The Dawn Of The New World

Chapter 1014 - The Son Of-
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Chapter 1014 - The Son Of-

"Similarly, the spectrum of powers that can be derived from the Primordial Spark can be a great many but the majority of the people are only attuned to specific powers. Meaning if a being can use fire attributed abilities they usually cannot use its counterpart which lies on the other end of the spectrum from it."

"It will help if you think of the Primordial Spark as an infinitely small object in the shape of a coin. The coin is further segmented into the outer layer, the middle layer, the inner layer, and finally the center."

"Now the further one gets from the center of the coin the more exotic and specific the powers and abilities become. The ones on the 'outer layer' are extremely strong and unique, but even more specific in their scope."

"The vast majority of the populace usually lies somewhere on the middle layer of the coin. Usually being the keyword here."

"The ones who fall on the outer layer are considered to be outliers. They are rare and considered to be freaks of nature in some shape or form."

"The ones who fall in the middle layer are the norm, while those that are in the inner layer are sought after geniuses.

"This is because they are still a step away from the center so as not to have their minds swayed while still harboring great potential and a lot of options to choose from among the powers."

"Under normal circumstances it is quite a difficult task to judge whether a power is good or bad since it wholly depends on the user but, as always there are exceptions to the rule, two to be exact. And those are the handful of individuals that are so close to the Primordial Spark that they are said to be standing on the very 'center' of the supposed coin, a place no being whether mortal or divine should ever trespass."

"These beings are either only good or bad, there is no in-between. The righteous ones utilize the 'Order' of the universe and bring unity wherever they go, while the wicked ones fall to the side of 'Chaos'. The only similarity they have with one another is that both have a wide scope of abilities at their disposal."

"We know that those who are attuned to the 'order' or the light side of the spark will predominantly present with a relatively righteous or virtuous standing for others while those more attuned with the Chaos incite fear and confusion."

"The Chaos grants its users absolute power, oftentimes more than they can handle but at great cost. It corrupts their souls and twists their minds, torturing them every waking moment of their usually short-lived lives. Most will burn themselves out, others will fall to even darker forces of Hell. In fact, many Greater Devils grant innocent souls the power of Chaos as a tool for corruption, since it is the easiest and fastest path to damnation."

"It is a power many consider to be unnatural and archaic. Even during the few years the servants of Chaos can be seen walking the mortal planes they wreak havoc wherever they go. They are walking, talking calamities."

When he finished Dima's expression had become twisted. His brow was locked in a tight frown that made him look like a fiend. And when he turned around to face Lady Natalia even she was startled by his countenance.

"Any servant of Chaos must be killed before it awakens to the true extent of its power. That is the sole rule of the Republic!"

Lady Natalia swallowed a mouthful of saliva to wet her parched throat.

"W-What does that have to do with this artifact?"

Dima saw the apprehension in Lady Natalia's eyes and swiftly returned his face back to normal.

"My apologies, I showed you an unsightly side of me," he cleared his throat before continuing.

"Approximately two years ago there was a very irregular event, a double awakening which is exceptionally rare. It happens when two beings view the Primordial spark at around the same time and are able to feel one another for a short period of time."

"It was someone from the Origin Planets who had found the Primordial Spark, in fact, they had touched it, stood at the very center and peered at all of creation."

"At first we were overjoyed because the other person who was part of the double awakening was my own older brother. He had awakened around the same time and felt a connection to this person so we naturally assumed they were both walking on the righteous path of 'Order' but over time it became obvious that was not the case."

"My brother started to become weaker and weaker in the coming months. He began seeing things, terrible things that were going to happen in the not-so-distant future, glimpses of a dark fate. He said it was the Primordial Spark itself speaking through him, warning them of the upcoming calamities."

"In the entire 'recorded' history of the Republic that was the first time something like this had happened. Reports came from across the nine worlds of similar incidents where the Primordial Spark reached out to many others who walked the righteous path. They all warned of the same thing."

"An existence so terrible that it was hailed as the greatest calamity of this era was trying to come into being. I can still remember my brother's last words to me. He could barely breathe but still forced himself to warn me."

"The Son of Chaos will be birthed in the forgotten worlds. Stop it before it's too late!"

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