The Blind Lover

Chapter 2
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Chapter 2: Playing Dumb

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Qin Yu moved her stiff body. She had been playing dead for a while, and was now quite tired.

She examined the injuries on her body, making sure they weren’t too bad.

The car had crashed into her, leaving her with no way to avoid it. It had caused her to roll a few times which formed abrasions on her skin.

Her right ankle was now fixed, but it was still throbbing in pain. She wasn’t sure if the bones were broken.

She leaned against a soft pillow and let out a huge sigh.

She did indeed wish to leave the Shi family, but getting into a political marriage wasn’t really a solution. There were still many things she dreamed of accomplishing. How could she allow herself to be manipulated and plotted to death by Qu Li and her daughter just like that?

Qin Yu used to be an orphan.

Her parents had passed on when she was five years old.

She was then taken into her father’s friend’s family. Shi Yong, her adoptive father, said that he considered her dad as his own brother, so it was his duty to take care of her. She didn’t have any other relatives either.

However, Shi Yong was the only one who cared for her and was willing to involve himself in her affairs.

Her adoptive mother, Qu Li, Shi Yong’s wife, did not like Qin Yu at all.

Qin Yu used to think that she was hated by Qu Li because Shi Yong brought a child with an unknown background into their family. Not only that, she was the same age as their daughter.

Later on, she found out that Qu Li’s hatred was unjustified; she wasn’t hated for being herself, but instead, it had to do with money.

Her parents had actually left her with a huge inheritance. No one knew what her parents did for a living.

Ever since she moved into the Shi family, the bank would send a considerable portion of the inheritance to the Shi family every year for the purpose of paying off Qin Yu’s living expenses and education.

At the beginning, Qu Li was quite happy with how things were going, but started to grow greedier. The yearly funds were quickly insufficient to satisfy her.

She wanted to claim all of Qin Yu’s property as her own, but there was a rule for that. Qin Yu had to get married and start a family before gaining her rights to control such a hefty amount of wealth.

If Qin Yu were to die unexpectedly before this, then as the guardian, the Shi family could receive a small portion of the funds as repayment for raising her all these years.

Just this small fraction of the immense wealth had been enough to drive Qu Li crazy, especially since Shi Yong’s business had been going downhill. This could allow his company to make a comeback.

Therefore, in the past three months, Qin Yu had encountered no less than 20 ‘accidents’, both big and small.

She rolled her eyes as she stared at the snow-white roof and sighed heavily. It was really getting quite difficult just to survive!

Qu Li and her daughter, Shi Xiao, had always been bullying her in a variety of ways, designing all kinds of accidents for her. She was only ten when Shi Xiao had pushed her down the stairs, resulting in her ending up with a concussion.

During those days of recovery, she would feel dizzy and vomit at the slightest movements, so she thought of a great idea – playing dumb!

From then on, Qin, Yu, who had assumedly damaged her brain, was considered to be completely dumb to the point of no return. Her intelligence was regarded to be equivalent to that of a three or five-year-old child.

Only then did her days gradually become peaceful.

The mother-daughter duo had to put on a gentle and kind mask when they dealt with Qin Yu in public, but in truth, they wanted nothing to do with a fool who would throw tantrums and cry like a kid at any time. They had left Qin Yu alone for the past 12 years.

Unexpectedly, however, because Shi Yong’s business had failed, Qin Yu’s life was in danger once again.

This time, it would be useless to continue playing dumb.

She had to take action and literally start ‘running for her life’.

They said that they were going to marry her off? To the Ning family?

Dream on!

These idiots!

The ward door was pushed open again, and Qin Yu quickly hid under the blanket, laying as still as a log.

A male doctor strutted in along with Qu Li and Shu Xiao. He turned toward them and explained her situation.

“Madam, don’t worry. Most of Miss Qin’s injuries are superficial. Her bones were not affected by the sprain on her ankle.

“As long as Miss Qin recuperates in a disciplined manner, she will be fully recovered in half a month or so.”

“Doctor, why isn’t she awake yet?” whined Shi Xiao. As long as there was a man beside her, Shi Xiao would speak femininely, thinking that any man would fall for her.

The male doctor’s voice sounded a little confused, as expected. “It’s alright. It should be the effect of the sedatives. After all, she did suffer quite a shock.”

“Was there any trauma on her brain?” Qu Li asked hesitantly.

“Oh, the CT scan has been done. We did not find any problems with her brain, don’t worry,” he replied respectfully.

Qin Yu’s body stifled under the blanket as she was about to burst out laughing.

Shi Xiao was really going all out to display her charm to anyone of the opposite gender, even if it was just an intern put in charge of a patient.

Why was Qu Li fretting about her brain anyway? Was she worried that Qin Yu would finally be snapped out of her trance?

She pulled the blanket away feistily and sat up, looking extremely panicked.

She closed her eyes and started to bawl.

“Mommy, mommy! I want mommy!”

All three of them whipped their heads to look at her, shocked by her sudden cry.

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