The Extra's Odyssey

Chapter 109 Evil
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James Connor, aka Vile Reaper, was someone blessed from birth.

He had talent, potential, skills, and background.

He had everything one could dream of.

His life was also smooth sailing. He never had anything to worry about.

After reaching high Iota rank, with his father's recommendation, he became a candidate to join the upcoming personal unit of Sword Maiden.

Working under Sword Maiden was the dream of everyone working in Umbra. For she was undoubtedly going to become a pioneer in the future.

With everything being served to him on a silver plate he became bored.

Everything was easy for him.

He wanted struggle. He wanted to feel the struggle for success. To endure hardships while overcoming trials.

But alas, he was gifted.

He was someone special.

No matter what, he never needed to struggle. He would always win easily.

So, he decided to change his approach.

"I maybe not be able to struggle, but can't I can find it in others?"

If he made others struggle, could he find satisfaction in that? He, himself wasn't sure, nor was he optimistic about getting contentment by doing this.

But the result pleasantly surprised him.

The first time he backed someone to the corner, the opponent fought with his everything on the line. At that moment, he found the desperation, the struggle he always wanted to see.

From then on, he started torturing his opponents, before killing them. Torture because it was slow, painful, and the best way to push his enemies into the corner without killing them.

Obviously, he had standards.

He only tortured those he found fun.

Those enemies that never tried to struggle and fight desperately were all killed at once. Why would he bother himself with soiled fruit that has no worth?

And that was what he was doing right now.

The unripe fruit that he thought would show its desperation turned out to be a soiled fruit in disguise.

'It' was simply a crazy idiot that had come to die at his hands. Or maybe it broke because of his torture?

Whatever it was, he didn't care. It was now broken and not worth his palate.

If it wouldn't show him struggle, then the only ending for it was death.

That was why he lashed the whip in his hand to kill the soiled fruit. However, something unexpected happened.


A sword coming out from the cracked air blocked his attack.

The newcomer didn't pay him attention and, with his back to Vile reaper, spoke something to the soiled fruit.

"How did he enter the arena?" Despite thinking as this, Vile reaper attacked again to kill the newcomer too.

This newcomer had dared to disturb him twice. A sin only payable with death.

It was then that a bone-chilling voice echoed.

"Sleep. I'll take over from here."

The voice sent shivers down the spine of anyone who heard, and Vile reaper also froze.

Vile reaper felt as if a mountain was placed on top of him and his body refused to budge.

"Are you the one who put him in this condition?"

The cold voice again rang out. But he answered back with a confident tone.

"Who else could it be? Of course, it was me."

Although Vile reaper's body was frozen stiff, it wasn't the same for his head. Also, with his high mental strength, the pressure was bearable for him.

Slowly, Vile reaper was regaining control of his limbs.

"I see."

The newcomer picked the soiled fruit and started walking away.

"Where do you think you are going?!"

Vile reaper, finally able to move, pounced on Nathan to kill him.

He teleported in front of Nathan and swung his whip.


A red hue exploded outwards from Nathan and blanketed the stadium.

Vile reaper felt the pressure on top of him suddenly multiply a dozen times and, unable to bear the pressure, was brought to his knees.

The pressure he was feeling now couldn't be compared to what he felt before.

It was like he was chained down and placed in the deepest part of the sea. The force was weighing down on him so much that he started bleeding from his ears and nose.

Fear gripped his heart and his instincts screamed danger. He felt that the one infront of him wasn't a human but an amalgamation of every evil.

His body shook and he looked down, not daring to even glimpse at Nathan.

The crowd was no different.

Half of the spectators had already collapsed and were spasming. The other half wasn't any better. The air itself was wrung dry and they could hardly breathe.

Nathan didn't even glance at Vile reaper and kept walking.

He reached the border of the arena where the mana barrier lay but didn't stop walking.

Suddenly there was a ripple in the barrier when he was 20 feet from it. Without minding it, Nathan kept walking and the ripple only increased in size.

When he was almost in front of the barrier, it split open.

The mana barrier dome was still standing, but now it had a huge hole in it.

Nathan entered one of the gates and left the stadium.

As his figure vanished from everyone's sight, the barrier reverted to its previous state and the red hue vanished, removing the dreaded feeling from everyone's heart.


"Wh.what was that?"

Afraid, Leon, unable to get over what he felt a few moments ago, shivered.

"Leon, are okay?"

Isabell worriedly asked, but he didn't answer. Instead, he kept thinking back to what he felt.

That newcomer's pressure. Leon wasn't affected by it before.


No, he was sure that the pressure didn't work on him this time too. If it did, Leon would have also fainted like the hundreds of spectators, he did not doubt this.

But this time, when Nathan released his pressure without holding back, Leon sensed something. Something horrendous, something with enough hatred that it could drown the world.

It was evil. Evil in its rawest form.

If someone asked Leon what evil or good was, he couldn't answer.

Naturally, Leon can tell if something is evil or good but, like everyone, he had no accurate definition.

He could also say that nothing was completely evil or completely good. That it was only a matter of perspective.

But that feeling. It was unmistakable.

It was a will to destroy everything. An unbounded rage.

"Something like that shouldn't exist."

Leon's eyes turned sharp, devoid of their previous thankfulness and friendliness, as he looked in the direction Nathan left.

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