The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 622 - Ghost Rally Star
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Chapter 622 Ghost Rally Star

Li Mu had been secretly paying attention to everything going on on the Immortal Net.

Did he feel good?

Of course, he did.

The drastic ups and downs of life were just thrilling.

Li Mu felt particularly good when he saw the private messages saying how sorry and grateful the cultivators were, as well as the copper-colored or silver-colored fairy crystals offered by many as individual compensations. What was more, a voice message praising him had been “dug up” and placed at the top of the forum. To cap it all, the Darkness-repelling Sword, Feng Liusheng, and several other anti-Li diehards had openly apologized on the forum...

Li Mu was quite enjoying himself.

He had scored wealth and reputation at one go.

At this time, on the Immortal Net, all kinds of comments about going on a punitive expedition against the Tianyi Palace as well as the compliments on Li Mu were going into a state of frenzy.

“I will make it up to Li Mu with my humble power... Yet, there is one thing I’m sure of. No matter what, the Tianyi Palace has to pay for the abhorrent things they’ve done. They must make compensations to Li Mu and the victims on South Street. As the real murderers, it’s the least they should do.”

The Darkness-repelling Sword showed up again and launched an advocation.

His statement was approved by countless people.

“Make it up to Li Mu.”

“Give us an explanation...”

“The souls of the dead on the South Street can’t rest in peace.”

“The Tianyi Palace must compensate for slandering Li Mu.”

“If anyone dares to speak ill of the Wild Broadsword in the future, I will fight him to the death.”

“I am family of a victim who died on the South Street. My father was killed on that rainy night. I so regret that I had failed to recognize the truth and blacked Li Mu’s name in the past few days. But, from today on, I will become the defender of the Wild Broadsword and trust him unconditionally!”

“While everyone was cursing and mocking him, he silently put up with the immense pressure and became the first to think of a way to comfort the victims on the South Street within his capacity... He is a great pioneer who has awakened the righteous power in this Star Region.”

The discussion on the forum of the Immortal Net was getting more and more heated.

Li Mu silently logged out of the Immortal Net.

At this time, it would be best that Li Mu did not make any remark.

When things were done, the hero should take departure without caring for fame and fortune.

Li Mu decided to let the comments on the forum ferment for a little longer.

Right not, Li Mu was already planning on his trip to the Ghost Rally Star.

In order to attain some Ghost Cultivation Methods and help Yu Hualong, Wu Ming, and others start to cultivate, Li Mu had to pay a visit to this planet that was also called the “netherworld”.

That was already part of Li Mu’s plan when he entered the universe.

The first thing Li Mu did when he stepped into the universe was to keep out wind and rain for the Mount Shu Sect by drawing all focus on himself so as to buy time for the Mount Shu Sect’s future development.

Now, he had done a perfect job.

Not only had he bought time for the Mount Shu Sect to recuperate, but he had also successfully diverted the focus of the conflict, and turned the tide in the most incredible manner in history. He had transformed from a butcher that everyone hated to the greatest sage the Brilliance Immortal Star Region had had in the past thousand years and made himself the moral example.

In the future, even if Li Mu knocked on a widow’s door in the dead of the night, others would not surmise that he was going to take advantage of the widow. Instead, they would think that Li Mu was really going to comfort the widow and talk about her dreams.

This was one of the good things about becoming a moral example.

Anyway, from this day on, whoever wanted to discredit, frame, or stand on the moral high ground to criticize Li Mu, would have to weigh their strength. Otherwise, they were likely to go for wool and come home shorn.

It could be said that Li Mu’s current status was sort of transcendent in the Brilliance Immortal Star Region.

Many people no longer cared much about his sinner identity.

The first stage of his plan that he had made before stepping into the universe had been completed. Now, he should move on to the second stage, which was to find the Ghost Cultivation Method as soon as possible.

The first thought that came to Li Mu was to purchase a couple of books on the Ghost Cultivation Methods, which could save him a lot of time and energy.

But after a thorough search, the result took Li Mu by surprise.

