The Blind Lover

Chapter 39
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Chapter 39: Sigh

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ning Chen could not help but laugh. ‘Little vixen’. She had taken this title as a compliment and was quite good at entertaining herself.

He strode to the bed and carried Qin Yu out of the corner.

She was in a deep sleep as she clung onto his arm and muttered.

“It’s okay. The medicine from Brother Doctor is working. Have a good sleep.”

Ning Chen looked at her curled up safely in his arms. He really wanted to wake her up.


‘A beating!

‘Yes, this girl deserved a beating!’

Ning Chen thought to himself as he clenched his teeth.

Should she be branded as bold or stupid?

How confident was she in others’ human nature that she pretended to be crazy and married herself to a stranger?

If it had been anyone else, did she think that she could have escaped the wedding night?

Did she think she would be safe spending a whole month in a strange man’s room?

Ning Chen placed Qin Yu heavily on the bed.

She frowned and reached out to swipe her tablet. As soon as her hand touched it, she embraced it and continued to sleep.

He took a look at the incense ball and turned the knob, closing the gaps.

How could she already fall into a deep sleep from smelling the scent while waiting for the man she had to be on guard against to fall into her trap?

Where was the antidote? Did she not take it?

Ning Chen gently pinched her chin and leaned over to smell her lips.

Fortunately, she had taken it.

It was because she had been too nervous and tense during this period of time, so once she had taken the antidote, she felt at ease and went to sleep.

Ning Chen sighed helplessly. How did this girl grow up in the Shi family? It was such a miracle that her little scheme had managed to help her avoid being plotted against by her mother and sister.

He sat cross-legged on the bed and stared at this defenseless girl sleeping soundly, sighing to himself.

She had not gone to Yun Ni today to see him as Uncle Wen and Sister Yu had thought. In fact, she had been going to meet her other four friends and discuss the cooperation with them.

She was the foundation of Glory World.

He did not expect that in reality, she would actually be the ‘braindead’ adopted daughter of the Shi family.

According to the information he received, she had her brain injury when she was ten years old. It must have been hard on her, pretending to be a fool for the following ten years.

However, her skills were still quite profound. At the very least, she had almost fooled him.

He took out his phone and scanned through the chat records between the two of them.

She had been filled with sympathy for the man she had to be cautious about; she did not even want to use lethal drugs to hurt him because he had helped her a great deal.

What did he assist her with?

Did he see her crying so pitifully that he left her alone?

Was it that he protected her when his eldest cousin and second aunt bullied her?

Or because he helped her retrieve a thousand yuan from the Shi family?

Just these alone had made her feel compassionate for Ning Chen?

She even had her comrades search for his medical records everywhere to treat his blindness.

In order for the chance to cure Ning Chen’s eyes, she had not hesitated to allow the ‘doctor’ to use her however he wanted.

He paused at that part of the conversation and could not help but chuckle softly.

He reached out and caressed Qin Yu’s face.

Her delicate skin felt very soothing, and he could not bear to let go.

“Girl, you said you would do anything. It was you who said it, so I’m taking it seriously and accepting it.”

Ning Chen buttoned his clothes together and laid beside Qin Yu. Ever since their wedding night, this was the first time the two of them had been on the bed side by side.

For the first time, Ning Chen felt that his bed was too big. If he was not careful, Qin Yu would roll to a far corner, like a kitten.

As he inhaled the scent, Ning Chen’s heart gradually calmed down. It was quiet and happy.

The petite girl beside him breathed evenly and her shallow breaths blew on his neck. His heart had never felt such flutters before.

Finally, he turned around and embraced her in his arms. He breathed in her hair and fell into a deep sleep, which was sweet and peaceful.

Qin Yu was woken up by the heat and her breathing was ragged.

She struggled for a while and realized that her body was a little heavy, as if she was being pressed down by something.

She opened her eyes in a daze and immediately turned her head back in fright.

What greeted her eyes was a beautiful sleeping face!

It was Ning Chen!

Although he was so handsome that it was pleasing to the eye, it definitely came as a big shock when such a view was suddenly magnified in front of her.

What was even more shocking to her was that Ning Chen’s arm and leg were both placed on her body!

This was the cause of the extra weight!

She slept through the night in his arms?

Heavens! What was going on?

Qin Yu’s mind spun quickly, but realized that she was on the right track. Only then did she raise her eyes to look at the incense ball.

It was still there!

No problem!

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