The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray

Chapter 537 - Pondering About The Future
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Chapter 537: Pondering About The Future

This time, no one dared to stop him again.

Lucas made up his mind to bring Karen’s corpse back no matter what!

He wouldn’t let Marc and the Kingstons off either!

Just as Lucas was speeding toward San Francisco in his Jaguar, a pair of brothers were sitting in a luxurious living room, completely relaxed and leisurely enjoying a massage given by two beautiful women.

“Marc, do you think Lucas Gray will come here, or will he be scared out of his wits and run back to Orange County to hide?” asked a lustful-looking young man of about 27 or 28 years old.

This young man was Kyle, who had previously formed a feud with Lucas at the entrance of Club Splendor in Orange County because of Gisele’s instigation.

Although Kyle and Marc were cousins, their statuses in the Kingston family were worlds apart because of the great disparity between their aptitudes.

Marc was valued by everyone in the family, who all had high hopes for him, and he was the next successor of the Kingston family, while Kyle was just a scion in name. In terms of power and authority, even other wealthy families couldn’t compare to Marc at all.

Just as Marc said, in the Kingston family, he was the only one deserving of being addressed in a respectful manner and deemed as the scion.

This was also why Gisele Taylor didn’t fancy Kyle at all and had wanted to use Lucas as a shield.

Marc narrowed his eyes and said confidently, “With my understanding of him, he definitely won’t go back to Orange County obediently. He will definitely come here!”

“But Lucas Gray is highly proficient in martial arts. During the auction in Orange County, he managed to kill Liam Wallace just by flicking a button at him from nearly twenty meters away. Are you sure you can take down such a strong enemy?”

Kyle was feeling a little worried and looked up at the middle-aged man in his late forties standing behind Marc like an iron tower.

Marc looked up a little without saying anything much. He merely said to the middle-aged man behind him, “Coby, my cousin doesn’t seem to have much faith in your ability, so show him your skills.”

Coby nodded indifferently. He took a step forward and picked up a decorative solid bronze statue on the small table next to him. He then twisted and kneaded it into a ball as if it was dough. Finally, he grasped it, and five deep pinch marks appeared on the ball!

Coby tossed the distorted copper ball into Kyle’s hand and then stood behind Marc.

Holding the heavy copper ball in hand, Kyle realized that the pinch marks on it were extremely clear. Even if he exerted all his strength, he wouldn’t be able to leave any traces on it. Only then did he finally understand just how powerful this expert was!

“Marc, he… is really strong,” Kyle exclaimed in shock.

Marc laughed out loud. “Of course! As long as Coby is around, Lucas Gray will be crushed into pieces and die in pain once he comes here!”

Kyle couldn’t help getting excited.

Ever since he had gotten into a conflict with Lucas in Orange County and ended up getting kicked out by him instead, Kyle utterly hated him.

But before he could think of a way to get back at Lucas, he learned that Lucas had killed Liam effortlessly with a button, which immediately made him drop the idea of taking revenge on Lucas.

Now that Marc had found such a competent expert to take Lucas’s life, Kyle was naturally more than pleased!

But because Kyle still feared Lucas, he was worried that Coby would make a blunder and suggested, “Marc, I think we should prepare some backup plans in addition to Coby. In case Lucas Gray gets away, all our planning will be in vain!”

Marc glanced at him and said indifferently, “Lucas Gray is just a small fry. I’m already being nice enough by sending an expert like Coby to deal with him! What? Do you think Coby can’t defeat him?”

For some reason, Marc loathed Lucas greatly the moment he heard his name. He didn’t want to hear others praising Lucas either.

Kyle hastily denied, “No, no, no, no! I just thought that it’s better to take precautions. But on second thought, Coby is powerful enough, so there’s indeed no need to arrange for others to deal with him!”

Only then did Marc nod in satisfaction. “Yes, it’s just a mere Lucas Gray. How can he be worthy of the Kingstons?”

He suddenly asked, “Have you done what I told you to?”

Kyle replied proudly, “Rest assured, Marc. I’ve already made all the necessary arrangements. The news of Karen Turner’s death has been spread on the internet, and I’ve also gotten people to stir up public opinion. Everyone is saying that Lucas Gray killed Karen Turner out of anger, and the online discussions are really heated now. Everyone is definitely going to slam Lucas Gray!

“Marc, you should achieve your goal of annihilating the Stardust Corporation’s Orange County branch soon!”

Hearing this, Marc smiled in satisfaction.

The Huttons gave him a month to complete the mission, but only a few days had passed since he started, and he was already about to complete the task. If Jace heard about this, he’d definitely be impressed by his competence.

He might even become highly valued by the Huttons in the future!

Marc was pleased when he imagined the scene.

But Kyle was a little worried. “Marc, are you really going to kill Lucas Gray? No matter what, he’s a descendant of the Huttons. If we really kill him, will the Huttons settle scores with us?”

Marc laughed. “Don’t worry. Am I that brainless? I naturally got the Huttons’ approval to kill Lucas Gray. Otherwise, why would I go out of my way to offend the Huttons?

“Jace Hutton’s position in the Hutton family is undoubtedly high, and he personally assured me this. As long as we act according to his intentions, we’ll be able to prosper once he takes over the family!”

Only then did Kyle feel relieved. With Jace’s assurance, it’d only be a matter of time before the Kingstons dominated San Francisco! Even he would gain great benefits.

While the two of them were thinking about the future, public opinion erupted on the internet as explosive news quickly became the headline of various major social media platforms.


“#ViciousSon-in-lawFinallyKillsMother-In-Law! #TheEvilnessOfHumanNature!”

“Lucas Gray, head of the Stardust Corporation’s Orange County branch, kills mother-in-law to seize the family assets!”


All of a sudden, a series of juicy headlines and topics quickly made it to the front page of almost all internet news and media platforms.

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