The Great Genetic Era

Chapter 131 - Divine Artifact of Research (2)
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Chapter 131: Divine Artifact of Research (2)

Or maybe it was around 6%. Moreover, this improvement was not a one-time thing. The daily training of his mind power would allow his mind power to be depleted and increased slightly during the recovery period.

During this period of time, Xu Tui had already straightened out the relationship between them. Activating genetic base points related to mind power could not only increase mind power, but also increase the upper limit of his mind power.

Pure mind power training could continuously increase one’s mind power. However, if one did not activate new genetic base points related to mind power for a long time, the effect of mind power training would become weaker and weaker until it was ineffective!

“Tonight, I should be able to activate the seventh genetic base point of the second level of the Mind Concentration Foundation Forging Technique, Version 4.9. If I worked harder, I would be able to activate the seventh one on Wednesday. It might be a little difficult to activate the eighth one on Thursday.

“As for the cultivation of genetic ancient martial arts, I can’t form effective combat power within two to three days. I’ll put it aside for the time being.”

Xu Tui organized his training schedule for the next few days before he left Luo Shifeng’s personal lounge and returned to Luo Shifeng’s teacher’s office.

Xu Tui once again activated the 24-headed hybrid laser array launcher in Luo Shifeng’s office to test his reaction speed.

The feeling he had after using it for the past few days was that this 24-headed laser was much stronger than the four-headed sensor laser matrix transmitter that the students had used as training grounds. The effect of training was definitely different.

He tested his reaction speed three times in a row.

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10 milliseconds! He should be able to improve after two more days of training.

After activating four reflexes-type genetic base points, Xu Tui’s reaction speed finally met Luo Shifeng’s requirements for a freshman. He also met the requirements to get a special flying license.

The problem Xu Tui faced was that he had no money. The tuition fee for the special license was 120,000 yuan.

Money had to be used wisely. He had to focus on cultivation for the time being. Moreover, even if he managed to get a special flying license, Xu Tui did not have the money to buy a repulsive-force flying skateboard or a repulsive-force flying car. He would not consider it until he made a lot of money.


Xu Tui ended his training. The timing was just right. There was already a cup of steaming hot coffee on the table. He sat down, drank it slowly, and felt much more energetic.

Liu Lan was already waiting for him in the research passageway.

“Miss Liu, I’m going to wash my body. Wait for me.”

Ten minutes later, Xu Tui and Liu Lan walked into the research center. This time, Liu Lan did not become shorter. Below her chest were all her legs.

However, Xu Tui noticed that a few days ago, Miss Liu Lan had specially prepared a pair of slippers to increase her height in the research center. It might have been because she had magically become taller and shorter in front of Xu Tui a few days ago.

“Xu Tui, are you ready?”

“I’m ready.”

“Shennong Clone No. 17, please record. The new nerve reaction type genetic base point experiment, the fourth round, and the 40,001st experiment have begun.”

“Begin recording. Please begin the experiment.” The mechanical synthesized voice of the Huaxia Genetic Evolution College’s supercomputer, Shennong No. 17 sounded.

This made Xu Tui, who was sitting on the stimulating experimental device, complain to himself. Although the advanced artificial intelligence of Research Institute Number 14, Ah Huang, was a brat and he hated it, its voice and reactions were really intelligent. It felt like they were artificial intelligence.

As for the Shennong, it might be because Xu Tui had come into contact with a clone. He felt that it was artificial and not intelligent.

The process of stimulating the experiment was extremely painful for Xu Tui. All kinds of body parts were stimulated, making him feel as if he was in hell. Sometimes it was hell, sometimes it was under hell. There was no heaven.

The experiment was as fruitless as before. After repeated stimulation, the eighth reflexes-type genetic base point in Xu Tui’s head did not react.

If all the designed experimental rounds were completed, and there was no movement from the eighth reaction-type genetic base point, it only meant one outcome. The experiment had failed! Even though Xu Tui could activate it, the experiment still failed.

“The 46,355th time…”

“The 46,356th time…”

Every stimulation plan was very fast. After repeating it three times at a high frequency, he immediately switched to the next plan.

The moment the electronic voice switched quickly, Xu Tui, who had his eyes closed, suddenly opened his eyes. “Miss Liu, wait a moment.”

“What happened?”

“Repeat experiment from the 46,350th time to the 46,356th.”

Liu Lan’s eyes immediately lit up. Having been a teaching assistant at the Neurology Research Center for so long, she understood it all too well. This meant that there might be a result!

“Alright, right away!”

A minute later, Xu Tui spoke again, “Repeat experiment 46,354 and 46,355.”

Liu Lan was pleasantly surprised. There was really a result. Even if she might not even be ranked second or third as a teaching assistant, she would definitely be qualified. It would be a great thing as long as she could put her name together with such research results.

Liu Lan instantly decided that she would pick the best beans in Professor Luo’s office for Xu Tui’s hand-ground coffee in the future. Anyway, the coffee beans were bought by Professor Luo.

“It’s done. Contact Professor Luo and ask him to come over.”


Luo Shifeng, who was still in class, left the class on the spot and returned to the research center after receiving the news.

“You found an effective stimulation plan?” Luo Shifeng asked in surprise.

“I found it. It’s located three inches above the middle of the tailbone. He reacted when the microcurrent stimulated it,” Liu Lan replied.

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