The Brilliant Fighting Master

Chapter 22
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Chapter 22: The Competition

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The unexpected episode drove everyone crazy. Many people became extremely jealous.

Meng Fei, who was going to fight with Jiang Chen, slipped back to his seat when no one was looking and totally lost interest in the Swordquest School.

Jin Jie didn’t know what to say. She was so embarrassed that she wanted to bury herself in a cave.

“I have to think it over. I didn’t expect this.” Jiang Chen answered her in a manner that was neither humble nor pushy.

“No problem.”

Due to his response, Murong Feng respected him a little bit more.

“Now what do you want to compete with me in?” Jiang Chen looked over to Jin Jie, who was silent at that moment.

“Don’t be so complacent!” she exclaimed.

“Why not? Don’t you trust the test tool of the Swordquest School?” Jiang Chen smiled.

Jin Jie didn’t know how to answer him. She didn’t dare go too far in the presence of the Swordquest School.

Next, it was time for the competition, the local people’s favorite part of the New Year celebration.

The Bow of the Lost Souls was used to test one’s talent, while the competition could show the progress of every disciple.

Meng Fei came forward immediately. He looked over to the disciples of the Jiangs and said, “I’m your age, too. Can I join you?”

“More people, more fun. Of course you can,” Jiang Tianxiong said.

Jin Jie was in low spirits, but suddenly her eyes lit up. She came forward instantly and said, “Count me in.”

She was rude, as always. Without getting any permission, she had already joined Jiangs’ disciples.

People were used to her ways, so nobody said anything against her.

However, to Jin Jie’s disappointment, the Jiangs’ competition didn’t aim to see who was the best, but only to see the progress of their disciples, so the rules were very simple.

There was only one ring. The winner had to win for three rounds and would be awarded if he made it.

This way, although Jin Jie expected to challenge Jiang Chen, she wouldn’t get the chance to do it. While she was still feeling disappointed, the others had started the competition.

Jiang Jian was the first one to challenge. He liked to flaunt as always.

Every time he beat a fellow opponent, he couldn’t help crying out loudly.

He disgusted Jiang Lu, so she jumped into the ring. This was a fight between the Gathering Yuan State and the Condensing Qi State.

“You are bullying!” Jiang Jian shouted.

“Weren’t you taunting me just now for spending a long time in achieving the Gathering Yuan State? Besides, if I beat you, your brother will fight with me. He is in the peak of the preliminary stage. That will be bullying, too,” Jiang Lu sneered at him.

“I quit. I throw in the towel!” Jiang Jian said sourly.

The Condensing Qi State against the Gathering Yuan State. That was definitely playing with fire.

“I’m in,” said Jin Jie. It occurred to her that Jiang Lu and Jiang Chen got along well, so she wanted to take her revenge by beating this woman.

“Oh?” She disgusted Jiang Lu as well.

However, Jin Jie was in the peak of the preliminary state of the Gathering Yuan State, a higher state than hers.

Jiang Lu wasn’t going to give up, since she had the strength to fight with Jin Jie.

“Let me show you guys what a genius is like!” Jin Jie was unhappy with the results of the two talent tests. She really wanted to prove herself.

She drew out her sword. It was a good sword, with a blade made of excellent refined iron. On the surface of the sword interesting lines were engraved, resulting from having been thoroughly tempered. The handle was mounted with a ruby.

“Purple Bamboo Fairy!”

Her sword was emitting a purple ray divided into sections, very similar to a bamboo shoot. The sword moved with her hands, intending to twine around Jiang Lu.

Jiang Chen knew at once that Jiang Lu would lose, just like last time he knew at once that Fan Tu would lose to Li Hong.

But this was a competition, so he couldn’t stop them.

Jiang Lu was doing great. She wasn’t panicking at all. She brandished the scimitar in her hand with great force.


Jin Jie felt pleased when she saw Jiang Lu’s movement. She knew that her sword method could perfectly subdue this kind of fierce knife method.

She waved her sword slightly. Her movement stirred the air and a purple ray flew skyward.


Jiang Chen saw Jin Jie’s true intention. She was only playing with Jiang Lu so that the latter would be exhausted.

“How silly!”

While Jin Jie was taunting Jiang Lu, she seized the moment when the latter got fatigued. The sword hit Jiang Lu’s face without any warning, like a slap in the face.

Almost everyone was angered at her behavior, especially the Jiang’s disciples.

Despite her skilled sword methods, Jin Jie was intentionally making fun of her opponent.

Even the elders got angry, but it wouldn’t seem appropriate if they scolded Jin Jie in person. After all, these were youngsters. If they punished Jin Jie, they would become a joke.

However, if no one could defeat Jin Jie, the Jiang’s disciples would lose face.

“Damn!” Jiang Lu was the most furious one. She wished she could rip this woman apart.

“Come on!” Jin Jie was shouting.

Jiang Chen, who was near the ring, hasted to say, “Sister Lu, your knife method is subdued by her sword method. Besides, your state is lower than hers. Don’t struggle too hard.”


Jiang Lu gritted her teeth, finally gave up and jumped out of the ring.

“What a loser,” Jin Jie swore in a disdainful manner.

Even Jiang Feng, who brought her here, felt he had to say something. “Jin Jie, be nice...”

“This is a competition. The strong one doesn’t have to take care of the weak one. If you are unhappy with the result, you can come out and fight with me.”

Jiang Feng was in the peak of the preliminary stage, but he didn’t want to offend her.

“I’ll fight with you!”

Jiang Chen jumped into the ring.

People were shocked. From what Jin Jie had shown, it was obvious that only people of Jiang Feng’s age could beat her, since people of that age had usually achieved the peak of the preliminary stage.

Jiang Chen was only sixteen, and he had just achieved the Gathering Yuan State. His state was almost the same as Jiang Lu’s. How could he beat Jin Jie?

Even Murong Feng and Li Lie were confused.

“Ha, I was feeling sorry that according to the rules of the competition, as long as you didn’t come up, I would have no way to deal with you. It couldn’t be better that you want to ask for trouble.” Jin Jie was very excited to see that Jiang Chen had volunteered.

“You are talented, but so what? If you can’t grow up, you are still nothing. Without the necessary resources and opportunities, you will still be unable to beat me.”

“You’ve been beaten twice. Won’t you mind another defeat? If you lose again this time, what are you going to say?”

Jin Jie was so angry that she burst into laughter. She said, “Those were only accidents. I’ll let you know how much better I am than you.

“Purple Cloud Flying Skyward!”

It wasn’t surprising that people saw the same result as before when Jin Jie started to attack.

Jin Jie was purposely making fun of Jiang Chen with her skilled sword method.

“You want to beat me with such crappy skills? Is that a joke?” Jin Jie taunted him.

Fan Tu, who was outside the ring, was confused. He said, “Why is Young Lord using his right hand?”

He noticed his lady’s worried face and was about to tell her the truth, but to his surprise, a middle-aged man called Su Qun, who was from the Sus, burst into laughter.

“Jiang Chen became mediocre in the past year. Even if he is accepted by the Swordquest School, with such terrible fighting skills, how far can he go?”

Then Su Qun looked over to Gao Yue. “Lady, you’d better sign the disengagement agreement. Otherwise, if we become enemies, the situation won’t be optimistic for you.”

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