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Chapter 172: Creating Troubles

Just like that, the Obsidian Beetle sneaked into Jin Zhong city with Zhang Mu’s entrust. Unlike the Obsidian Beetle, the wolfdog had to stay here and wait for the other tamer’s mutated animal to be discovered by the mutated animal in the city. Once there was a commotion, that was the moment it had to move.

Meanwhile, the Obsidian Beetle had no hesitations. The instance they entered Jin Zhong city, it left the back of the mutated wolfdog and flew on a low altitude towards the place that Zhang Mu had said would most likely possess the treasure.

While moving forward, the Obsidian Beetle also require to imprint the pathway in its memory along the way. When it returned, it would transmit these pieces of information through Zhang Mu’s psychic power. Therefore, its small brain kept moving. It would glance at those simple landscape quickly while paying attention to those with landmarks. It stuck close to the ground and moved forward quickly.

Suddenly, the Obsidian Beetle sensed an unusual scent in the air. It quickly hid at the side of a street lamp base and retracted all the vigor in its body. It pretended to be a stone and leaned near the street lamp with similar color, almost blending into one. It waited quietly for the owner of the scent to come.


The ground started to shake. After a while, several huge figures appeared on the street.

That six figures had a slim body, long and thick furs, lush and soft tail. They had large, pointed and triangular ears too. The fur coat on their body was in reddish brown or pure white color. The tail was fluffy with a tint of white color. Meanwhile, their ears and limbs were black.

What else could it be other than a fox?

They slowly swept the big tail behind them, while the two meters tall body was scanning around the place. There was a trace of doubt on the face of the commander fox. Just now it certainly smelt an unfamiliar presence, and it was in this direction. But why it couldn’t find it now? Its face was filled with more and more confusion, as it was at a loss.

The other two red foxes beside it whine softly a few times. As if they were reporting that they could not smell the scent that their commander could.

Looking at the empty streets, the commander white fox was a little puzzled. The presence that it smelt earlier should not be a mistake. It trusted its instinct. Hence, it raised its head and howled sharply, heading firmly to a direction, and continue their pursuit. It insists that the strange presence must be here.

A gust of wind blew past. The six foxes nimbly leaped out from this street and disappeared from the Obsidian Beetle’s vision.

The Obsidian Beetle sighed with relief in a human-like way. In its mind, it was reflecting that earlier it merely did not retract its presence fully, and yet, it was still discovered by that white fox that was about to advance to the second-ranked. The defense here was too strict. If it were not good at making use of the wind to hide its smell and vigor, then it would not be able to muddle through this checkpoint.

It had no problem with battle. However, the Obsidian Beetle felt fortunate that it was not discovered by those mutated animals who were good at detecting the hidden enemy. If not, it had no confidence that this battle would be settled in silent.

Right now, it was interested in the item that was heavily guarded too. Its intelligence now was about the same as an average human being. It was considering whether if it should squeeze a sum from Zhang Mu once again.

With this in mind, the Obsidian Beetle did not dare to release its power to travel quickly anymore.

It only dared to borrow some wind-element energy and slowly send itself to move forward. However, it was moving forward while sticking close to the ground most of the time.

If Zhang Mu saw this, he would praise the Obsidian Beetle that it was like a scouting combat plane.

Because every step that the Obsidian Beetle takes, it would find the most suitable pathway and integrated with the surrounding.

All of a sudden, it stopped crawling and hid under a shadow motionlessly.

It was another five mutated animals of the same species. That was the fifth time that the Obsidian Beetle had encountered them. Suddenly, it felt a little pity for itself. It was a second-ranked mutated animal, yet it had lived so miserably.

Right now, it did not dare to move from this shadow anymore. Because in front of its eye, the surrounding of the plaza was filled with all types of mutated animal. It had a feeling that once it left the place, it would be discovered.

Therefore, currently, it could not take a step to look at the center of the plaza.

Now, it could only rely on that stupid dog to create lots of turmoil.

As for that mutated wolfdog, after it broke through the walking dead herd, it was basking in the Sun on the roof of a small bungalow on the outermost side. It was waiting for the situation that Zhang Mu mentioned, to happen.

Zhang Mu instructed it that unless it was absolutely necessary, it must not be the first to start the commotion as that might cause an immense impact on his subsequent plans. Therefore, it kept waiting on one side quietly.

It waited and waited. Suddenly, the ground shook, and the nose of the mutated wolfdog twitched abruptly.

It was that disgusting smell from the stinking snake that scared Yuan Rui. The mutated wolfdog was startled and stood upright immediately.

Sure enough, it was Lin Hua’s golden python. However now, it did not have the earlier condescending and despising attitude, when it was with that nasty women.

The golden python rushed in a hurry toward the mutated wolfdog’s direction with dozens of huge apes followed behind closely. They seemed to be mutated from the chimpanzees. One by one, they stamped on the ground and beat their chest. They wanted to catch this golden python that was crazily wriggling its body to move forward quickly, forming an ‘S’ shape on the ground.

Even if the golden python had a strange power in its body, it could not stand against these apes that had many limbs to tear apart its body. It must escape from them immediately.

Despite that, the mutated wolfdog jumped off the roof after watching the scene. It hurried in the direction of the golden python.

The golden python recognized that it was the wolfdog that it was with earlier as it hissed anxiously, telling the wolfdog to get away quickly and stop blocking its way.

But at this moment, something shocking happened that caused it to forget about escaping momentarily.

The mutated wolfdog, actually flew past its body and barked loudly. Instantly, dozens sharp and barbed earth-spike rose from the ground.

The golden python was utterly stunned in place and even forgot about escaping.

It could not believe that the mutated wolfdog was actually challenging the entire group of chimpanzees! It still had the time to look back and revealed a cheeky grin to the golden python, as if showing that it didn’t need to be too grateful. 𝓯𝒓𝒆𝒆𝒘𝒆𝒃𝓷𝙤𝒗𝒆𝙡.𝓬𝙤𝙢

If the golden python could speak human words, a sentence would be blurted out from its mouth at this time.

You’re crazy!

Because the earth-type energy was scattered, the earth-spikes did not damage the chimpanzee’s vital parts. However, the earth-type beast core that it ate last night did not go down the drain as all those tall and muscular chimpanzees were bleeding.

The development of the event was just that smooth as the roars of dozens of large chimpanzees resounded through the entire sky of Jin Zhong city.

Several people outside the city also heard the endless roars of the mutated animals at the same time. The other four people, including the expressionless man, lose color on their face instantly.

On the other hand, Lin Hua was in anger as her face flushed red like the color of a pig liver, and she did not talk for a long time.

Meanwhile, the real initiator had curled up the corners of his mouth as a smile hung on Zhang Mu’s face as if the matter had been settled.

Stupid dog and Little Black, faster do your tasks!

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