The General Loves to Collect Little Red Flowers

Chapter 11
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This gray-shadow figure was off the ground, ragged, and at first glance it just like a beggar hanging in the air. The “beggar” was about 17 or 18 years old, with a neat shaved head, a pale complexion, three-dimensional facial features, he looked very handsome. It was just his pair of dark eyes always looked so awkward when looking at other people. This was exactly who Le Yao was looking for, Ji Fengyu.

In January 2017, Ji Fengyu was stabbed three times and died due to a conflict with his father who had been drinking all year round. After his death, his father escaped for more than half a year before he was arrested. No one gave him a funeral, no one saw him off, no one burned a pillar of incense for him and set up a memorial tablet. Ji Fengyu had too many grievances towards the world, and he could not let it down to pass the reincarnation, so he became a ghost in a twinkling of eyes.

It was Le Yao who accidentally saw him wandering outside the Buddhist shop, asked him to “eat” sanzhuxiang, and talked with him. After learning that he lived only one street away from him, Le Yao recited sutras for him every day, hoped to untie his heart knot as soon as possible.

Later, the knot still failed to be solved, but the “two” became good friends without any words. It was because of Le Yao was the one that he could trust the most in the world.

“Who are you?” At the moment, Ji Fengyu was frowning, whizzing to Le Yao and looked down at him from a centimeter away. The green and gray evil spirit was overflowing in his shadow. It was a very sad atmosphere that Le Yao felt like he would be strangled if he said the wrong words, “How did you know the way to summon me?”

“Fengyu, I’m Le Yao.” Le Yao whispered, “Do you remember me? Le Yao from the Buddhist shop.” Grandma! I felt a little nervous! It was more than five hundred years, wasn’t it?

“Le Yao?” Ji Fengyu looked up and down for a moment, and then he slowly took back his grumpiness. It seemed that he still couldn’t believe it. “Are you really that Le Yao?"

“Yes, yes, it’s me!” When Ji Fengyu saw him, he seemed to remember. He nodded his head and looked out of the bathroom. His voice was even smaller. “Didn’t I die in March 2019? I don’t know how can I reincarnated to this world, but now this is my new body. How are you these years? Is there anyone else prays for you after I die? ”

“... Who is that man outside for you? ” Ji Fengyu didn’t answer Le Yao’s question, instead he suddenly asked.

“The man outside?” After some time, Le Yao realized who Ji Fengyu referred was, “Oh, he is my husband, Xu Yao. I woke up in Tarot at first. He brought me here.” He just finished his words to see Ji Fengyu expression was strange, Le Yao asked, “What’s the matter?”

“He’s going to wake up.” Ji Fengyu said.

Le Yao:"!!!"

Le Yao listened carefully, and there was a slight sound of quilt friction from the bedroom. Soon after that, he seemed to hear some whispering voice from Xu Yao’s mouth. He could not hear it clearly, he said, “He has such heavy undead grievances, how come he could wake up?”

So heavy grievances, under normal circumstances those were enough to make someone sleep until dawn in the next day!

Ji Fengyu frowned and said, “He is not a normal person. Didn’t you find out that he was able to drive out his grievances by himself? Although his hands were covered with blood, the man’s bones are full of righteousness, and that kind of grievance can’t haunt him for long.”

So, what Uncle Ming said that it would be good for Xu Yao to just sleep was true?

Le Yao asked Ji Fengyu, “Do you know Xu Yao?”

Ji Fengyu snorted coldly and said with a little admiration in his disdain, “Xu Yao the King of Hell, how many people don’t know about him in this place?” Then he quickly passed through the wall and stood on Xu Yao’s back.

Xu Yao was still lying on his stomach and was about to wake up. As a result, he couldn’t wake up when Ji Fengyu stepped on his back. He frowned and went to sleep again. His mind was full of nightmares and his expression seemed rather distressed.

Le Yao: “...”

Le Yao quickly closed the intelligent shutter at the window, so that no one outside could see what was happened inside this bedroom. Then he asked Ji Fengyu with his eyes. It was not convenient for him to talk.

Ji Fengyu looked around, “He can’t hear me. Keep your voice down.”

Le Yao said with a little relief, “Fengyu, I’m calling to ask you what happened in the past five hundred years. And if there’s any way I can go back... Here... I’m such an omega, you know? Say, what was that heat period? It almost makes me speechless!”

After hundreds of years, Ji Fengyu once again saw Le Yao suddenly fanned himself with his hands. He was in a trance. This was what Le Yao often did when he was upset. He didn’t expect even his behavior was brought here. He looked at Le Yao and said, “It’s impossible to go back. Don’t say it’s you. I can’t even go back. The natural disasters more than 200 years ago were devastating. Since then, we have no home. When you came here, didn’t you find that there was a lot of grievances?”

Le Yao said, “Yeah, I knew it. So, I want to ask you what’s going on. ”

Ji Fengyu put his voice down a little more and said, “There were too many people left here in the 15 years long migration. They... They were the same as me back then.”

What’s the same?

This question just flashed in Le Yao’s mind, and he thought of the information he got before. On his way to Huaxia star, he also searched for information on the internet in order to learn more about the history of during the 500 years. He found that the great migration in that year was just like the disaster movie he had seen, and not everyone was able to escape. In fact, in the face of a major extinction disaster, human beings, like other animals, would focus on protecting the excellent genes that were relatively able to survive, because this was the nature of animals.

