The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray

Chapter 455: Each Expressing Their Own Stand
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Chapter 455: Each Expressing Their Own Stand

With this voice, a middle-aged man in his fifties strode in with an imposing gait.

A few domineering bodyguards were following behind him.

Based on what he said just now, even those who had never met the middle-aged man were now clear about his identity.

“Matthew Benson? The helmsman of the Benson family?!”

“My god! Mr. Benson is really here! I once saw him from afar, and he’s indeed Matthew Benson!”

“Now, it seems that the helmsman of the Bensons is on the Parkers’ side. In that case, the Solar Corporation, Mr. Davis, and that punk Lucas Gray are going to be in trouble!”

“That’s for sure. The Bensons are a big family from San Francisco. Even if Flynn Davis is in charge of the Solar Corporation, it won’t be enough for him to rival the Bensons! As long as the Bensons are willing, the Solar Corporation might even have a change of ownership!”

“Tsk, tsk, that punk Lucas Gray deserves it. He only has himself to blame for messing with giants like the Parkers and the Bensons!”

“I’m afraid that Mr. Davis will be unlucky too! It’s all his fault for running his mouth and saying such absurd things just now, only to be overheard by Mr. Benson.”


After a brief moment of shock, the crowd started to discuss among themselves quietly, and out of fear for Matthew’s powerful status and authority, no one dared to speak loudly.

The helmsman of the Bensons of San Francisco had a far superior status to that of the Parkers of LA. To them, a figure like him was completely legendary!

Before Damon and Flynn appeared, the person with the highest status in the ballroom was Justin, the scion of the Herons, who were just a second-tier family in LA.

Most of the other guests were relatives of the Turners, and they were ordinary small business owners. They had never seen such a formidable scene before.

Justin stood beside the Turners, all riled up and excited. Could the big shot Dad told me about be Matthew Benson?

There was no doubt that among everyone present, Matthew had the highest status and could absolutely be considered a big shot!

He immediately wanted to go forward. But as soon as he moved his feet, he immediately remembered the slap Damon had given him and thus stopped in his tracks.

Bigwigs like them usually had eccentric tempers, so he reckoned that he should... wait and observe the situation before deciding what to do next!

Upon seeing Matthew’s sudden appearance, Flynn had a trace of surprise on his face. But he didn’t seem nervous at all.

If he was alone, he would probably have scruples about the imposing power of the Bensons.

But Lucas was now sitting right next to him.

Flynn was naturally well aware of how powerful Lucas was.

Even the scions of the top families like the Coles and the Kingstons meant nothing to him, let alone the Bensons.

Even the eight top families of DC had never been taken seriously by Lucas.

Although Lucas might not be powerful enough to destroy one of them yet, dealing with the Bensons would be a piece of cake for him.

Of course, this was Lucas’s individual power, and Flynn’s trump cards were probably insufficient for him to deal with the Bensons.

So Flynn remained seated while various ideas ran through his mind.

Damon immediately walked over and welcomed Matthew to the seat he was just at. “Mr. Benson, if Flynn Davis hadn’t suddenly appeared and jeopardized our plans, I would have already nabbed that punk Lucas Gray and brought him back for you to vent your anger on him!”

Matthew glanced at Flynn, only to discover that he wasn’t looking at him at all. He wondered if Flynn was scared or too ignorant to realize how powerful he was.

As for Lucas...

He shifted his gaze to look at Lucas, but he found that Lucas was still smiling without showing any panic or fear.

As soon as he saw the expression on Lucas’s face, anger surged in his heart.

Last night in the Lion Restaurant, Lucas had also managed to fool him with this composed expression and an inexplicably superior aura!

According to the information the Parkers had obtained from their investigation, Lucas was just a live-in son-in-law from a small family and didn’t have any other powerful background. The thought of getting fooled by this young man, who had even broken his precious son’s arm in front of him, made the anger within him explode like a volcano.

Damon sat down on a chair beside Matthew, sneered, and looked at Flynn with a provocative gaze. “Mr. Davis, weren’t you very imposing earlier? You said that you want to get the Parkers removed from LA and even issued lots of threats to me and caused my family to be in chaos. Why are you sitting there quietly now?

“Oh, right, you even said that if the helmsman of the Bensons was here, he wouldn’t be able to lay a finger on Lucas Gray. Now that the helmsman of the Bensons is right in front of you, you can try! You’re just the general manager of the Solar Corporation. You’re taking yourself too seriously!”

Now that he had a backer, Damon was much more confident, and he kept mocking Flynn.

Flynn’s actions just now had truly angered him.

Of course, under the disturbances, the Parkers were inevitably affected.

But as long as the Bensons were on his side, these problems could be resolved easily!

Moreover, if the Parkers could get the support of the Bensons, they might surpass the Owens in the future!

The Parkers would become the absolute overlord of LA and be able to control the economy of the city and hold the power to decide the life and death of many families!

In order to achieve this goal, he had to try his best to get close to Matthew and pull him over to his side!

At this moment, Justin saw the situation in front of him and realized that the two bigwigs detested Lucas greatly. So he immediately stood out and pointed at Lucas righteously before cursing, “Lucas Gray, trust you to have the cheek to remain sitting! Didn’t you hear what Mr. Parker and Mr. Benson said? You’ve done something wrong and offended them, so you’d better get your ass over here and apologize to them! Do you hear me?!”

Justin was hollering at Lucas and acting like he was teaching his grandchild a lesson.

After seeing Justin’s words and actions, Alex, who was beside him, immediately reacted and roared at Lucas, “It’s all your fault, you punk! If I had known, I would have driven you out immediately! We already threw you out yesterday, and yet you still have the cheek to come here today. You’re really thick-skinned! What are you waiting for? Hurry up and get over here to kowtow to Mr. Parker and Mr. Benson in apology!”

Although he was following behind Justin, he also expressed his stand in front of the two big shots and drew a clear line between him and Lucas, lest they vented their anger on the Turners instead.

Thus, he scolded Lucas in an extremely callous manner.

Cheyenne’s eyes immediately reddened.


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