The Bloodline System

Chapter 820 - Definition Of Overpowered
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Chapter 820 - Definition Of Overpowered

The spectators were about to relax, thinking the energy surge would be unable to affect the barrier when...


The barrier surrounding the battleground blasted into smithereens the moment the red energy made contact, causing everyone in the vicinity to try and take cover as the whole place quaked violently.

The training instructors in the vicinity quickly swept into action, creating multiple layers of barriers to stop the surging energy.

It took many seconds before things calmed in the vicinity. As the dew from the smashed ice began to disappear slowly, what could be seen in front was no longer a battlefield.

Except for a few pieces of ice protruding from the water a thousand feet below, nothing else could be found around here.

Gustav could be seen floating in mid-air as the red glow around him slowly died down.

'Oh, I guess it was too much,' Gustav thought as he looked at the destruction he had caused.

Rufai was somewhere on the east side of the former ice battlefield with injuries all over his body. He looked up at Gustav in the air with an astonished gaze like he was staring at a deity.

He still had it within him to battle since the number of injuries he had sustained was nothing for an Echo ranked Mixedblood, but he was satisfied with their clash.

Gustav slowly turned around in mid-air and stared down in his direction.

"Shall we continue?" He asked with a loud tone.

The spectators outside the battle area that had managed to stabilize themselves had looks of bewilderment on their faces as they stared at Gustav.

'Who would continue the battle after witnessing such a thing?' 𝑓ree𝑤𝘦𝚋𝐧𝘰ve𝑙. co𝒎

'Even we who were far away feel traumatized by the power displayed, I wonder how the poor guy feels,'

Most of them had thoughts similar to this in their minds as they heard Gustav's words.

They felt the final year cadet might be brave enough to keep fighting since he didn't seem that injured, but from what Gustav had displayed since the start of the battle, it was obvious that Gustav had the upper hand.

"I forfeit," Rufai said with a smile while giving Gustav a thumbs up.

"It was nice having this duel with you," He added.

"Likewise," Gustav responded as his body began to descend.

'At the very least, I was able to see the extent of my abilities to a certain level,' Gustav had been reluctant to try out some of these moves against regular Mixedbloods since he was troubled he might kill someone by mistake.

Gustav landed a few feet outside the icy battlefield area, which was no longer a place for dueling in the meantime till they repaired the damage.

He had made use of hover, which had increased to a level where he was capable of floating in mid-air for up to thirty seconds.

This practically gave him flight ability for half a minute.

"Man you were damn awesome," E.E voiced out while slapping Gustav across the shoulders repeatedly.

"Already Echo rank?" Aildris asked.

"Hnm, it's been like a month now," Gustav nodded as he recalled.

The reason he achieved the second step so fast was that he made use of the rewards he received from completing the Jabal mission.

"Wow, we have a lot of catching up to do," Aildris voiced out with a look of excitement.

Both E.E and Aildris had already achieved the Falcon rank some time back, but they hadn't expected that Gustav would have moved to a whole rank higher already.

Their improvement speed was monstrous to others, but Gustav's speed was monstrous to them, which had them wondering how others saw his speed.

"You better show us a trick or two hehe," E.E voiced out as he wrapped his arm around Gustav's shoulder and began pulling him away from the scene with Aildris.

"Gustav-sama! I knew you were going to win," someone suddenly shouted out from behind, causing E.E and Aildris to turn around.


A figure jumped on Gustav's back, causing his eyes to drop.

'This troublesome girl again,' Gustav said internally.

E.E and Aildris moved to the side and scrutinized this dark-skinned beautiful girl with intrigued expressions.

Gustav tried to shake her off, but she kept holding onto his head as she wrapped her legs around his belly region.

"Ayooo another Angy contender?" E.E voiced out, causing Aildris to slap him at the back of his head.

E.E showed a look of injustice like he was just saying his mind and there was nothing wrong.

"Oh, are these your friends you told me about?" Ada voiced out as she jumped off Gustav's back.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Ada a final year cadet," She said while introducing herself.

"A final year cadet? Gustav you've gone that far? Hnm you're dead for sure when Angy returns," E.E voiced out while shaking his head in pity.

"What are you talking about?" Gustav's eyes dropped even more as he voiced out.

"Hahahahaha, I like this one," Ada voiced out after hearing E.E speak.

Aildris introduced himself as well, and the group of four began to head out of the vicinity while chatting with one another.

In a far corner of the spectators' area, two familiar figures stared in Gustav's direction with troubled looks.

"He's quite powerful," One of them voiced out.

"Yes, I wasn't expecting this as well, but we cannot back down," The other one responded.

"Who said anything about backing down? Rufai is a fool for letting him have the win," The first one voiced out again before leaving the scene with his partner.

The spectators dispersed, and the entire camp was given something to talk about again.

It instantly spread across the camp of how Gustav had managed to defeat a final year cadet in the top two hundred rankings.

With this, it was now assured that Gustav was truly comparable and stronger than a lot of final-year cadets.

Gustav's spar with Ada hadn't been public, so they had no idea how much he had been trashing a final year cadet earlier on.

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