The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy

Chapter 1955 - The Missing Seal
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Chapter 1955: The Missing Seal

Of course, Qian Yikun knew. Mo Fei had never been a kind person. He was also aware that this statement was Gu Juexi’s favorite.

Those people thought that Mo Fei was a country bumpkin. Only at the peak of their gleefulness was the time for Mo Fei to retaliate.

“What did they do? Did they cross your line?” Qian Yikun asked curiously. It was definitely different than the Mo Fei who was barely making it through the day before this.

Mo Fei lay on the sofa with her legs crossed as she stared at the ceiling. “I just suddenly find them irksome.”

What line did they cross?

After Mo Fei finished speaking, she supported her chin with one hand as she looked at Qian Yikun, who was not very distant from where she was. “If Ding Junchi is really behind Wu Biao’s death, then he really deserved to die.”

After all, Qian Yikun had not had a single moment of rest since the start of the year.

After all, Qian Yikun kept scolding her because of those pieces of sh*t!

She, Mo Fei, had always been a petty person.

Qian Yikun knew that he would not be getting an answer today. He lowered his head and looked at the time. It was almost time for their dinner to arrive.

“We can stay here tonight.” Qian Yikun invited her.

Mo Fei blinked innocently. “I’m still a child.”

Qian Yikun, who was walking towards the door, nearly tripped and fell to the ground.

Mo Fei snorted. “You can’t even withstand that? Hurry up, I’m starving.”

Qian Yikun coughed lightly and quietly opened the door.

Dinner was sent over by the people from Qian Feng Hotel. They were all dishes that Mo Fei liked.

Qian Yikun also got someone to send over a pair of flats.

Mo Fei merely gave them a brief glance before bringing the lunch box over to the dining room.

Qian Yikun took out the pair of flats and placed them at the door. Then, he washed his hands and joined Mo Fei for the meal.

Qian Yikun was not worried about Mo Fei. After all, if Ding Junchi really wanted to do something, it was highly unlikely that he could find anyone who was capable enough to cause Mo Fei harm.

Mo Fei relayed the incidents involving Grandma Ding to Qian Yikun in the form of a joke during dinner.

Watching Qian Yikun’s expression transform as though his worldview had been shattered, Mo Fei finally felt pleased. Finally, she was reaffirmed that she was not the only one who thought this way.

After dinner, Qian Yikun sent Mo Fei back.

Ding Jiaqi spent a long time in the study room searching for the seal today but to no avail. She even suspected that the company seal was no longer in Second Uncle’s hands.

“No, your Second Uncle didn’t hand the seal over to that little vixen that day, so it must still be in his possession,” Grandma Ding said confidently.

“But I’ve searched all the places in Second Uncle’s study. I really can’t find the seal.” Ding Jiaqi frowned and continued, “Grandma, is it possible that Second Uncle may have given it to Cousin Fei in private?”

As Ding Jiaqi said this, Grandma Ding started to be suspicious too.

Just as they were mulling over that, they heard the sound of a car engine outside the house.

The two looked at each other and left the madame’s room.

Ding Haonan and his wife happened to be in the living room when Qian Yikun brought Mo Fei home.

“Uncle, Auntie,” Qian Yikun greeted them politely.

Ding Haonan could not be more pleased with Qian Yikun. Thus, his eyes beamed with happiness when he saw Qian Yikun.

“Why didn’t you inform us earlier on that you’re coming, Young Master Qian?” Grandma Ding came downstairs with an insincere smile.

Qian Yikun’s face was expressionless. He did not greet her.

“Rest early,” Qian Yikun said to Mo Fei before turning around to leave.

He ignored Ding Jiaqi completely!

Ding Jiaqi stomped her feet angrily. However, after Grandma Ding gave her a light nudge, Ding Jiaqi chased after Qian Yikun. “Big Brother Qian, I’ll send you off.”

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