The Guide to Conquering Earthlings

The Guide to Conquering Earthlings

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    Lan Xi made a mistake during her interstellar travel and landed on Earth.

    As the princess of Planet Moyi, she decided to save herself. First, solve the money problem.

    So she took out the “Guide to Conquering Earthlings 2003 Edition” that experts from Planet Moyi had carefully compiled years ago –

    “Chapter 1 How to Elegantly Make Money”:

    “Beginner’s Guide: Find a high-end building, take a broken bowl, and sit there for a day to elegantly make enough money to spend for one day.”

    However, after sitting bitterly for a day, Lan Xi didn’t make a penny and was driven away by security guards –

    “Don’t sit here begging, President Xie already criticized us for negligence! Besides, it’s not that era anymore, beggars use QR codes now!”

    No problem, there’s still –

    “Intermediate Guide: Find a luxury car, pretend to be hit by it, lie on the ground paralyzed, and you can elegantly make enough money to spend for three months.”

    However, before Lan Xi could lie down, a driver got out of the car –

    “We have dash cams installed! Move away quickly, President Xie is in a hurry. I’ll sue you if you try this scam again!”

    This tactic also failed. But no worries, there’s still –

    “Ultimate Guide: Find a rich Earthling, conquer him, marry him, and you can elegantly make enough money to spend for a lifetime.”

    Very well, might as well go all out and get it done once and for all!

    Lan Xi already had a perfect candidate in mind, the boss of the company she begged at on the first day, the owner of the luxury car – Xie Cheng!

    Xie Cheng met a strange beautiful woman.

    On the first day, she begged at the door of his company;

    On the second day, she staged a car accident scam on him;

    On the third day, she blocked him in an alley, with a face of great mercy –

    “I really like your money, I hope it becomes mine.”

    “So I’ve decided to marry you.”

    She coughed –

    “Are you going to voluntarily be conquered by me, or be forcibly conquered by me?”

    [Story background is Earth in 2023 AD]