The Fake Rich Daughter Pampered By All Is A Famous Celebrity

Chapter 318 - I’ll Pass On Your Exact Words To My Brother
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Chapter 318: I’ll Pass On Your Exact Words To My Brother

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

Shi Xi took two pills. “Probably.”

She didn’t pay too much attention to it.

Han Chuan opened the video and looked at Shi Xi’s face. “Can we still record tomorrow?”

“…Can’t I take a day off since I’m already like this?” Shi Xi whispered, “Han Bapi.”

Han Bapi said coldly, “All the money you earn is for the company. Speaking of which, your brother is the one who’s Bapi.”

“I’ll pass on your exact words to my brother,” said Shi Xi.

Han Chuan: “…”

“The red dots aren’t very serious. It should be fine by tomorrow,” said Shi Xi. “If it’s not possible, do you want to put on makeup by force?”

“I’ll talk to the director tomorrow first and wait for my news.” Han Chuan hung up the phone.

After Shi Xi took the medicine, she saw the grilled cold noodles on the table and asked, “Can I eat this?”

Zhu Lin said, “Sure, I specially ordered one without sauce.”

Shi Xi thought of something and said, “When we had hotpot in the afternoon, it was Nan Wan’s sauce.”

Zhu Lin said, “You mean, what did she put in it?”

“I’m not sure, but they should all know about my seafood allergy.” Shi Xi said in realization, “No wonder she was so kind to help us make the dipping sauce all of a sudden!”

Zhu Lin said angrily, “Isn’t this person too much?!”

Shi Xi ate the grilled cold noodles and said, “Too much! I originally thought that she made the delicious dipping sauce to apologize to me!”

Zhu Lin: ?

“If Nan Wan really apologizes, will you forgive her?” Zhu Lin asked.

“No.” Shi Xi said hatefully, “Go and find out what she’s allergic to!”

Zhu Lin was silent for a moment. “Alright.”

Shi Xi finished eating the cold baked noodles and prayed that she would recover overnight.

The next morning, the first thing Shi Xi did when she woke up was to look at her face in the mirror.

There were still red spots, but they were much better than yesterday.

They would all disappear in about two days.

Shi Xi took a picture in the mirror and sent it to Han Chuan. “Do I still have to rush to work today?”

Han Chuan: “Turn off the beauty filter and take another photo.”

Shi Xi: “No, I can’t leave such an ugly photo.”

“What do you look like that I haven’t seen before?” Han Chuan was convinced and said, “I’ll give you three days off. The money will be deducted from your work fees.”

It wasn’t easy to earn money. Xi Xi sighed.

However, she could finally rest!

Shi Xi wanted to go home, but when she thought of her own face, she didn’t dare to go back and get scolded.

Zhu Lin bought breakfast and came back. After closing the door, she couldn’t help but say, “Xi Xi, the variety show that they asked you to do previously has been changed to Nan Wan!”

Shi Xi raised his head and raised her voice. “Huh?”

Zhu Lin set up the breakfast and said indignantly, “Today, you should be the one recording [Landscape Life]!”

“But because of your allergy, Brother Han canceled it at the last minute. That director actually asked Nan Wan to do it!!”

“This Nan Wan is really good!” Shi Xi sat up straight and frowned slightly. “She made me empty my work for three days and even stole my job.”

“But we have no evidence to prove that she made you allergic to seafood.” Zhu Lin said regretfully, “Even if she did it, if she said it wasn’t intentional, we wouldn’t be able to pursue it.”

“Go and look at her later announcements. I want to snatch it from her too!” Shi Xi was furious.

“Alright!” Zhu Lin thought for a while and said, “But you don’t have time later on. There’s no time to snatch it from her.”

Shi Xi: I was careless.

“Let’s eat first,” Zhu Lin said, “Oh right, I went to check the taboo points of Nan Wan. She doesn’t have anything allergic to, but she doesn’t allow others to ask her age.”

Shi Xi was puzzled. “How old is she?”

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