The Chronicles of the Immortal God

Chapter 15: Xiao Meng
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Chapter 15: Xiao Meng

“You shut up!” Even though this assassin tried to kill Feng Zun, Xiao Ya still has sympathy to her as a woman. “Stop roving your hands on her body, she only have that shadow dagger and you are aggravating her injuries!” Xiao Ya was pissed upon seeing Wang Hao’s hands roving about the assassin’s curves.

Her killing intent focused on Wang Hao, who seemed to be oblivious to what she said. Only when she increased her killing intent that Wang Hao responded.

Wang Hao sheepishly withdrew his naughty hands. “So what do we do with her now? Do we ‘interrogate’ her already? I can be of great help!” Wang Hao was not boasting this time. From his hazy memories, he can somewhat recall good ‘interrogation techniques.

With a guinea pig right in front of him now, he could hardly resist using these techniques!

“Piss off!” Xiao Ya snorted in disgust. “I’ll imprison her in my God Palace for now.” She waved her hands and the female assassin got sucked inside her God Palace. God Palaces were unique spatial pockets developed by demigods. It works the same way as Wang Hao’s spatial pocket. The equivalent of it for the immortals was their Immortal Mansion.

“Do not let any news of this attack leak out from here. We must gain the initiative and gather information about the situation before the enemy realizes it. I trust you in this, Grandpa Chen.” The butler bowed to Xiao Ya and said, “It shall be done” He then sauntered away like a true butler should be.

“Are you ok, brother Zun?” Feng Zun stood up and said “Of course I am ok, even if you did not help I am sure I can brute force my way out!” Even though Feng Zun said that confidently, he himself felt that if not for Xiao Ya’s help, he could be dead already. But of course his so called ‘pride’ will not allow him to yield to his sister-in-law.

“Is it really the time to say such things? Sister Xiao Meng is already awake you know.” Please talk to her well.” Before Feng Zun could even retort Xiao Ya teleported back to her room. Once she arrived, she saw Fang Yu lying on the sofa. Fang Yu just lay still there, seemingly shaken.

Fang Yu was also Fang Lin, so she also felt the same sense of defeat from not being smart enough.

“Aren’t I cool Fang Yu?” Xiao Ya bragged as she sat beside Fang Yu, deliberately making their bodies touch together. She smiled a little when she heard Fang Yu’s stifled gasp.

“Yeah, but Master Wang Hao’s ASS-assin pun really takes the cake.”

“One more word about you idolizing that pervert and I’ll push you into the meditation chambers.”

“Ok master.”

Even though Xiao Ya’s mood has been soured by that pervert, she was still quite happy considering that she had her own disciple now. She thought “Even that old bloke who I constantly beat up has to admit I also beat him in terms of charm! Up until now he still do not have any disciples!”

“After interrogating this assassin, we will immediately head back to the Immortal God Sect to introduce you to the other elders and the other Sect Head. So be prepared, but do not worry, with me here, nothing will happen to you.”

“Eh that fast? Wait, did you say other Sect Head? There are two Sect Heads?”

“Huh? My sect is the Immortal God Sect! How can it have just a sect head on the God path? It must also have an Immortal path sect head. Oh, mind you, he’s also at the Sixth Stage”. Now that Fang Yu contemplated it, what Xiao Ya said actually made some sense. If there’s only on type of Sect Head on a sect with both cultivations, it will be extremely unfair for the the other path. The two sect heads must exist there to bring balance.

“Then my Yang Persona and Master Wang Hao will go to the sect a month later? Hehehe, I must start preparing for the entrance examination as soon as I arrive in the sect. I am already the personal disciple of the sect head. Maybe I can know the rules ahead of time! Or I can reserve some slots already!” Of course Fang Yu did not dare to say that out loud out of fear of Xiao Ya restraining her.

Meanwhile in Xiao Meng’s room, Fang Lin smiled with the prospect of cheating the disciple selection when he noticed that Feng Zun, who was usually domineering, was slightly cowering in front of the person who was laid down on the bed. Gone were the emaciated skin, the tentacles and the pale pallor that covered Xiao Meng. What was in place was a beautiful woman who had similarities on the looks with Xiao Ya with the obvious difference that Xiao Meng looked really, really fierce. Her fierceness was also shown in the first sentence she uttered.

“You said you will be gentle earlier! What kind of penetration is that! You dumb f*ck, you almost ripped out my organs! In seems like the beating I gave you last time is not enough!”

“Ah I’m sorry my love! It won’t happen again! You know the circumstances right?”

“Circumstances my ass! Then you better prepare for what you will get from me when I recover!”


“Hahaha, the relationship of that two has always been like that since we were young” Meng Chao chuckled merrily. He looked at the stunned Fang Lin and the slightly peevish Wang Hao. “But do not be misguided by her actions, she really loves Feng Zun deep in her heart. She was just too shy to admit it.”

“It seems like you need some shaping up too Chao Chao!”

“I’m sorry, please forgive me!”

Wang Hao could just say in awe “Now that’s a legitimate Dominatrix! Though I did not expect that the almighty Daoist Sunderheart was actually Daoist ChokeMeHard!”

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