is really looking for me because of Yao Guang Yi?”

Wang Yan thought.

He had lived upright and transparently. No matter what he did, he made sure to keep a clear heart and as such, he did not fear the gossip of others. His meeting with Yao Guang Yi was only an ordinary gathering and they did not speak of anything important during the meeting.

The King Song Residence and the Wang Clan shared several generations of friendship, so Wang Yan did not think that King Song would look for him over such minor affairs.

“No matter what, whether it is true or not, I will know in a moment’s time.”

Wang Yan took a deep breath, parted the curtains and walked out of the carriage.

Not too far away, a massive and grand palace could be seen. There was a giant door plaque above the entrance that wrote ‘King Song Residence’ in golden words, making it exceptionally conspicuous.

Wang Yan followed behind the old butler prudently. They walked across numerous flower gardens and corridors, into King Song Residence’s hall.

The main hall of the King Song Residence was empty. When Wang Yan walked in, there was a bulky figure sitting firmly in silent hall, as though a mountain. He exuded the disposition of natural nobility and elegance. He was the influential King Song of the Great Tang Empire.

“Your humble subordinate, Wang Yan, pays respect to King Song!”

Wang Yan stepped forward and knelt with a single leg. His clear voice echoed throughout the entire main hall.

The main hall was completely empty. Other than King Song, there wasn’t anyone else in it.

King Song sat in the shadows of the main hall in front of Wang Yan, not moving at all. It was hard to tell how long he had been seated there.

For a long time, Wang Yan did not receive a reply from King Song. As such, he subconsciously lifted his head to take a look. For some reason, Wang Yan felt that there was something amiss with King Song.

“Oh, Wang Yan. You’re here.”

After a moment’s time, King Song seemed to have been jolted back to reality, seemingly only noticing Wang Yan’s presence now.

Wang Yan frowned indiscernibly. It seemed that King Song had a lot of things on his mind today.

“Yes! Your Highness, were you looking for me?”

Wang Yan asked

Silence loomed over the main hall. King Song didn’t speak, and Wang Yan also waited silently for his words. Honestly, until now, Wang Yan did not understand what important affair King Song had for him to send his old butler to summon him.

Not to mention, so anxiously!

“I heard that... Yao Guang Yi had invited you for a dinner at the Vast Crane Pavilion?”

King Song hesitated for a moment before speaking. These words seemed to have sapped a great amount of his strength and his voice was exceptionally heavy.


King Song’s words were as though a stone falling on a water surface in Wang Yan’s mind, generating countless ripples.

Yao Guang Yi!

Wang Yan did not believe Wang Chong’s words back then. Yet, to think that the reason why King Song sent his old butler to summon him was because of Yao Guang Yi!

It was just an ordinary gathering between him and Yao Guang Yi, there was nothing between them. Furthermore, Wang Clan had several generations of friendship with the King Song Residence, so Wang Yan did not believe that King Song would doubt his loyalty over this matter.

Yet, the truth was laid bare before him, Wang Chong was spot-on once more, King Song was holding doubts over his loyalty.

Wang Yan’s heart felt incredibly heavy.


Without any hesitation, Wang Yan said. This showed that he had not done anything guilty and he had nothing to hide.

“Then, what did you speak of with Yao Guang Yi?”

King Song hesitated for a moment before continuing to ask. There seemed to be a bizarre tone to his voice.

Upon hearing King Song’s words, the ripple in Wang Yan’s heart intensified.

The second matter!

This was the second matter that Wang Chong was spot-on about! Wang Yan’s heart was filled with complicated emotions. His impression of his third son, Wang Chong, had always been a degenerate, unfilial son. As such, the words he spoke in the Vast Crane Pavilion was complete nonsense to him.

However, Wang Yan dared not to think so at this moment.

“Yao Guang Yi wanted to recruit me over to his side, but I have rejected his offer!”

Wang Yan said.

If under normal circumstances, Wang Yan would have never said so. However, upon realizing that King Song was doubtful of his loyalty because of Yao Guang Yi, Wang Yan dared not to take chances anymore.


A long sound of the exhalation of a breath could be heard. The tense atmosphere slowly relaxed along with Wang Yan’s words. It was as though a taut bowstring was suddenly released.

“So that’s the case.”

Upon hearing the lightened tone of King Song, Wang Yan felt the pressure on his heart released.

“Actually, I have already informed Your Highness of this affair.”

A thought flashed through Wang Yan’s heart and he said.


In the main hall, King Song’s bulky figure suddenly shot up straight. For the first time, surprise appeared on his face. “You had informed me beforehand?”

“I didn’t inform you straight, but I wrote a letter. Logically speaking, the letter should have been sent to the King Song Residence by yesterday. Could it be that Your Highness did not see it?”

Wang Yan was even more surprised than King Song. Back then, Wang Chong mentioned about wanting him to inform King Song beforehand. Even though Wang Yan thought that there wasn’t such a need, he still wrote a letter.

However, he didn’t expect that King Song had not received it.

“Butler Zheng, check on it.”

King Song frowned. For the first time, he felt that there was something amiss about the situation.

The old butler which had a powerful aura hurriedly left. In a moment’s time, he returned, walked up to King Song’s side and whispered a few words in his ears.

Even though Wang Yan couldn’t tell what they were saying, upon seeing King Song’s face becoming gentler and calmer, Wang Yan was relieved. He was glad that he had listened to Wang Chong then and wrote a letter.

Otherwise, it would be difficult for him to explain the situation.

“There was indeed this matter. However, I was busy recently and forgot to take a look. It is negligence on my part.”

King Song smiled:

“Hehe, putting that aside, it is rare for general to be in the capital. We haven’t gotten together for a long time, that’s why I had my old butler to bring you here. How was it in the camp?”

With a lighter tone, King Song spoke about the military camp. As he spoke, he stood up from his seat and walked down. A middle-aged man which exuded regal aura appeared.

He had a kind and amiable expression on his face, as though nothing had happened at all.

“Thanks to Your Highness’s blessing, everything went fine!”

Wang Yan was a typical military man. Upon hearing King Song ask about the affairs at the border, he started to speak of everything he knew without any restraint. In an instant, the atmosphere in the main hall became vibrant.

The King Song Residence and the Wang Clan had several generations of friendship and upon speaking on an interesting topic, the two of them laughed heartily.

Only after four hours later did Wang Yan step out of the King Song Residence.

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