The Extra's Odyssey

Chapter 22 Demonstration [1]
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"Of course, it had to be this class."

I couldn't help but sigh as I saw the doorplate that read 'Class-Katana'.

Last night I got too excited while practicing my art and forgot that today was the day the classes would start.

In the morning, I hurriedly followed my bracelet's GPS to my assigned class.

And lo-and-behold. The class I was assigned was the center of the stage of 'Hero had Returned' till its middle part and where the main cast will 'study'.

"Why couldn't it have been any other class?"

Was this my -13 luck at work?

I was already worried, racking my brain to plan my future actions. I needed to make sure the story doesn't change much while I also take as many as benefits possible to make sure I survive.

Now I might get involved with the main cast. Those guys would only bring endless problems and drama with them.

My only refuge was the fact that most of them won't take the initiative to get involved with a low-rank person like me.

'The only problem is her. With her bubbly personality, she would get involved with just anybody. I need to make sur-'

In the middle of my rant, I was suddenly slapped on my back.

"Yahallo! How are you?"

A well-endowed girl was standing beside me with a bright smile. Her apricot-colored hair made a beautiful contrast with her white uniform, which had blue linings and designs.

It was the official uniform of the Top 25 cadets.

"Too stunned to speak. Haiz.. being too beautiful is a sin too. "

She spoke every word with a silly grin while leaning her head towards me.

I was stunned. Too stunned to even utter a word. It was because of her appearance, too.

'Fuck, it's her.'

That appearance, that way of talking, that uniform. It was definitely her!

She was Lilith Ashdown. A female member of the main cast.

I was just thinking of avoiding her and this happened next.

What should I do? I didn't even do anything, and my plans were already falling apart.

'No, calm down. She only talked to me because she saw my worried look. Just answer her naturally and end the conversation. I need to do this only this much. I can do it!'

But before I could open my mouth, I received another shock.

"Look at you. You won't even greet your friend?"

'Fuck your friend.'

The previous Nathan knew her?

Give me back the time I wasted! The hours I spent thinking of ways to avoid them-no, her.

"If you stare so fiercely, people will misunderstand."

She squirmed as she tried to act embarrassed.

This was serious. If she knew the previous Nathan, then she might realize that I was someone else.

"I couldn't even get your name last time, as I had to leave quickly."

'How should I act? It would become a problem if she were to se-Hmm? I never even gave her my name? Wait a minute, could it be..'

It was possible if it was her.

Putting the most innocent face I could, I spoke.

"Umm.. Do I know you?"

The way she spoke earlier hinted that we might have met only a single time and for a short duration, too. Otherwise, it was weird that she didn't even know my name.

'It's fine, even if I am wrong. I can just say it was a joke.'

At this point, I was firing shots in the dark.

"..What do you mean by that?"

'Dammit, it didn't work.'

As I was about to reply, her movements halted.

"Wait, did I really get the wrong person? Uwa...This is so embarrassing. I'm sorry I mistook you for somebody else."

Her ears turned red, and she began waving her hand in a flustered manner.


I could almost see a tail behind her that stood straight as she darted her eyes here and there.

Of course, it was nothing more than my imagination.

'No, what am I thinking? Focus!'

Regaining my focus, I sighed. It seems that my guess was correct.

"Someone you know, Lily?"

Another person wearing the same uniform as her was standing behind me.

'Cadmus Martell'

"Haha, I was just ….greeting our classmates! Yes, greeting! Oh, looks like Anna is calling me! See you guys later."

She didn't even wait for our reply and dashed inside the class.

"Don't mind her. She is always like that. Ah, where are my manners? I'm Cadmus. And you are?"

He spoke in a friendly manner that would make anyone relax.

'Look at him, not speaking his rank or surname. Truly a down-to-earth exemplary guy.'

Anyway, he was a 'friendly' person. Avoiding him was easy.

"I'm Rank 2169, Nathan Hunt. It seems my luck finally shined on me. I am a classmate with two top rankers."

I shook his hand with enthusiasm, and a pleasant smile plastered on my face.

"It's nothing special. I was just lucky to become a top 25."

