The Divine Physician's Overbearing Wife

Chapter 2234 - The Past Life 159
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Chapter 2234: The Past Life 159


The Ninth Emperor looked at the young man in front of her and smiled.

The smile warmed Nan Changfeng’s heart...

Just looking at her improved his mood.

This kind of pleasure was never there before knowing her.

“I’m hungry...”

The Ninth Emperor said lazily, but there was a smile in those eyes. “So, let’s go home.”

‘Let’s go home...’

Nan Changfeng smiled gently, raised his hand, and stroked the hair on the young girl’s forehead, “Alright. Let’s go home. What do you want to eat today?”

“Anything... As long as you cook it, I will eat it all, but it makes me wonder why Dongfang Yu and the girls are very dissatisfied with your cooking?”

This was something that the Ninth Emperor had always wondered about.

Obviously, Nan Changfeng was such a good cook, yet he still did not satisfy Dongfang Yu and Tian Xuan.

Nan Changfeng lowered his gaze, hiding the coldness in his eyes.

“Maybe they are too demanding. I can’t do it to their satisfaction.”

He would never tell others that the one who cooked for Dongfang Yu and the girls these days was his snake.

His cooking could only be tasted by the Ninth Emperor alone.

As expected, after hearing this, the Ninth Emperor frowned. “They are asking too much. This is not good...”

Nan Changfeng’s cooking skills were already so good, better than many famous chefs, but it still could not satisfy those two girls.

It made her a little dissatisfied.

“Let’s go. I’ll teach these two girls a lesson for you when we get back.”

The Ninth Emperor patted Nan Changfeng’s head.

At this moment, Nan Changfeng was just like a well-behaved little puppy.

His silver hair lifted in the wind, making him look more stunning.


Nan Changfeng smiled. “Let’s go back.”

Before leaving, the Ninth Emperor took one last look at the gate and finally turned around with Nan Changfeng, heading in the direction of their home.

Dongfang Yu had long been at the door to greet her, but who knew that after the Ninth Emperor saw her coming, they did not even glance at her when stepping into the courtyard.

Dongfang Yu froze. She turned her head, gazing dumbly at the Ninth Emperor and Nan Changfeng walking together.

“Dongfang Yu...” Finally, the Ninth Emperor stopped and turned to Dongfang Yu behind her. “I heard that you are very unhappy with Changfeng?”

Dongfang Yu was speechless.

When did this happen, and why did she not know about it?

“You dislike the meals that he cooks. Are they not good?”

‘The taste is horrible, and only the Ninth Emperor can tolerate it.

‘Wait, how did the Ninth Emperor know about this?’

She then turned to Nan Changfeng, bit her sleeve, and was on the verge of crying out.


Nan Changfeng was a vixen.

He must have bewitched the Ninth Emperor. And now, the Ninth Emperor did not want them anymore!

The Ninth Emperor would never question her like this before, let alone say such things to her.

This was all because of Nan Changfeng!

“I don’t want you guys to bully him in the future. After all, there are many of you, and he’s just alone.”

After Dongfang Yu heard these words, she was aggrieved and wanted to cry even more.

Who was bullying who...

Nan Changfeng was not only a vixen, but he had also framed them.

“Ninth Emperor, we never bullied him...” Dongfang Yu’s eyes teared up. She glared at Nan Changfeng fiercely and turned to the Ninth Emperor pitifully. She wanted to cry out to let people know what was in her heart.

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