The Great Genetic Era

Chapter 133 - The Explosive Technique of the Mental Whip
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Chapter 133: The Explosive Technique of the Mental Whip


Xu Tui resisted the urge to look at the special Weibo circle. However, even without looking, he knew that that bastard Haruji would definitely continue to challenge An Xiaoxue in the special Weibo circle. He would belittle and even insult An Xiaoxue!

On this day, other than the necessary classes, Xu Tui had skipped all the theory classes.

He had been repeating the same rhythm ever since he found the location of the eighth new genetic base point. He activated the seventh genetic base point of the second level with all his might, consumed his mind power, and slept to recover his mind power.

The class ended at six in the afternoon. Xu Tui arrived at Arena A49 of the Combat Training Building on time.

Chai Xiao and Chi Hongying were already waiting for him. There wasn’t much to say. Start the battle!

Both sides attacked with all their might and used their killer moves. This level of actual combat was very helpful to the improvement of both sides.

Based on his past experience, Xu Tui would have been able to whip Chi Hongying twice in a row the moment she broke through to within three meters of him. She would be whipped down on the spot. Then, it was Chai Xiao’s turn.

However, over the past few days, Xu Tui’s control over the Alloy Silver Pill had become more and more proficient. His Flying Sword Technique could be said to have reached the Lesser Mastery stage.

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The attacks became more and more strange. Moreover, as Xu Tui’s mind power continued to increase, the speed of the Alloy Silver Pill became faster and faster. Its power also became stronger.

If he unleashed his full strength, a single Alloy Silver Pill would be able to shatter the transparent protective shield on his face. Which made Chai Xiao tell him to restrain himself a little. If this protective equipment was damaged, he would have to pay the price!

It was also because of this that Chi Hongying was a little out of breath after ten minutes into the first battle. She did not even manage to get within five meters of Xu Tui, let alone within three meters of him.

“No, you’re improving too quickly! At this rate, I’m afraid I won’t even be able to get whipped today.” Chi Hongying stopped.


Xu Tui was startled.

“Why don’t you use your mental whip to whip me?” Chi Hongying suggested.

“I think that’s good too,” Chai Xiao said.

Xu Tui was about to agree when he remembered his plan. He suddenly had an idea. “Brother Chai, Senior Chi, why don’t the two of you attack together?”

Chi Hongying frowned, but Chai Xiao shouted in dissatisfaction. “Xu Tui, aren’t you being too arrogant? Don’t regret asking us to attack together.” He immediately called out to Chi Hongying, “Hongying, let’s attack together. Let’s beat him up until his face is bruised and swollen. We’ll show him!”

“F*ck, he’s treating us like weaklings! Let’s attack together!” Chi Hongying cursed and immediately made tactical arrangements. “I’ll go left and you go right.”

“Come on.”

Xu Tui was not afraid at all when he saw Chi Hongying and Chai Xiao rapidly approaching him. He activated his mind power and the third Alloy Silver Pill flew out of his pocket.

The three Alloy Silver Pills began to circle around Xu Tui as they flew. The silver light was illusory.

Thanks to the second level of genetic base points that he had activated this week and the continuous training of his mind power, Xu Tui was able to smoothly control the three Alloy Silver Pills today.

It was no longer as forced and sluggish as before!

“So his strength has increased!” Chai Xiao was stunned. He shouted and used Chi Hongying’s attack as cover to quickly attack Xu Tui.

The two Alloy Silver Pills were dealing with Chi Hongying, while the other was dealing with Chai Xiao.

However, Xu Tui was obviously not used to being distracted while dealing with the two of them.

An Alloy Silver Pill was sent flying by Chai Xiao’s energy field. Chai Xiao lowered his body and used a series of shovel attacks on Xu Tui.

Mental Whip!

Chai Xiao, who had already reached his limits in tolerance, staggered on the spot. Before Xu Tui could throw out an Alloy Silver Pill, Chi Hongying had already attacked him. He pulled out the mental whip again. He whipped it out continuously.

A few seconds later, Chi Hongying was whipped to the ground by Xu Tui’s mental whip. However, Xu Tui was kicked to the ground by Chai Xiao. The intense pain made him gasp for air.

After taking a few breaths, Xu Tui suddenly stood up. “Again!”

One against two was too challenging! Xu Tui’s training was unprecedented.

Half an hour later, Xu Tui was put down by Chi Hongying. However, he managed to put Chai Xiao down before he was put down. Chi Hongying was also whipped by his mental whip.

The training results of Chi Hongying and Chai Xiao being whipped by Xu Tui’s mental whip every day had already been displayed.

In the beginning, the two of them would fall to the ground after receiving a mental whip. It would take them a while to get up. Today, the two of them could still get up immediately after being whipped twice by the mental whip. Chi Hongying could even continue fighting.

The high-intensity battle consumed Xu Tui’s mind power very quickly.

“I’ll fight one last time. My mind power is almost depleted.” Xu Tui panted as he extended a finger.


Under the siege of Chai Xiao and Chi Hongying, the difficulty multiplied. However, Xu Tui was also growing rapidly.

The first time he was attacked by two people, the battle ended in 30 seconds.

At this moment, Chai Xiao and Chi Hongying were attacking Xu Tui. Xu Tui was no longer as flustered as before. The two of them spent a full minute before they managed to get within five meters of Xu Tui.

Chi Hongying only glanced at Chai Xiao, and Chai Xiao understood what she meant. He attacked and fought for an opportunity for Chi Hongying.

Xu Tui narrowed his eyes slightly when he saw that Chai Xiao was recklessly attacking with all his might and that Chi Hongying was about to get close to him. A powerful mental fluctuation that only Xu Tui could sense suddenly erupted.

