The Great Genetic Era

Chapter 798 - 798 The Most Right Choice (1)
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798 The Most Right Choice (1)

In front of Base T-14, Clade, the commander of the European Sector’s battle team, Gerning, Maxis, and the others were a little scared when they saw the Worldly Special Force leaving in a battle formation.

Xu Tui had cut him a little too hard.

“Commander Clade, should we immediately order someone to remove the particle cluster high-explosive mines that they planted? As long as it’s dismantled within five minutes, our people can chase after them and snatch back all the things that were given out!” The commander of the Titan Special Forces, Maxis, had a slightly ferocious expression.

“Don’t underestimate the Worldly Special Force and Xu Tui.”

What Maxis did not expect was that the first person to reject his suggestion would be Gerning.

“Although they have begun to evacuate, he must have some means of monitoring a few high-explosive mines. If we rashly charge forward and he detonates it, it will be over. We’ve already obtained this base. There’s no need to take the risk!” Gerning said.

“However, 1,600 grams of Origin Crystals is already half of our combat reserves this time. There are still so many resources and the only four fully automatic engineering robots we have! Damn it!” The more Maxis spoke, the more his heart ached.

“Alright, I agree with Gerning.” Clade made the final decision. “The risk of catching up is too great. Even if we can successfully dismantle the high-explosive mine in five minutes, how many people should we send after them?

“If there were fewer people, with the strength of the Worldly Special Force, they would not be able to kill everyone. If there were too many people, it was still a problem if they could catch up. Moreover, do we still want to defend the base?

“Also, with the strength of the Worldly Special Force, even if half of our men chased after them, we would probably suffer heavy casualties. We should focus on this base as the center and consolidate our defense line. We should establish a defensive stronghold to stabilize and expand our profits,” Clade said.

“That’s right. Based on our observations in the past hour, this ore refinement center is not fully loaded. If we can gather more fully automatic engineering robots in the next few days, the future profits will definitely be much higher than what Xu Tui estimated. It was worth it!” Gerning said. 𝗳𝙧𝘦𝒆𝑤𝙚𝘣𝙣𝘰𝘃ℯ𝑙. 𝐜𝐨𝑚

Clade nodded. Maxis, the commander of the Titan Special Forces, could only give up.

“But we still have to be careful. We have to prevent them from tampering with the bombs!” Maxis’ attitude towards the Huaxia Sector was a determined hawk.

“Don’t worry, they definitely won’t dare to do anything under the agreed rules! If they dare to do anything, they can forget about living on the moon when they return!” Gerning said firmly.

Five minutes later, the agreed time with Xu Tui and the others arrived. Clade and the others immediately sent out the relevant engineers to defuse the bombs. It was not difficult to defuse the bombs. Three minutes later, the particle clusters of high explosive mines that Xu Tui and the others had temporarily set up were all defused.

However, the people from the Worldly Special Force were also nowhere to be seen.

“Break into groups and enter the base. Check the entire base carefully to ensure that there are no hidden dangers.” With Clade’s order, hundreds of people immediately swarmed toward Base T-14.

To a certain extent, the fully automatic engineering robots that the Blue Star Genetic Committee had focused their efforts on developing for the sake of the space invasion represented the highest level of technological creation on the Blue Star.

Other than the various functions, this fully automatic engineering robot could also be combined and transformed like a Transformer.

After the combination change, the engineering form ability would decrease, but the ability in the flying transport form would increase.

Whether it was its flying speed or carrying capacity.

This was especially so when three fully automatic engineering robots were assembled together. Due to the abundance of the three reactors, they could activate their combat defense state. It could also activate the energy shield.

Of course, this energy protection shield was much weaker than the energy protection shield in the alien base.

However, it was extremely useful during wartime.

They had tested it on the moon. Once the engineering robots were assembled into a combat defense state, even a Genetic Transmutation Realm expert would have to attack once or twice to break the energy protection shield.

Unfortunately, the combat defense form of the fully activated engineering robot required three units to be jointly assembled and transformed. Furthermore, the upper limit of jointly assembled deformation was three units.

This combat defense form looked like a flying saucer. It had three horns, so it was also called a triangular flying saucer!

At this moment, the members of the Worldly Special Force were divided into two groups and were quickly advancing in two triangular flying saucers.

The maximum speed of a single engineering robot was 250 kilometers per hour. After the two were assembled, the maximum speed could reach 300 kilometers per hour.

However, after forming the triangular flying saucer, the upper limit of its speed increased to 500 kilometers per hour. It was barely enough to match the speed of the Blue Star’s repulsive force flying car.

It was almost twice as fast as the personal jet thrusters that everyone was carrying.

Moreover, the interior space was not small. In harsh environments, it could even be used as a temporary shelter.

This was also the reason why Xu Tui wanted the four engineering robots that the European Sector had collected. They had enough to assemble two triangular flying saucers in a short period of time.

1,500 grams of Origin Crystals was the final price Xu Tui bargained with Gerning, Clade, and the others.

In fact, the price was still a little low. Compared to the total profit, Xu Tui had only taken 15% of the future profit. Therefore, Xu Tui asked for four more engineering robots and 24 bottles of Level B Active Energy Elixir.

Xu Tui had offered this price because he had considered that the people from the European Sector’s special forces would not have brought many Origin Crystals.

After all, they were not here for a vacation.

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