The Devil's Sleeping Beauty

Chapter 264 - Spider Lily
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Chapter 264 - Spider Lily

During the same night where Lu Xingyan was kidnapped...

Lu Weichun woke up thanks to the alarm coming from both hers and her sister’s phones. Although when she woke up, she didn’t see her sister in the room. She only saw a note that said she was heading out to buy food.

The older twin began studying ahead while she waited but for some reason, she suddenly felt panicked inside as her twintuition kicked in. Why was she feeling so panicked? She couldn’t concentrate at all and so she decided to go to the convenience store just to pick up her sister there. She couldn’t contact her since she left her phone.

Surprisingly, on her way, Lu Weichun found her sister’s wallet and bags of paper bags lying on the ground. From the looks of it, it was just recent. Something terrible happened to her sister!

She looked around, trying to check if there were any cars but there were none. She didn’t delay anymore and contacted her brother, Lu Mello.

"Hello?" Her brother’s groggy voice was heard on the other line, obviously because he was woken up by her call.

"Gege! I need your help! Xiao Xing’s in danger!" She exclaimed in panic.

"W-what?!" He stuttered. The sleepiness instantly left him. "What do you mean in danger?" He sounded so alarmed.

"I found her wallet on the street and even the food she bought for us. I’m sure Xiao Xing’s in danger! My twintuition says so!"

"Xiao Chun, listen carefully. Go back to your apartment and wait for me, okay? Don’t look for Xiao Xing by yourself." He instructed.

"Please hurry, gege!"

And so, Lu Weichun obeyed her brother and waited for him back at the apartment. When he arrived, they both went back to the scene where the older twin found her sister’s things.

Lu Mello scanned the area and found a surveillance camera nearby. He didn’t care about the time and contacted their parents to which their parents arrived shortly at the place.

Thanks to their father, they were able to go and check on the surveillance, and there, they saw Lu Xingyan being captured by men in masks. The van they had didn’t have a license plate which made things harder for them. They had to contact Li Bingbing but even with her skills, it was hard to follow the van that had Lu Xingyan since she believed they changed their vehicle on the midway. The people they were dealing with were experts, they knew what they were doing and they could have possibly done it multiple times... At least that was according to how Nian Jiezhen saw it when she was inquired by the Lu family through call.

"Chun’er, leave this to us," said her mother, Xia Meilin as she gave her a cup of warm milk but when she saw her daughter’s trembling hands, she placed the mug on the coffee table instead.

They were the only ones left in the apartment while Lu Yifeng and Lu Mello were out. Even if they wanted to help, they couldn’t do anything. They could only leave the situation to the head of the family and the people that they asked help.

"Don’t you still have an exam tomorrow?" Her mother sat beside her and gently held both of her hands, stroking the back of it with her thumbs. Even if Xia Meilin was panicking inside, she had to stay strong and act calm for her other children. Panicking wouldn’t help anyone. She was worried as hell but she had to hold back and accompany her other daughter, help her relax.

"But mom... I don’t think I can focus on the exam..." Even her body was shaking. She was holding back her tears. "I-I should have gone with her... I could have protected her... T-this is my fault..." She murmured, stuttering.

"Sweetheart, this is not your fault..." Xia Meilin released her hands just so she could cup her daughter’s face this time. She gently, slowly made her look at her. "This is not your fault, okay? It’s not Xiao Xing’s fault too. We didn’t know that there were bad people after her. You don’t have to worry, okay? I’m pretty sure your father will be able to find your sister soon. Your aunt Bingbing and uncle Xian Yu are helping too you know." She reassured her. She used her thumb to wipe the tears that formed on the side of her daughter’s eyes.

"I-I’m sorry, mom..." Lu Xingyan leaned to embrace her mother like how she did when she was little.

"It’s not your fault, sweetie..." Xia Meilin whispered with a soothing tone in her voice, her hand caressing her daughter’s back as she hugged her back, comforting her as best as she could. She was her children’s pillar right now that was why she shouldn’t break down in front of them no matter what.


Meanwhile, Lu Yifeng ordered his men to spread out in the city just to find his youngest daughter while Li Bingbing and Lu Xian Yu used their connection to ask other people they knew. They tried to list the possible people who were bold enough to go against the Lu family. Ever since Lu Xian Yu received the gold card that was given by the Wolf king to his daughter, those who were after them came to stop. The Lu family was under the protection of the King in the Azure Republic, no one would dare to go against the powerful king of the underworld. Messing with the Lu family was a mistake. The only people who were bold enough to do this were either stupid or smart to go unnoticed.

Qin Bai’s Apartment...

"What?! Spider Lily has escaped?!" A man’s voice was heard loudly at the other line.

"Yes. My undercover has been exposed." Qin Bai confirmed. "She also took Lu Xingyan with her... The Lu family’s out looking for her too..." He trailed off. They were trying their best to keep the situation away from other’s eyes and yet it ended up getting big. They never expected that Spider Lily who was also known as Teacher Yan would use the Lu family as a shield. She truly was terrifying. She was the only person brave enough to go against a family who was under the protection of their king.

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