The Dawn Of The New World

Chapter 1015 - Smoky Boy
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Chapter 1015 - Smoky Boy

Behind the gate Jin Wang was so engrossed in their conversation that he could not stop listening in even if he wanted to. This was all new information to him.

The last time he was walking the mortal planes there was no alliance called the "Republic". In fact he hadn't even heard of it within the Origin Planets but maybe that was done on purpose.

But he did know a bit about the Chaos and the ones who served it. The Chaos Lords of old were infamous in every era. They were known for their disregard for other great powers, even of other Chaos Lords.

They were arrogant, haughty, ruthless, and shrouded in mystery but back then such was the norm and they weren't considered any more evil than those that called themselves warriors of justice.

'Although I have never come across any known chaos users, they still weren't outcasts like this. What happened since the last era?'

But despite his own misgivings about the accuracy of such information Jin Wang continued eavesdropping.

Dima paused for a brief moment to let Lady Natalia absorb all the knowledge. She spoke up after a short moment of contemplation.

"The forgotten this place really it? How can you know for sure?"

"Before my brother passed on he give a detailed description of an object that matches this artifact. My father and elders of the family used numerous resources and called multiple individuals that were blessed with the gift of foresight."

"After a long and arduous process that took a great many lives, those that remained saw a single shared vision and it was of this world. So with the help of the Church of the Sacred Light, we 'divined' some other information like where it was and when it would appear."

"We still don't know exactly what it has to do with the son of chaos but there is definitely a connection. He wouldn't have mentioned it otherwise. And you know everything that's happened after that. It turned out this world was anything but simple and the more we looked into it the more peculiarities we found."

"This neverending underground structure, the ruins from multiple eras and the strangest part is that so many powers from the Greater World have their mouthpieces here."

"So far we have an actual Inquisitor that apparently came on some completely different business. He can be considered an agent of the High Heavens themselves. "

"I have had reports of demonic creatures and lower demons appearing here and there randomly which is concerning but only a prelude to something far worse."

"Then there is Xue Meng whose mysterious background is overshadowed only by his overwhelming strength. If I am not wrong he is someone from the Temple of War which as you know, is the oldest organization in existence."

"Then there are you and I, the representatives of the newer generation of the Church and the Republic respectively. Other than the Abyss and the Void tribes we have people from every sector of the active universe."

Dima again walked up to the door and brushed his fingers against its cold exterior. His voice fell to a whisper.

"The more I see the more concerned I become. This place-"

He suddenly froze mid-sentence.

Lady Natalia came closer, "What?"

He turned, grabbed her by the arm and started dragging her away.

"Nothing at all. I think we have seen enough. Let us return and come back later to explore."

"What?! Why? We're already here and you haven't even looked around for-"

She finally caught up to what Dima was signaling at but it was already too late. Jin Wang stepped out from behind the door and quickly snapped his fingers.

"Tch tch tch, I was found out much earlier than expected but...I'm sorry kiddos, I can't let you leave just yet."

The moment he finished speaking a white smoke burst out from the eight candles he had thrown out earlier. It surrounded all of them and created eight walls out of white smoke that forced them towards the center.

Lady Natalia waved her hands to summon her mace and greatshield but nothing happened. The space had been locked down.

Sparks flew from her armor as close to a hundred different runes lit up all at once. It created a barrier around the seven of them as they glared at Jin Wang warily.

"I can't summon my weapons," she warned the others.

One of the four that was following behind them dressed in grey moving armor brought his hands together to create a circle. He grit his teeth trying to pour all his energy into the skill but could not gather even an iota of Qi.

"I can't use my ability either young master," he whispered into Dima's ear.

He was about to say something when Lady Natalia suddenly shouted an order first.

"It's only one person, rush him quick!"


Dima tried to warn her but the moment her barrier came down a smile bloomed on Jin Wang's face.

"One thing you can count on the youth for is to be reckless. Ah, to be young~"

He snapped his fingers again and tendrils of smoke shot out from the surrounding walls and dragged four of them away.

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