The Divine Physician's Overbearing Wife

Chapter 2122 - The Past Life 47
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Chapter 2122: The Past Life 47

The wolf girl was too fierce, and it could only come to scare Dongfang Yu.

These two offended its master...

Qing Zhu had already gone to find Tian Xuan, but she was a wolf and had a violent nature, so how would she be afraid of snakes?

She would beat it up and throw it out on the spot.

Fortunately, Dongfang Yu did not let it down; otherwise, it could not even go back to its master. Its master might have thought it was useless and would make it into a snake soup.

Dongfang Yu trembled hard when she saw Qing Zhu refusing to leave.

She could not sleep for the whole night...

The next day, Qing Zhu finally let go of her.

She then saw the Ninth Emperor standing in the courtyard. She cried out painfully and rushed to the Ninth Emperor with eyes filled with tears.

The Ninth Emperor patted her head comfortingly. “It’s alright. It was just a bad dream. Everything will be fine.”

‘A Bad... Dream?’

Dongfang Yu was dumbfounded. ‘That snake, indeed, was her nightmare.

“Ninth Emperor, last night...”

Before she could say more, she saw Qing Zhu wandering slowly over.

This snake had returned to its initial size, from human-like size, into a small green snake, no longer as scary as last night.

Dongfang Yu met its eyes and could not help but shiver.

This snake’s gaze was like a warning if she dared to report it to the Ninth Emperor, it would go to her room again today.

So, she swallowed what she was about to say and smiled helplessly.

“I’m fine. It’s just that the dream last night was so horrible that I still haven’t calmed down.”

“Well, it’s good that you’re fine then.”

The Ninth Emperor stroked her head and smiled. “Later, ask Qing Zhu to take you out for a walk.”

That made Dongfang Yu’s face instantly turn pale.

She hesitated for a moment. “I... I’m afraid of snakes...”

“You hate it?” The Ninth Emperor raised her eyebrows. “Qing Zhu is very well behaved and will not bite anyone. Look at its size. It’s so small, so there is nothing to be afraid of.”

Qing Zhu looked at Dongfang Yu proudly. That gaze seemed to say that she could not escape from it anymore.

As expected, Dongfang Yu’s face became even paler.

“After all...” The Ninth Emperor paused for a moment. “In that small body, it would die easily if you stepped on it. Then, you can bring it back and make snake soup out of it.”

Qing Zhu’s smile froze.

It subconsciously took a few steps back, turned around, and ran away.

‘This woman is too scary and wants to kill me!’

After seeing that Qing Zhu had left, Dongfang Yu quietly breathed a sigh of relief. She smiled and said, “Ninth Emperor, I met an acquaintance when I was in Feng Yun Kingdom’s Imperial City earlier.”

“An acquaintance?”

“Well, it’s the great general of Feng Yun Kingdom. I met him once when I was a child. After the Dongfang family was destroyed, I followed you and left. We have not seen each other since then. I did not expect him to recognize me...”

Dongfang Yu pursed her lips and asked, “Everyone knows that I’m yours. If he saw me, will it bring you trouble?”

Over the years, the Ninth Emperor had offended many powerful people. Those who wanted to find out the Ninth Emperor’s identity did not succeed.

If it was exposed because of her, would it not bring trouble to the Ninth Emperor?

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