The Crippled Boss Loves Me

Chapter 724 - 724 Try It too, Madam
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724 Try It too, Madam

Qiao Xi’s heartbeat instantly sped up, and her eyelashes trembled a few times.”Can… can I?” Could she eat the noodles cooked by Ji Yan? Could she really do it? Even though she was only eating Shen Hanxing’s unfinished noodles, she was still very excited. Her heart was beating so fast that it felt like it was about to jump out of her chest. She stuttered as she was afraid that she would agree too quickly and appear impatient. At the same time, she was afraid that if she was too happy, others would see through her dirty thoughts. She was even more afraid that it was all an illusion on her ned.

“Of course…” Shen Hanxing chuckled. When she thought of how nervous Qiao Xi was when she was facing Ji Yan, she was about to get up and pull her over.

“Madam.” Just then, Ji Yan grabbed Shen Hanxing’s wrist and stopped her. He looked at Qiao Xi with his dark eyes. “I’m not good at cooking, so I won’t embarrass myself. Miss Qiao Xi, you can prepare whatever you want to eat. I’m a little hungry, so please leave that bowl of noodles for me.”

He had clearly said that he wouldn’t eat it just now… Shen Hanxing raised her brows and glanced at Ji Yan. She did not expose his lie, but smiled apologetically at Qiao Xi, “I saw some mini wonton in the fridge prepared by Sister Chen. Do you want a bowl, Qiao Xi?”


Qiao Xi’s face turned even paler. She lowered her head and bit her lip. For a moment, she couldn’t tell if she was more disappointed or if she had other emotions. Her eyes were filled with complicated feelings, and she clenched her cup for a long time before shaking her head. “No, I’m not hungry.” As she said that, she curled her lips in a self-deprecating manner. How could a person like her dream of developing a relationship with Ji Yan? She was simply a toad lusting after a swan’s meat. How could she be worthy?

“I’m feeling a little sleepy.” Qiao Xi’s face was pale as she turned and hurried upstairs, only saying, “Mrs. Ji, President Ji, you two take your time to eat. I’ll go to bed first. You two rest early too.”

Shen Hanxing watched in shock as Qiao Xi’s nightgown disappeared up the stairwell. She pursed her lips and said, “Qiao Xi hasn’t poured any water yet, has she?”

“Maybe she was too tired and forgot to drink water.” Ji Yan responded nonchalantly, looking as if he didn’t care at all. He stood up and brought the remaining bowl of noodles over. When he saw Shen Hanxing’s pensive expression, he tapped the table lightly with his fingertips. “Madam, am I not enough for you to focus on even when I’m here?” There was a hint of unhappiness in his eyes, and dark emotions surged. He really hated it when others tried to distract her attention. It was not easy to have such alone time, yet there was still someone irrelevant to distract her attention. He hoped that she could keep looking at him, her mind and eyes full of him, and not spare a single bit of attention to others.

“I think there’s something wrong with Qiao Xi.” Sensing Ji Yan’s displeasure, Shen Hanxing smiled at him ingratiatingly and said, “Qiao Xi is sensitive and is used to keeping everything to herself. I’m afraid that she’ll be stuck in a dead end. Qiao Xi could finally become much more cheerful after joining Starry Foundation, so why does she seem to have other thoughts now?”

“Qiao Xi is already an adult now and can take charge of her own life.” Ji Yan said coldly, his eyes slightly cold. “Madam, you’ve already helped her a lot. Don’t tell me you’re going to keep helping her walk forward?” He suddenly propped himself up and enveloped Shen Hanxing in his tall and broad figure. His large palm lifted her chin gently but domineeringly, and his cold eyes were full of restraint. “Rather than spend so much effort in caring about others, Madam might as well look at me more.”

In reality, the scene before them was not considered a waste. In front of them was the dining table, and there were two bowls of unfinished noodles on it. Other than the pleasant smell of each other’s body, they could also smell the faint smell of oil and smoke in the kitchen. It was this smell of smoke that made Shen Hanxing feel a sense of gentleness and stable happiness.

“Why does it taste so sour?” Shen Hanxing raised her brows and her red lips curved into a sly smile. She pretended to be ignorant and wrinkled her nose. “Mr. Ji, don’t you smell something sour here? Did someone overturn the vinegar jar?” She was only concerned about Qiao Xi for a moment, why was Ji Yan so jealous to this extent? Who would have thought that a man who looked distant and cold on the surface was actually so petty?

“Not only did I knock over the vinegar jar, I even moved the vinegar factory here!” Ji Yan gritted his teeth, but there was nothing he could do about Shen Hanxing. He lowered his head and kissed her red lips, saying in a dissatisfied voice, “It’s an old vinegar. Madam, come and have a taste.”

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