The First Order

Chapter 655 - No rules
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Chapter 655: No rules

Translator: Legge

Xu Ke had really not expected someone to suddenly cut their way through an ambush from the end of the street in this darkness, then say to him, “Do you believe in me?”

Actually, Xu Ke really wanted to say, “You shouldn’t have come here at this time. As long as I’m dead, this matter will be over. You still have a maid and a girl you like, so why would you come here to die with me?”

But under the flashing neon lights, Xu Ke suddenly felt he might not have to die today when he saw Ren Xiaosu’s smile.

Did he believe in him? He chose to believe!

It was like someone had suddenly grabbed hold of him when he was about to fall into an abyss. “Don’t worry, I’ll destroy this abyss for you!”

This was the first time Xu Ke experienced something like that. As the head of the Qinghe Group, when had he ever needed anyone’s help before?

But perhaps because he had been the head of the Qinghe Group for too long, he eventually chose to face his enemies alone. He was already used to facing everything by himself.

Today, Xu Ke seemed to rediscover how it felt to fight alongside the other Riders, even though Ren Xiaosu was not one of them.

But how was Ren Xiaosu going to handle so many supernatural beings by himself?

Just as he was pondering this, the whistling of a train and the metallic clanging of tracks could suddenly be heard on the boulevard in the darkness!

Everyone immediately turned around and saw that a steam locomotive had actually emerged out of thin air from the darkness behind them. The locomotive was spewing thick black fumes from its top and had appeared like a monster in front of them without any warning!

Segments of railroad tracks materialized and pieced together one by one in front of the train. The loud metallic clanging was pounding everyone’s chests like a heartbeat had escaped the body.

The steam locomotive increased its speed to maximum after appearing, and in the blink of an eye, more than a dozen of the consortiums’ combatants that had surrounded Ren Xiaosu and Xu Ke were caught off guard and knocked to the ground!

Xu Ke was stunned as he had not expected such a turn of events. Was this Ren Xiaosu’s power? No, he had heard about this power a long time ago! The person who controlled this power should be someone named Wang Congyang!

Ren Xiaosu dashed into the crowd again while everyone was still dazed and killed some more people. With just a single kick, he had bounded forward by a dozen meters.

One of the consortium’s combatants on the street shouted into their radio, “Open fire!”

Blazing bullets and tongues of flame spewed out of the cold and unfeeling firearms. As the bullets passed through the rifling of the barrels, they started spinning rapidly!

But when the combatants tried to rain down a hail of bullets on Ren Xiaosu, they realized Ren Xiaosu was only feinting. With just a slight tap of his feet on the ground, he changed his direction of movement.

At the same time, Ren Xiaosu even grabbed a supernatural being and used him as a human shield. The intense gunfire did not manage to hurt Ren Xiaosu but killed their ally first instead!

As the barrage of bullets hit the supernatural being, countless bloody holes bored into his body. This supernatural being could not even die in peace.

The combat troops were shocked by this sight. Everything happened too quickly just now, and when they finally came back to their senses, they realized Ren Xiaosu was already grabbing a supernatural being!

Ren Xiaosu was holding his black saber in one hand while using the other to hold the now dead supernatural being. He was like a fierce soldier charging his way through an army, while the supernatural being everyone envied had become a shield for him.

That was a supernatural being, alright! But when he went up against Ren Xiaosu, he could not put up any resistance. Ren Xiaosu held him up effortlessly as a shield like he was some frightened little chicken!

This supernatural being had been carefully selected by Ren Xiaosu. Without his armor, it was impossible to face a hail of bullets head on. And since he already had the sharpest saber, he had to find a shield for himself!

The reason why he chose a supernatural being was that their bodies were strong.

The consortiums’ troops quickly got into a defensive formation and retreated in case Ren Xiaosu tried to force his way through. But their efforts were futile as Ren Xiaosu was much faster than them!

The formation broke. A bullet was fired from the shadows, as though someone were trying to get Ren Xiaosu by shooting through the gap between the shield and him. However, the black saber suddenly flashed across and blocked the bullet just as it was about to hit him in the side. The bullet ricocheted off the slant of the saber’s edge and hit another combatant right in the head.

Everyone was shocked by this sight. They could not tell whether Ren Xiaosu did this deliberately or if it was just a coincidence!

When Ren Xiaosu was about to charge into their formation, a supernatural being suddenly jumped out from the rear and made a strange seal symbol with his hands.

A battle between supernatural beings was extremely dangerous, because if you did not know what the other party’s superpower was, you could not guard against it.

Actually, when supernatural beings of the same level encountered each other most of the time, the most terrifying thing would be fighting a counter. For example, the supernatural being who had tried to sneak attack Ren Xiaosu in front of Hope Media’s headquarters. His saber had suddenly turned into a liquid form and spread towards Ren Xiaosu. If Ren Xiaosu did not have his nanomachines protecting him, he might really have gotten killed.

So Ren Xiaosu was extremely cautious when facing this supernatural being. Between him and the other party, whose superpower would be stronger?

The sniper rifle was more powerful, of course.

When the supernatural being finished forming his hand seals, a glow in the shape of a lotus emerged from his hands. However, he noticed the black saber in Ren Xiaosu’s hand had turned into a black sniper rifle. He did not even have the chance to get close to Ren Xiaosu before he was sent flying backwards by a shot.

The caliber of Ren Xiaosu’s sniper rifle was so large it could be used as a cannon at close range!

“You think y’all are the only ones who know how to use guns?” Ren Xiaosu sneered. As he spoke, the black sniper rifle in his hand suddenly changed into a heavy machine gun. Normal people would need a tripod to put the heavy machine gun on, but Ren Xiaosu was holding it in his hand as though it were a feather!

This was one of the heavy weapons he had seized from the Zong Consortium. When Ren Xiaosu pulled the trigger, the internal mechanisms of the machine gun started firing at extremely high speeds as countless bullets spewed out of the muzzle. In just the blink of an eye, the consortiums’ combat troops were forcefully dispersed in front of him!

Among them, there were even supernatural beings who could not dodge in time and got shot!

But it was quite a pity he couldn’t reload the heavy machine gun. So he had to switch to other weapons after firing off all the rounds.

A lot of people were stunned by this. They had never encountered such a strange supernatural being like him before. How was he able to switch weapons at will? Wait a minute, it looked like he had taken out a grenade this time!

As a supernatural being, why was he depending on all these firearms and explosives?!

This was something Ren Xiaosu had figured out long ago. If it were a duel, of course his black saber would be more powerful. But when there were too many enemies, it would be better to use firearms and explosives.

Whoever stated supernatural beings could not use firearms and explosives? Ren Xiaosu had always survived in the wilderness, and the rule in the wilderness was, “There are no rules!”

The choice of weapon used would depend on who it was used against. There were infinite ways of fighting as long as it could kill the enemy!

The combat commander of the consortiums’ troops was staring closely at Ren Xiaosu’s movements from the rear. Never mind that their gunfire could not break through the human shield and kill their enemy, they were even forced to flee with their tails between their legs by an individual.

A moment later, the commander’s expression changed greatly. “Get out of the way! It’s TNT!”

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