The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy

Chapter 37 - Your Brother Juexi is Standing Right Behind You Now
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Chapter 37: Your Brother Juexi is Standing Right Behind You Now

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

A fiery wave of flame burned furiously in Gu Juexi’s heart. It seemed that nothing had gone right for him recently and most importantly, he could no longer control Ye Yuwei. How annoying!

While Gu Juexi was still burning with anger, his phone rang. Looking at the caller ID, he subconsciously threw his phone away.

“Mr. Gu...” PA Wen tried to stop him but it was in vain.

Gu Juexi could not help but take a deep breath and picked up the phone again.

“Brother Juexi, thank you so much.” Yu Sha’er was extremely excited.

“What are you thank me for?” Gu Juexi frowned. What had he done?

This time, in the ward, Yu Sha’er was looking at Ye Yuwei, beaming in pride.

“Brother Juexi, you are too kind to me. Even though Mrs. Gu had hurt me many times, she is your wife after all. I know you do this for me but the paparazzi that you hired are disturbing Mrs. Gu. This is not good.”

Ye Yuwei closed her eyes, a dull humming in her head was killing her.

“The paparazzi went to Ye Yuwei’s ward?” Gu Juexi knitted his brow.

“Yeah, I know you did this to avenge me. In fact, I am all right. I just suffered some minor injuries. But Mrs. Gu’s injuries seem to be more serious.” Gu Juexi hung up before she could finish her last word. But Yu Sha’er did not stop and continued with her mushy talk. Choked with pride, she looked at Ye Yuwei and hung up the phone slowly.

“Ye Yuwei, look! What is so good being Mrs. Gu? Brother Juexi is sick of you. He hates you. Who do you think you are to fight with me?” Yu Sha’er snarled.

“Yu Sha’er, you feel insecure, don’t you? That is why you are here to show off.”

Bearing the pain in her head, Ye Yuwei slowly opened her eyes only to see Yu Sha’er standing before her.

“I feel insecure? Do I look like I feel insecure? Brother Juexi loves me. I am his one and only. I will be Mrs. Gu one day.” Yu Sha’er screamed as she looked down at Ye Yuwei.

“Yu Sha’er, do you know why he loves you so much, but does not divorce me and marry you?” Ye Yuwei looked at Yu Sha’er who was slowly approaching her. She waved at her again, signaling her to get closer.

“Why?” Yu Sha’er narrowed her eyes as she walked nearer.

Just as Yu Sha’er was standing by her bed, Ye Yuwei grabbed the glass on the table and poured the contents at her face. Yu Sha’er yelped and stepped back.

“Because you are stupid.” Calmly, Ye Yuwei placed the glass back on the table as she stared at the woman who was still screaming.

“Yu Sha’er, stop challenging me. Don’t tell me ‘I am straightforward. Please excuse my blunt remarks’. I have to tell you this. I am bad-tempered. Please excuse my misconduct. If you dare to fool around with me again. The thing on your face would definitely be sulfuric acid. There is nothing a notorious woman like me can’t do. You are most welcome to try.”

Ye Yuwei was not threatening her. Everything that she said was true.

“You wretched shrew!” Yu Sha’er stared angrily at Ye Yuwei. Her face was dripping wet.

“Watch yourself. Your Brother Juexi is standing right behind you.”

“Bitch! Don’t you dare lie to me again!” Yu Sha’er shouted as she raised her hand to slap Ye Yuwei.

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