The Ghost King's Wife is Sassy and Beautiful

Chapter 100 - 100 Cute? Little Teeth?
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100 Cute? Little Teeth?

Yun Ran’s misty eyes seemed to be enshrouded in dazzling starlight. Her lips curled up slightly, and her voice was lazy with a faint smile. “Bite me? Then I might pull out all his cute little teeth.”

Feng Chen was dumbfounded. What was cute? Little teeth?

What was going on with Sister Yun Ran? Was her eyesight bad?

Yun Ran could tell from the child’s eyes if he was aggressive after staying in the apocalypse for so long.

The group returned from the auction.

The child was also brought back by the secret guards and raised for a few days.

Since they did not hear their master mention how to deal with this little ghoul, the group of secret guards did not know what to do next.

It would have been fine if it was an ordinary child, but the problem was that this was a little ghoul!

They couldn’t kill him, and they didn’t know where to send him. Normal people wouldn’t dare to adopt him!

“Master, how should we deal with this ghoul?”

Thunderbolt couldn’t make up his mind, so he could only ask his master for his opinion.

Mo Beiyuan had almost forgotten about the existence of such a little thing.

“Throw it away!”

“Throw it?” Thunderbolt was a little surprised. Didn’t his master have other plans for saving this little ghoul previously?

How could he throw it away just like that?

“Do I have to raise him?”

Mo Beiyuan admitted that he had been compassionate by making a move at the auction.

But he had never thought of raising a little ghoul by his side. This was undoubtedly akin to raising an untamed demon beast by his side.

“No, I’m thinking where to throw him.”

Thunderbolt was also confused, so he must have been thinking too much. His master might have only saved this little ghoul on account of Sweetcake and had no other plans.

Mo Beiyuan glanced at him coldly. “You can throw him wherever you want. Do you need me to teach you this?”

“No need. I’ll do it now.”

Thunderbolt could not stand that gaze, so he really admired Sweetcake, who could act cute in his master’s arms.

He also admired Miss Yun for being so calm in front of his master.

Thunderbolt turned around and left, but because he suddenly had something else to do, he did not carry out the mission of throwing the little ghoul immediately.


Yun Ran had been relatively free these few days and continued to wait for the Third Elder of the Miracle Doctor Sect to refine the pills.

On the other hand, Bun had gotten closer to Feng Chen recently.

He seemed to be interested in Feng Chen’s medical skills and alchemy.

Yun Ran knew that Bun was not the kind of boy who needed to be watched at all times, so she let him play with Feng Chen.


However, Feng Chen had already begun to doubt his life.

At first, he felt that since Bun wanted to learn from him, he could be considered Bun’s master.

In front of his first and only young disciple, he had to show his strength.

Therefore, he brought Bun to his master’s alchemy room to play.

He planned to show Bun a unique pill refinement technique on the spot.

“Master, how’s the pill refinement?”

The Third Elder of the miracle doctors was refining pills with a few junior disciples. Seeing that Feng Chen had brought a three-and-a-half-year-old child over, he was a little unhappy and instructed, “Look after this little child. Don’t let him touch the things here. Do you hear me? Those herbs of mine are not ordinary things.”

It had to be known that every step of pill refinement had to be precise. Otherwise, if it was too light, the pill would be damaged, and if it was too heavy, the furnace would explode.

Therefore, generally speaking, outsiders were not allowed to enter the alchemy room.

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