Even with his current silver VIP card, he couldn’t find any Ghost Cultivation Methods on the Immortal Net.

This was quite weird.

Therefore, the only way he had was to take Second Senior Fellow Apprentice and Ding Yi along with him to explore the Ghost Rally Star in person.

But to their surprise, there was no Star Posthouse within a radius of a million miles around the Ghost Rally Star. Nor could they directly land on that planet through any Teleportation Deployment.

Hence, after thinking things over, Li Mu had no choice but to once again rent a space shuttle and cross the void to get to the Ghost Rally Star.

The planet closest to the Ghost Rally Star was a sixth-class star called the Opposite Bank Star. There were several Interstellar docks on it. One could find space shuttles of all sizes and types to be rented there, including the long-distance kind that could fly tens of millions of miles after getting a one-time supply.

However, when renting the space shuttle, Li Mu encountered some small difficulties.

Hearing that the three were heading for the Ghost Rally Star, most boatmen and captains turned pale at once. No matter how high the payment Li Mu offered, they just shook their heads and refused.

“That planet is where the dead gather, a forbidden place for the living. Once a living person enters, there is no way for him to come back alive.”

Some kind-hearted people cautioned Li Mu.

They told him that the Ghost Rally Star was extremely dangerous.

In the end, a medium-sized space shuttle named “Sword of Freedom” accepted Li Mu’s offer and set off from the number one dock of the Opposite Bank Star, sailing into the vast universe and heading for dangerous Ghost Rally Star.

The captain of the Sword of Freedom was surnamed Shan, and his name was Tian. He was a lineal member of the Shan family, the most powerful family on the Opposite Bank Star. He was a generous and hearty middle-aged man, tall and strong, with thick eyebrows and big eyes. At a glance, one could tell that he was an uncalculating and sentimental person who had earned the support of a large number of loyal fellows.

“If it weren’t for the fact that you’re Li Mu, I wouldn’t have taken this deal.” Shan Tian laughed and said with deep admiration, “But you’re Li Mu, the Wild Broadsword. So, no matter how dangerous it is, I’ll send you to the place you want to go.”

Li Mu didn’t expect that the little bit of fame he had just gained could be “cashed” in such a short time.

His vanity was greatly satisfied.

He felt like he had become a star.

After saying hello to Li Mu and the other, the captain named Shan Tian went straight to the operator cabin to drive the space shuttle in person.

The route to the Ghost Rally Star was full of dangers. Even the most experienced interstellar sailors did not dare to be careless.

On the deck.

“Sect Master, since you were the one who shot that video, why didn’t you release that video of the Water Mirror Technique from the very beginning? If you did, you wouldn’t have been trashed for so long, would you?”

Ding Yi asked the question that had baffled him for a long time.

Before Li Mu could say anything, Second Senior Fellow Apprentice shot him a you-are-still-too-naive look and gave him the answer.

“Seems that you still don’t know half about our Sect Master’s cunning tricks. Think about it. If he released the water mirror from the beginning, would those stupid cultivators frenetically repent and feverishly admire and worship him like this?” Second Senior Fellow Apprentice said.

Having heard those words, Ding Yi put on a thoughtful look.

Second Senior Fellow Apprentice heaved with a sigh and said, “To be honest, Sect Master, you are really an expert in playing mind games. I, Old Zhu, have to give you a big credit for your tricks.”

Li Mu smiled but didn’t say anything.

What trick was he talking about?

This was simply a fortunate coincidence, okay?

Li Mu had been locked up in the furnace and refined for 49 days. During that time, he had no idea what had happened outside, nor did he know how Mu Shun had framed him. That was how things turned out like this...

However, Li Mu would not reveal the truth.

All he needed to do was quietly reap the benefits of others’ worship.

Half a day later.

They approached the Ghost Rally Star.

In the space ahead, wisps of eerie aura were flowing. When Li Mu opened his Third Eye and saw that in the dark universe, there was a strange, thin, nebula-like mist floating up and down. This thin, black mist was emitting the smell of death.