Mental Whip!

Almost at the same time, Chi Hongying let out a painful groan and fell to the ground. She hugged her head with a pained expression.

Chai Xiao, who was surrounded by Xu Tui’s three Alloy Silver Pills, was a little confused. He immediately gave up on attacking.

“Didn’t you already endure his mental whip? Why can’t you withstand it all of a sudden?” Chai Xiao sat on the ground and took the opportunity to hug Chi Hongying. He very considerately rubbed Chi Hongying’s head and neck to ease her pain.

“No… his mental… whip… seems to have become more powerful,” Chi Hongying said in pain.

Chai Xiao also looked at Xu Tui with a puzzled expression.

“During the battles these days, I have gained a new understanding of the use of mental whip. Before this, my mental whip’s strength could only use about 1% of my mind power. However, with my constant activation recently, I could already release more mind power when I was whipping. About two to three percent!” Xu Tui said.

In reality, Xu Tui was hiding something.

Over the past few days of actual combat, Xu Tui had gradually grasped the technique of unleashing more mind power when he activated the mental whip.

Currently, he could unleash a maximum of 5% of his mind power in an instant for the mental whip.

However, Xu Tui was afraid that he would hurt Chi Hongying and Chai Xiao’s minds if he unleashed his full strength, so he held back.

“So that’s how it is. It’s a pity that I don’t have enough time. If I had another week to adapt to your strengthened mental whip, I would have more confidence in fighting Azari in the actual battle the day after tomorrow!” Chi Hongying said regretfully.

“I’ll come back for a beating if I have the chance in the future. That’s all for today.” Chi Hongying struggled to stand up from Chai Xiao’s arms. Chai Xiao, who was in the middle of his thoughts, had a reluctant expression. “We have to prepare for an actual combat exchange tomorrow. We won’t be coming tomorrow.”

At this point, Chi Hongying suddenly said, “Thank you, Xu Tui!”

“You’re welcome! Just remember to treat me to a meal when you’re free,” Xu Tui said with a smile.

It would have been fine if he did not mention this. However, Chai Xiao looked disgusted when he mentioned treating him to a meal. Treating Xu Tui to a meal was not treating one or two people to a meal, but treating 30 people to a meal at the same time.

“By the way, does your teacher, An Xiaoxue, have any intention of accepting the challenge?” Chi Hongying suddenly asked.

Xu Tui’s expression darkened when he heard that. “It’ll probably be difficult. My teacher is seriously injured and hasn’t recovered yet.”

“She was seriously injured? What kind of serious injury? Why haven’t we heard of it?”

“Three of her fingers are cut off. It has only been slightly over a week since the replantation,” Xu Tui said.

Chi Hongying revealed a surprised expression. “I see. I was wondering why the masked goddess of the school didn’t fight. It turns out that she was seriously injured.” At this point, Chi Hongying suddenly paused and said, “However, with the personality of the masked goddess, if she doesn’t refuse, there’s still a possibility of fighting. She might still be waiting.

“If you have the time, advise your teacher not to suffer an injury that she will never be able to recover from because of that shameless bastard from the India Sector!”

“Yes, I will. By the way, Senior Chi, Brother Chai, can you contact a few seniors in the top 30 of the Longhu List? I want to fight them to prove my battle results. I have not been in the school for three months, so I am unable to challenge the Longhu List.” Xu Tui mentioned this.

Chai Xiao and Chi Hongying revealed looks of confusion. Why would he have such thoughts?

Xu Tui immediately explained to Chai Xiao and Chi Hongying that he wanted to participate in the actual combat exchange in the name of An Xiaoxue’s student. However, participating in an actual combat exchange of this level required the school’s approval and arrangements.

It was not something that anyone could do just because they wanted to. If he was not strong enough, would he embarrass the school?

After hearing this, Chi Hongying nodded. “It’s a pity that I haven’t risen to the top 30 of the Longhu List for the time being. Otherwise, I could also count it as a battle achievement for you.

However, I can help you contact the seniors who are ranked in the top 30 of the Year Two Longhu List and arrange a battle for you. As for whether they agree or not, I don’t know.”

Chi Hongying had a swift and decisive personality. After she finished speaking, she opened her contact list and was about to make a call when Chai Xiao stopped her. “Don’t call. There’s no point. It’s even less useful.”

“Why?” Chi Hongying, who was stopped, was a little puzzled.

“Look, they are influential figures in the top 30 of the Year Two Longhu List. Why would they challenge an unknown freshman like Xu Tui? Let’s talk about the outcome first. It’s only right for them to win. If they lose, they’ll be embarrassed.

“Of course, in their opinion, the chances of them losing to Xu Tui were very low. However, at this critical moment, who would waste their time to challenge a freshman? Was there something wrong with their brains?

“I can guarantee that no one will agree to come,” Chai Xiao analyzed.

Xu Tui nodded silently. Chai Xiao’s analysis made sense. Chai Xiao had a good grasp of the ways of the world and the way of the mind.

“So what do we do?” Chi Hongying frowned. “To be honest, I am very supportive of Xu Tui fighting in the name of Miss An’s student. He has the ability to do so as well! We must protect the dignity of the masked goddess!”

Chai Xiao chuckled when he heard that.

“Brother, let me teach you! Tomorrow afternoon, because we have to choose the candidates to participate in the battle, the famous second-year students on the Longhu List will definitely gather in the combat arena.

“When the time comes, you can choose two or three people and provoke them. It’s best if you can be arrogant and look down on them.

“There will naturally be people who will fight you in actual combat. Won’t your battle records be achieved at that time?”

Xu Tui nodded in confusion when he heard that. This method seemed feasible.

“How is it? Am I smart enough?” Chai Xiao had a smug expression!

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