The Forgotten Princess

Chapter 456 The Darkness (1)
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456 The Darkness (1)

(Regaleon’s POV)

Chaos ensued inside the facility. We battled the wyverns that were attacking us from all directions.

“Those that have lightning mana stones and lightning magic, make sure to subdue the wyverns!” I ordered.

My men were fighting hard in order to survive the attack. The creatures were ferocious, we need to be on alert if we do not want to be eaten by these things.

“Tempest, support us from the sky!” I yelled.

“Surely.” Tempest replied.

Tempest flew towards the night sky and transformed into his phoenix form. With it, he rained down fire from above.

“Be sure to evade Tempest’s fire!” I said to my men.

Fire spread in the area. Some of the wyverns were hit directly but it was as if they were not affected by the fire.

“Your majesty, it seems like these creatures are not affected by fire.” One of my men said.

‘Does this mean they have good defense against fire attacks.’ I thought.

‘It seems like my magic power is of no use to these creatures, Regaleon.’ Tempest said. ‘I will use my wind to assist you.’

‘Thanks.’ I replied to him.panda-n(0ve)

The wyverns have thick scales that is hard to pierce thru. Using normal weapons such as swords give a little to no damage.

“Dammit!” I cursed. “This is such a disadvantageous situation.”

My swords blade is starting to get chapped with the hard scales of the wyverns. I then thought of infusing my fire magic towards the blade rather than using my fire armor all over my body. Focusing all of my magic power to my sword will make it more sharper that it can pierce thru anything.

After I have made my sword more useable in this battle, one of my men shouted at me.

“Your majesty!!!” He shouted. “Behind you!!!”

I as caught off guard by a wyvern that snuck behind me in the chaos.


The wyvern shrieked that I feltlike my ears would bleed from the sound. The wyvern’s jumped at me and pinned me down with its feet.

“Ahhh...” I shouted in pain.

I felt the claws of its feet sinking on my chest while it pinned me down to the ground.


The wyvern’s mouth was about to bite my head off, but I used my left arm to block it. panda n(O)vel

“Argghhh...” I felt its teeth sink into my flesh.

In that instant I swung my sword and chopped the wyvern’s head off. Its head flew off while its body slumped on top of me.

“Your majesty!” One of my men rushed towards me. He helped me push off the wyvern’s body on top of me. “Are you alright?”

“I am fine...” I replied and sat up. “Ahhh...” I groaned from the pain of my wounds.

“Here, let me help you.” He offered his hand, and I took it with my right hand and got up.

“Tell the others to focus their magic powers thru their swords. It will give their weapons a better edge against these creatures.” I said.

“I will relay your words, your majesty.” He replied. “But please, take refuge. You cannot fight with your injuries.”

“I am fine. I can manage.” I replied. “I will need a breather first. You and go back to the battle.”

“Yes, your majesty.” He replied and went on ahead.

I took out the bandages from my first aid pack and started to bandage my wound by myself.

“It would have been great if I can heal myself.” I said to myself. But my white magic ability cannot be used on myself.

Once I was done bandaging my wounds, I stood up and was about to go back to the fight when Raymond walked by as if he was in a daze. His looks were not of himself, his skin turned into gray and his eyes were all black. It was like he was a walking corpse. pandan(o)vel

“Raymond!” I called tohis attention.

Raymond slowly looked towards my way and saw me. He was mumbling something that I cannot understand from a distance. He looked straight to me in a daze.

“Chosen one... chosen one...” Raymond was mumbling. “I-I must get to the chosen one...” He continued.

Raymond continued to walk slowly towards the direction of the city ignoring my presence.

“No...” I muttered.

When I heard what Raymond was saying, I knew in that instant of whom he is speaking. He was targeting my son, Alphonse.

“I will not let you near him!” I said and rushed to attack him.

My sword was about to land on him but then a black mass enveloped his body and shielded him.

“W-What the...” I was surprised with what just happened.

A black mass was hovering around the body of Raymond. I felt something sinister with it.

“The chosen one... must get to the chosen one.” Raymond continued to walk.

“No! I will not let you!” I attacked once again the black mass defended him from my attacks.

‘Even with my sword enhance with my magic powers cannot cut thru this black mass.’ I thought. ‘What is this?’

Three wyverns came to the defense of Raymond. I was at a disadvantage now that I am injured.

p-n0vel、com *KIYAH*

The wyverns shrieked. I stood my guard thinking of defending their attacks. Two of the creatures rushed for the attack while one stood by Raymond. He climbed the wyvern and it started to flap its wings.

“It can fly?” I was surprised.

We did not have any reports that these creatures could fly, but it looks like the adult ones can.

The wyvern that was carrying Raymond started to lift from the ground and into the air. I was determined for it not to take flight.

“No!” I shouted.

I conjured fire balls and targeted the wyvern’s wings. I hoped that my fire balls might at least do damage with their thin wings. But when my fire balls were about to hit the wyvern’s wings midflight, the two wyverns jumped up and defended it.

“No...” I was not able to stop Raymond’s wyvern from flying away. “Sh*t!”

The two wyverns that were left started to stalk me from two sides. I was not able to give chase to Raymond and his wyvern. I must take care of these two wyverns first.

I focused my magic power on my sword once again. I waited for the wyverns to make their first move. The two wyverns decided to move at the same time and use a pincer attack.

“Sh*t!” I cursed and thought hard what to do.

But then a strong gust of wind blew and threw the two wyverns. Tempest came down from the sky. He grabbed one of the wyverns with his claws and squeezed it hard. The wyvern shrieked in pain and combusted. Fire ate the wyvern’s body until it turned to ash.

“Their bodies may have resistance to fire, but they are not fully fireproof.” Tempest said. “They can be burned with a huge amount of fire power.”


“I see.” I smirked.

I raised my right hand and focused on the other wyvern. Deep in concentration I focused all my energy and ignited the wyvern.


The wyvern shrieked loudly until it dropped down, its flesh burning.

“Regaleon, the wyverns have all gone to the direction of the city.” Tempest reported.

“As I thought. They are after my son, Alphonse.” I said. “Let us go after them. I need to get there as soon as possible.”

“Then hop on.” Tempest lowered his body so that I could climb on his back.

Once I was on him, he opened his wings wide and lifted from the ground.

“All of those that can still fight, go back to the city!” I ordered my men down below. “The wyverns are attacking the city!”

My men that were still able to fight rode their horses and heeded my orders.

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