“Ahead is the area within 100,000 miles of the Ghost Rally Star. Everyone, be on alert.”

Shan Tian’s voice came out.

After hearing that remark, for some reason, everyone felt that they were suddenly surrounded by a ghostly aura, or the moans and sobbing of the dead, which kept lingering in their ears. Suddenly, there was a sense of gloom hovering in the surrounding universe.

“The Yin Qi is extremely thick here!”

These words popped up in Li Mu’s mind.

It was the old faker’s pet phrase back on Earth.

Every time the old faker was hired to practice geomancy in one’s house or help choose a good location to build houses, he always made such a remark. Then, the master of the family would be so scared that he would hurriedly offer him more money and beg him to repel the foreboding Yin Qi.

At that time, Li Mu very much despised the old faker’s lame trickery.

But now, he started to believe that perhaps the old faker was just telling the fact.

The ways the old faker drew talismans, wielded wooden swords, suppressed evil spirits, and dispersed the Yin Qi after he made such a remark emerged in Li Mu’s head one after another.

He began to see things from a different angle.

As the “Sword of Freedom” gradually went deep into the area of the Hundred Ghosts Star, the inky mist in the void of the universe gradually became dense, while the Spiritual Qi of heaven and earth gradually became sparse, showing a growing trend.

This kind of inky mist made Ding Yi and Second Senior Fellow Apprentice quite uncomfortable.

Second Senior Fellow Apprentice was particularly ill at ease. He wanted to say something but stopped on second thought. It appeared that he had thought of something in the past that put him on edge, but he forced himself to hold it back and did not say anything to Li Mu.

The speed of the space shuttle was very fast.

Li Mu stood on the deck and carefully observed the inky mist.

Soon, he found that this kind of mist was not evenly distributed but drifted at random. Some areas were as dark as ink, whereas, some were relatively light. Shan Tian, who was driving the Sword of Freedom, had very experiencedly led the shuttle to circumvent these dark areas and only travel in the relatively light areas with thinner inky mist.

As the space shuttle headed forward, every now and then, some sharp meteorites abruptly pop out of the inky mist. Just like the hidden reefs in the sea, the meteorites posed a great threat to the space shuttle.

Li Mu now understood why many captains and sailors did not want to come to this area.

Just these sharp meteorites that could abruptly stand in the way alone was enough to jeopardize any space shuttle. The trip was too dangerous. If not careful, the ship might be wrecked and the people on it might die.

The further the space shuttle sailed, the more the hidden reefs were.

Along the way, the hidden meteorites were getting bigger and bigger. At last, some was even as large as hills. The space shuttle was weaving through these colossal meteorites as if it was traveling in a gorge so thin that from there only a strip of the sky could be seen. The journey was indeed thrilling.

“In this area, the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth is quite messy, and the Law of Space is in disorder. Thus, this area can’t hold a functional Teleportation Deployment. Except for those powerful figures with incredibly strong physical strength and Divine Consciousness, regular cultivators can only rely on some flying Magic Treasures or space shuttle to get here if they want to.”

Soon, the Sword of Freedom came to a halt.

Shan Tian appeared beside Li Mu.

He explained that the route ahead was only open at a specific time. So, the space shuttle had to stop here and wait for some time.

“There are about 5,000 miles to go before we get to the furthest place this space shuttle can reach. Wild Broadsword, when we get there, please carefully observe the environment and think about whether you really need to land on the Ghost Rally Star. If you insist to continue the journey, you will have to do it on your own.”

In a very tactful way, Shan Tian tried to talk Li Mu out of it.

Li Mu nodded and said, “Thank you for your kindness, Brother Shan. I know what I’m doing.”

He hadn’t really planned to put himself in danger. If he later found that it could not be achieved, he would give up then. As for the Ghost Cultivation Methods, he could have to think of other ways to get some.

Li Mu had been secretly observing the surroundings the whole time. With the help of his Third Eye, he did find something that others might never notice.

In fact, Li Mu had secretly performed a little experiment and found that some of the old faker’s means could work wonders here.

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