The General Loves to Collect Little Red Flowers

The General Loves to Collect Little Red Flowers

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    The most domineering, arrogant and beautiful Omega in the Tarot Empire, Le Yao was arranged to marry General Xu Yao, who was known as the ruthless King of Hell.

    However, the “Le Yao” now was a crossed-over soul from the earth!

    After X days of marriage he gave Xu Yao a note…

    It was written:

    – Little Red Flower Agreement!-

    Don’t swear a day, get 1 little red flower

    Keep reading every night, get 2 little red flowers

    Do good deeds, get 3 little red flowers

    Get 300 little red flowers, you can pa pa pa!

    Xu Yao: Hmph! Was Lao Zi like a dog in heat and want to do it with you?

    But after a month…

    Xu Yao: Hurry! I still need three more flowers, whose family is bankrupt this time? I’ll send a charity money, hurry!!!