He maintained a bright, friendly smile as we exchanged a few more pleasantries before finally entering the class.


The class was big enough to easily hold 60 students. Everyone was talking to the next person and making new friends.

Since most of them didn't know each other, they were trying to make new friends.

All of them were overly enthusiastic. The reason behind it were the 5 top rankers in this class. Two of which were Rank1 and Rank 2 themselves.

It seemed like the administration was putting talented students in this class. To be put in this class implied the administration saw them as special too.

'Their reactions would have been the complete opposite if they knew how 'special' this class is.'

I was sitting in the last seat in the second row from the door and counting the number of students.

Before I could think of where to sit, my feet had already taken me here. Coincidently, this seat was also the furthest from the main cast.


I didn't sleep last night. This made it two continuous days that I stayed awake.

"Be quiet. Roll call is starting."

As I was fiddling with the holographic computer on my desk, a tired voice echoed in the class.

'When did she enter?'

Standing on the podium was Mia Eiden, our homeroom teacher. Her disheveled purple hairs were covering half of her face. She almost leaning on the table while scanning our class with her eyes that oozed laziness.

Looking at her demeanor, many students' faces turned weird. They seem to be questioning if their instructor was alright.

Without even introducing herself, she started the roll call.

"Rank1 Susan Warner"


Rank2 Cadmus Martel"


"Rank 9 Anna Kenward"


"Rank 13 Ken Ikenak'


"Rank23 Lilith Ashdown"


"Rank 2169 Nathan Hunt"


I already knew that I was a low-rank cadet from my id on the bracelet. When I had seen my picture I got a little surprise too.

Anyway, Ward had 3000 students in the 1st year batch. And I was among the lowest rank in my class.

But the true lowest rank was 'him'.

"Rank 2991 Leon Barns"


"Rank 2991 Leon Barns"


She repeated herself twice, but nobody answered. As she was about to close the register, the door was opened with a slam.

"Rank 2991 Leon Barns. Present!"

A cadet wearing a black uniform with gold intricate patterns shouted.

His uniform suggested he was a normal cadet, yet he was this late. Some people clicked their tongues when they saw a normal cadet being this tardy.

He had unkempt hair and his breathing was ragged. He wasn't properly dressed as if he had hurriedly put on the clothes.

"If that is average, then what am I? An ugly squid?"

The author described his looks as average, but his looks were comparable to or even better than Cadmus, the most handsome person I've seen till now.

Did the author have rotten eyes or rotten imagination?

His golden eyes shined like a fiery sun, and his sharp look made him extremely handsome, even with his disheveled clothes. He had a majestic aura around him that made him appear graceful as he walked.

He was Leon Barns, the protagonist of 'Hero has returned' also called 'Saga of Heroes.

Mia Eiden didn't scold him for being late and only beckoned him to find a seat. She was so lazy that she didn't even bother to open her mouth.

The protagonist, Leon, looked around only to find a single empty seat.

'The rumored protagonist seat.'

Just as he sat next to the window seat at the back, Mia nodded her head and started speaking.

"Cadets can now leave for the training ground. The location will be displayed on your bracelet, which everybody got after passing the exam. Also, choose your electives by the end of this week."

Saying such, she finally completely slumped on the desk without even answering the students who were raising their hands.

From how her back was rhythmically moving up and down, it seems she was already asleep.

The students withdrew their hands with awkward smiles.

"We should get moving. I've heard that we would have a light spar for today."

Everybody's attention focused on the person who spoke. A top 25 who was also a beauty.

She mesmerized the whole class with her viridian eyes and charming smile. Her looks, which were comparable to Susan and Lilith, drew the attention of every student in the class.

"The seniors said that those who perform well might get the slot before the Dungeon of trials opens next month."

Her words made the students boil in excitement and they

started moving.

'Is this what we call a natural leader? She shifted the focus of the entire class with a single sentence.'

She was Rank 9, Anna Kenward, and a member of the main cast.

Leon, Susan, Lilith, Cadmus, and finally Anna. This was the main cast of 'Hero has Returned' and I was going to study with them for the next four years.

"Haah… My future looks bleak."

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