That migration brought nearly 150,000 people to Tarot star, and far more people were left behind than were taken away. If these people could let go of their regret and grievance, it was alright, but some people couldn’t do it. Maybe some of them had no grievance or regret, but there are one or two people they were concerned about, which would be the same as Ji Fengyu, unable to be reincarnated for a long time.

Le Yao couldn’t imagine how many lonely souls and wild ghosts were in here. They were left, no one gave them a funeral nor no one prayed for them. They couldn’t even be reincarnated because they knew that there were almost no new lives here, since Huaxia star mostly was just a military district. He even doubted that the underworld law was still in existence here.

“And where do you live now?” Le Yao still remembered, that he once burned a mansion, clothes and gold coins for Ji Fengyu,. But the current Ji Fengyu was not very well.

“There is a graveyard about six or seven hundred kilometers away.” Ji Fengyu said.

“Graveyard?” Something was suddenly came to Le Yao’s mind, “What day is today in the lunar calendar? Do you remember?”

“Do you think I can remember such a thing?” Ji Fengyu’s temper was a little angry, and he stared at Le Yao, “What do you want to do?”

“I want to give my brush a blessing on the thirtieth day. Otherwise, you don’t go to the graveyard, just stay here. I’ll get you another house later.” Le Yao said, “I can’t pray for other people for the time being, but I still can pray for my good friend. I’ll buy some paper when it’s light and burn a new set of clothes for you.”

“Hmm, okay. Then, that’s it for today. I’ll go first. ”

“Go?” Le Yao asked, “Why are you going?”

“What am I doing here, when you two, husband and wife sleep? Of course, it’s better to go back to where I should be.”

“Lean on! How can we do that?” Le Yao disagreed. “His grievance has been dispelled so much that he must wake up when you leave. In case he...” Le Yao pointed to Xu Yao and then pointed to himself, “Just look at our difference, I’m not his opponent ah?!”

Ji Fengyu looked at Xu Yao and then Le Yao. He could hardly grasp what he meant, “Okay. Then you sleep and I’ll keep step on him.”

There was a ’bang’ sound. Ji Fengyu said, “Today I help you prevent him to be like a dog, but tomorrow you should handle him yourself.”

Le Yao, "What did you say?"

Ji Fengyu gloated on his face, “I said, Omega has no moral principle. I’ve seen several pairs before. When they were in bed, it was really, tsk tsk... “.

Le Yao suddenly felt goosebumps all over his body. There must be a reason why best friends were also called bad friends. It was really bad! More than five hundred years have passed, Ji Fengyu has not changed anything else, moreover his speech has become more unrestrained. How come the way he talked become immoral!

For a moment Le Yao couldn’t sleep. So he thought about searching in the internet to see if there were any things he could buy, such as incense candles, gold paper and so on. Because the signal of his communicator and light brain were really bad here, he used the communicator that Xu Yao gave him. It was a pity that such a large empire like Tarot didn’t sell incense. There was gold foil, but most of the people in the Tarot empire was used it for design or decoration.

Ji Fengyu saw what Le Yao was looking for and said, “I don’t have a place to spend even if you burn gold coin for me now.”

Le Yao asked, “Why?”

Ji Fengyu walked around on Xu Yao’s body as if it was a bridge, “There is nothing to buy in the underworld. At that time, there were so many grievances and shortage of materials. Besides, you are not aware of things here, nor are you using them for a long time.” Otherwise, if Le Yao was suddenly burning things for him as usual as before, the underworld would have some commotion.

“I know,” said Le Yao. Then he put the quilt on himself and looked at Xu Yao, “He would not become black and blue tomorrow, right?”

“No, he just feels like being run over by a truck.” Ji Fengyu said.

Le Yao: “...”

It seems that Xu Yao’s expression was a little bit painful and miserable. But since he has a great body, it should be okay, right? Otherwise, when he will wake up tomorrow, Le Yao would feel a bit guilty.

After the quilt was settled, Le Yao decided to sleep first and then thought about the consequence tomorrow.

Maybe it was because Ji Fengyu has been summoned here, Le Yao felt a little relieved in his heart, so he slept well. He didn’t see Ji Fengyu when he woke up the next morning, but his mental state was good.

On the other side, Xu Yao was not feeling good. He watched Le Yao closely on the bed.

“What are you doing?” Like a frightened squirrel, Le Yao quickly pulled up the quilt. He felt that this kind of Xu Yao was harder to understand than the Xu Yao the night before.

“When did I fall asleep last night?” Xu Yao asked.

“You already fell asleep when I came out of the bath. Then I also went to sleep. What’s the matter?” said Le Yao.

“Nothing.” Xu Yao squinted, pinched his shoulder and back, then got out of bed to the bathroom.

When Le Yao saw the donkey-like thing under his pants, he was speechless. He quickly got out of bed and went to get a suit for changing. He couldn’t help but stretch out two index fingers to compare the length, then sighed “Haa...”

Who knew that Xu Yao was so immortal that he turned back to the bedroom at this time. Seeing what Le Yao did, he raised his eyebrow “What did you measure?”

Le Yao abruptly took back his hand and said, “Err, fish! I mean, the fish we ate last night is so long!”

Xu Yao looked at his little wife whose ears were red again. He said with a smile, “Are you sure you just measured the ’fish’? Did you eat it last night?”

Le Yao: “...” This person was really hard to tear down!


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