The Cursed Prince

Chapter 21 - We Are Making Babies **
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This chapter contains an explicit sex scene. Please read at your own discretion.



Mars got so excited when he entered Emmelyn from behind like this. His penis could go even deeper than before. Ahhh ... really, the pleasure he felt earlier, now became twofold.

He immediately decided that this was his favorite position. It just felt soooo good!

The man was filled with desire as he pumped deeply with regular motion. He initially grabbed Emmelyn's hips with both hands to keep her balance while he was doing her from behind, but the view he saw with his sharp vision was just too alluring, he almost drooled.

Emmelyn's back was beautiful. All her curves were displayed perfectly and her hair fell to the sides. Her plump breasts also bounced sexily every time their body moved together in rhythm.

This was perfection. From the sounds that Emmelyn was making, Mars could tell that she was also enjoying a greater pleasure than before.

Being filled up from this position was the best as her body could take him deeper. Now, they were one, completely.

Emmelyn was so high in cloud nine that she couldn't even call his name anymore. Every time Mars's rockhard manhood rammed her, Emmelyn would let out her sexy moan. Her breath was panting, and she no longer cared about her surroundings.

The two humans who just discovered the pleasure of sexual intercourse were brought to seventh heaven together.

This is amazing, and it's only the second position, Mars thought. There was so much to discover!

His cousins told him about several other positions, and he was so eager to try them all. Ahhh.. luckily they had all night. He and Emmelyn could try them one by one.

"Aaaahhh ...." Emmelyn's scream broke the night when she got her next orgasm after Mars plowed her from that position for several minutes. She couldn't take it anymore. She reached the peak faster than before because Mars' penis went all the way in and reached her womb.

The moans let out by the two could be heard clearly through the door and gave the soldiers keeping guard outside a vivid imagination of how intense the lovemaking between the prince and his woman was.

Now, with Emmelyn's shamelessly screaming, as she had her third orgasm, the soldiers looked at each other and swallowed hard.

Gosh! On a cold autumn night like this, their desire was awoken by the performance from inside the chamber, without having the means to vent it.

What a lucky prince! He was having all the fun while his soldiers were fighting blue balls.

They had never seen Prince Mars sleep with any woman before. They almost thought the crown prince was not attracted to the opposite sex. Moreover, he had this reputation as a woman-hater.

However, now, when they heard how hot the prince's sexual activity inside his chamber was, the soldiers could only keep their jealousy to themselves.

"Uhmm .. I'm feeling so thirsty. I'm going to the kitchen to get a drink," said a soldier whose face had turned red. His three friends just nodded in understanding.

They knew it must be just an excuse to leave this place, but they didn't say anything.

It would be hard for any normal man to endure such a passionate sex show behind the door without doing anything. They understood, because they also experienced the same thing.

"I want to pee," said the second soldier, as he rose to his feet and went away too.

Now, there were only two soldiers left. They tried to endure the suffering together.

Meanwhile, in his chamber, Mars was trying the third position after Emmelyn lay limply in bed due to the orgasm she experienced. Her core was wet, and her body trembled slightly.

Mars lay behind her and hugged her waist. He raised Emmelyn's hip a little and pushed his penis from the side, then he lowered her thigh so it pressed his manhood as he started pumping.

Ohhh..... he bit his lip and let out a moan as he felt so much pleasure engulfing his lower body.

Not only did his penis enjoy the warm and wet honeypot, but with this position, Emmelyn's thighs clamped together made her core feel so much tighter than before. His manhood was throbbing as he thrust in and out of her fold excitedly.

Meanwhile, Emmelyn, who was slowly recovering from her euphoria, began to feel her lower body being aroused again as Mars's penis plowed in regular motion.

[Shameless bastard. Won't you let me rest for a bit?]

Emmelyn could only complain inwardly. It's not that she didn't like having orgasm after orgasm due to the devil's work, but she felt tired from the constant stimulation and being sent to the peak many times.

Before she had time to protest, Mars's naughty hands had slipped and kneaded her breasts.

Oh, God....!!! Emmelyn moaned again when her sensitive breasts were gently squeezed, and her nipples were pampered by this bastard's fingers, and her core was pumped faster..

and faster...

and faster...

Aaaahhhhhhh ...

The girl's coyish scream broke the night again.

This time, the two soldiers who remained standing guard at the door couldn't take it anymore. They walked out of the front door without saying anything and went out to cool off with the outside air.

When Emmelyn had her fourth orgasm, she clutched her nails to Mars's arm and grumbled.

"Ahhh ... Bastard.. why won't you let me rest ..." she scolded him between her moans.

Mars, who was enjoying his work, soon realized that this was their first sexual intercourse and Emmelyn was not used to it. He was too excited because he had been curious about how it was like to have sex with women for so long, and suddenly he got the opportunity.

Ahh ... alright .. He shouldn't go all out tonight. They still had plenty of time to do it tomorrow and the day after. And the day after...

The top priority now was to make sure that this first baby-making work was a success.

With that in mind, he accelerated his movements and pumped her again for a few minutes. Emmelyn, who just had her fourth orgasm, could only let out a really long moan as Mars gave her the final pleasure. It was even more intense than before.

When the girl arched her back as she reached the peak, Mars released his seeds in her womb. He hugged Emmelyn's body tightly as he got his release and moaned with pleasure.

His body was covered in sweat, so was Emmelyn's, and the whole room was filled with the scent of lovemaking.

Their bodies trembled for a moment before becoming limp and still.

Their panting slowly subsided and finally, their breathing was back to normal. Mars was still hugging Emmelyn with one arm as he took the blanket from the side with his free hand and wrapped it around their bodies.

"Good night," he whispered, kissing Emmelyn's hair and closing his eyes.

Emmelyn, who had fully regained her senses from the euphoria of their lovemaking, furrowed her brows.

"Hey .. why don't you pull it out?" whispered the girl in protest.

"Hmm ..." Mars' voice sounded sleepy as he answered. "We're working on making babies. If I pulled out, there might be no babies.."




From the author:

*fanning myself* pfew... finally, they did the deed in three chapters.

As most of you requested no. 1, steamy and detailed sex scene, I could only oblige. ^^

Hope you like the devil and Emmelyn's first sexual intercourse. I am sure they will have a lot more to discover. And as they made the discoveries, we will snoop more in the future.

Btw, now that I think of it, I really have a penchant for writing about people with trouble sleeping.. hehehe. In my other books, a lot of the main characters couldn't sleep well.


Prince Therius from "Finding Stardust" could only sleep 5 hours every day, Prince Renald Hanenberg from "The Prince Who Cannot Fall In Love" has to take a medication just to get decent sleep, etc, and now Prince Mars Strongmoor too...

Maybe it's because I'm having severe insomnia myself, I know how hard it is to be in their position so I could sympathize with them.

With that said, I better sleep now. It's 5 am in my place. I hope you enjoy this chapter.

Don't forget to support this book with your power stones. I hope you would be patient. I will try to publish chapters for this book as often as possible. Wish me luck in catching good sleep (and maybe grow extra hands to write).

I think I can publish more chapters (maybe even 2 chapters per day) in December. I am currently very busy in November because three of my other books join the Win-Win Event, so I have to update them every day.

Oh... if you would be so kind as to support my other books in that event, you would make me soooo happy. You can support me by purchasing the privilege in those books. The first tier is only 1 coin.

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