The Dawn Of The New World

Chapter 1252 Rufaga!
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Hao Xuan could feel his many wounds healing and the spiritual energy recovering but, even with both swine demons combined the demonic energy was not anywhere close to what he got from the soul-shifting demon.

And a moment later when the swine demon was absorbed down to the last molecule it became apparent why.

"No ruby again," he mumbled staring at the empty ground.

"I think I understand why though. Both of these felt different. It felt like I was sipping on warm water this time rather than the spicy beverage that was the soul-shifting demon. These ones were inherently foreign, almost like a completely different species."

"It has to be either a specific type of demon that drops the rubies or a demon of a certain level...maybe above a certain age? These ones were not only weak but the degree of demonic energies within their bodies was also exponentially lower."

"If the red ruby was really the demonic core then it stands to reason that there would be similar requirements to the beast cores."

Even though Hao Xuan did not get a ruby from this experiment it still proved to be useful since it cleared up or confirmed many of his hypotheses. π’‡πš›eπ—²π˜Έeπš‹π‘›oπ˜ƒπ™šπ’. cΰ«¦π’Ž




Hao Xuan's eye twitched from the constant beeping going off in the back of his mind and finally he couldn't take it anymore.

"What?! What the fuck is so important?! Just say it!"

Following another beep the minimap expanded to cover almost half his vision.



His attention was immediately seized by the rather bright dot standing practically next to where he was supposed to be.

The world fell silent as his senses kicked into high gear. He looked over his shoulder to the right where the dot was supposed to be but his line of sight was obstructed.

'Is it behind the flesh mound?' Hao Xuan thought inwardly because that was all he could see.

'Maybe it hasn't noticed me and I can leave quietly,' was his first thought but the moment he turned around the sound of bells rang loudly in the surroundings freezing him on the spot.

He grunted inwardly trying to move his body but the only thing he could still control was his head and even that movement was greatly reduced.

'Hng! What's going on?!'

Hao Xuan tried to channel the Chaos Qi throughout his body but it was as if it wasn't there at all. But what was even more shocking was that neither could the Chaos Law be invoked.

He tried to close his eyes to enter the Mind Palace as a last resort but that did not happen either.

"What...the going on?!" he muttered laboriously since even something as simple as breathing was becoming a chore.

He had completely lost control of his body.

Summoning every iota of strength at his disposal he tried to make one final push but it was akin to picking up water with a sieve. It was just passing through him without pause.

Lowering his head as much as he could, Hao Xuan tried to get a better look at his body and finally noticed the exorbitant amounts of black particles sticking to his clothes and skin.

They were almost weightless and if he wasn't directly looking at them there was a good chance he would miss them entirely.


The sound of bells came again, this time from somewhere much closer. He looked over towards the source with some effort and saw the Capra Demon coming around the corner.

The hollow bone spear it was holding had three small skulls hanging just below its blade, tied together by a thin leather belt. Judging by the size and appearance the skulls belonged to human infants of different ages, but none older than 6 months.

There was a dim red light shining within each of those skulls and every time they moved the sound of bells came from within.

The Capra demon's black rectangular goat eyes were staring at Hao Xuan with unconcealed rage as it pointed at him with one hand while screaming.

"Hudkde geura bishyula rey!"

Hao Xuan couldn't understand what language it was speaking but at this moment he didn't need to. It was pretty obvious what it wanted.

It walked over to him and stopped at the side where the larger swine beast was killed.

"Rufaga huesjs juaerya liauem!"

It howled while slapping its head and repeatedly slamming the spear on the ground in dismay.

If one didn't know any better one would think it was actually mourning the death of the swine beast. Although the real reason became quite obvious a second later when it stood on its hoofs and poked Hao Xuan in the chest while shouting "Tusk!" in the native language.

But despite the sudden developments Hao Xuan's eyes were locked on the three skulls tied to the bone spear. Being this close he could feel the rotten demonic energy drifting over to him.

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