The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray

Chapter 1202 - 1202 Vicious Thoughts
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1202 Vicious Thoughts

Lucas couldn’t be bothered to care about what Ashley’s former classmates were thinking. He said to Ray and Kenneth, who were kneeling in front of him, “Get up. What happened today isn’t your fault.”

Hearing this, Ray and Kenneth felt as though a tremendous weight had been lifted off their shoulders, and they heaved a sigh of relief.

They had been working for Lucas for a long time, so they knew that he liked keeping a low profile and rarely revealed his true identity in public.

They had heard the news that Lucas had gathered with his friends in Club Aurora, so they had rushed over to be on standby for Lucas’s instructions at any time.

Unexpectedly, before they even received any instructions from Lucas, they bumped into a vulgar-looking young man complaining to Frey, the manager of Club Aurora. He said that there was a young man named Lucas Gray pretending to be a distinguished guest of Club Aurora and that his friends had blocked him in the King’s Room and were waiting for Club Aurora to deal with him.


After hearing this, Ray and Kenneth almost passed out in shock!

At this point, they realized that Frey had been too excited after recognizing Lucas. He had been preoccupied with flattering Lucas and had completely forgotten that he wasn’t supposed to reveal Lucas’s identity. Thus, he presumptuously brought Lucas and his group to the most luxurious King’s Room.

Kenneth and Ray instantly had extremely gloomy expressions and anxiously rushed over to kneel in front of Lucas without even having the time to berate Frey for acting on his own.

They had thought that Lucas wouldn’t forgive them and would lose his temper because of this matter. They were afraid that he would even revoke his decision to let the Parkers manage the Waltons’ businesses and expel them from DC.

They never thought that he would let them off instead of holding it against them.

“Thank you, Mr. Gray!” Ray and Kenneth thanked him one after another before getting up and wiping the cold sweat off of their foreheads.

Frey’s face was also covered in cold sweat. Seeing that Lucas didn’t intend to hold it against him, he stood up and cautiously stood behind Ray and Kenneth with his head lowered, trying his best to make himself scarce.

Frey was full of regret.

When he saw Lucas, he had been so excited that he forgot the instructions from Kenneth, his new boss. In the end, he almost got into trouble.

Frey knew that if Silas hadn’t assumed Lucas’s identity and pretended to be a distinguished guest of Club Aurora, Lucas might not have mentioned this matter at all. Things wouldn’t have been blown out of proportion and alarmed Kenneth and Ray into kneeling and begging Lucas for forgiveness.

Right now, Lucas and the Parkers didn’t pursue his responsibility not because they had forgiven him but because there were more important matters to handle. Once things were settled, he would definitely be punished and maybe even lose his position as manager.

At the thought, Frey glowered at Silas, wishing he could skin him alive.

It was all the fault of Silas, this bastard who had assumed Lucas’s identity!

With shock written all over her face, Allie quietly inched closer to Ashley and whispered, “Ashley, is… Lucas really the mysterious big shot behind Club Aurora?”

Gazing at Lucas, Ashley looked extremely proud.

This was the Lucas Gray she liked. It was natural for him to be so impressive and admirable!

Hearing Allie’s question, Ashley nodded. “Yeah! I just told you that Lucas would never lie. Since he said that the manager was addressing him, it must be him!

“Besides, I’ve already told you. Once the people of Club Aurora are here, who knows who will be the ones in trouble! Do you believe me now?”

Allie didn’t know what to say. fr𝗲𝚎w𝒆𝚋𝘯𝚘ѵel. c𝗼𝐦

Like the others, she had thought that Lucas was just an ordinary poor man who wasn’t good enough for Ashley. But due to her close friendship with Ashley, when the others mocked Lucas and Ashley endlessly, she didn’t speak up for them and only advised Ashley to get Lucas to apologize.

But now, Allie finally knew that this ordinary-looking young man actually had such a remarkable identity. Even the boss of Club Aurora, the Parkers who had taken over the Waltons’ businesses, was extremely respectful to him.

Allie looked at Lucas a few times and realized that Lucas was not only tall but also a very handsome hunk.

After she took a few more glances, her heart suddenly pounded rapidly.

It was strange. Previously, she had only thought that Lucas was rather ordinary and that he wasn’t handsome. But for some reason, she found him very charming now.

Apart from Allie, who had stood on Ashley and Lucas’s side, the others in the room had more or less been rude to Lucas and insulted him.

The moment they learned Lucas’s prestigious identity, everyone felt extremely nervous and fearful.

They subconsciously glanced at Peter and Vanessa.

They could only rely on these two now.

If Peter and Vanessa could resolve the conflict with Lucas or suppress him with the Williams, they would have nothing to fear.

Ever since Peter saw Kenneth and Ray kneeling in front of Lucas to seek forgiveness, he had been incredibly shocked and in complete disbelief.

At the same time, his heart was full of fury and resentment toward Lucas.

He hated Ashley, so he wanted to do everything possible to make her miserable. He couldn’t even tolerate her marrying a poor man, so how could he tolerate her having connections with Lucas, a big shot?

Although Lucas had clarified that he wasn’t married to Ashley, it was hard to guarantee that they wouldn’t end up becoming a couple.

Peter would never be able to accept this!

This shameless bitch must live in misery forever and stay alone her entire life. She can never marry any other man!

Even though I don’t want her, she has to remain chaste and never be tainted by another man!

These were Peter’s true innermost thoughts!

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