The Blind Lover

Chapter 15
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Chapter 15: Provocation

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Qin Yu had not even said a word when someone had already retorted.

“Ignorant and incapable. What do you mean ‘complicated’? You’ve completely exposed your incompetence. There’s nothing in this world that cannot be deciphered. You’re clearly someone who falls asleep from reading.”

“Nice to meet you too! Do you think you’re so smart? Then tell us, is there anything more complicated than reading and studying?”

“Boss, aren’t you curious about how such an unmotivated person managed to sneak into our elite team?”

Qin Yu’s fingers flew across the keyboard on the screen of the tablet as she typed.

“You guys continue ahead. I’ll go and study the Ning family’s situation first.

“I’ll reply to your emails as soon as possible if there are any problems that require my attention.

“I don’t have a regular schedule yet, so I’ll use this method to contact you guys for now. We’ll have a meeting when everything returns to normal.”

She skillfully switched the interface, taking control of a drone she had set up, and observed through its view.

The servants were all doing things in an orderly manner and no one paid attention to her.

The rules of the Ning family were very strict, which was completely different from the Shi family.

All the maids of the Shi family had acted according to Qu Li’s mood swings. As for the Ning family, they each had their own duties and were doing things in a fixed schedule.

Qin Yu could not help but let out a sigh in her heart – there was indeed a gap between the two families.

She carried the tablet device and walked toward the kitchen door.

Immediately, a servant bowed and asked, “Young Mistress, would you like to try these snacks?”

Qin Yu’s face brightened up and she quickly nodded. “Sure, sure!”

The maid swiftly brought a plate of exquisite snacks and placed it on the small dining table to the side. Then, she brewed a pot of fruit tea for her.

She sat upright and smiled sweetly. “Thank you, sister!”

The maid was a little embarrassed and replied timidly.

“Young Mistress, you can just call me Ah Bi.”

“Ah Bi, thank you!” gushed Qin Yu as she picked up a piece of the snack and placed it in her mouth.

“Wow! It’s so good!” marveled Qin Yu. She was actually truly amazed by the taste.

Ah Bi pursed her lips together and smiled. She pushed the tea forward to the young mistress in front of her. “Drink some fruit tea. It will relieve the greasiness in your throat.”

Just as Qin Yu had been about to give another fancy compliment, she heard a commotion from the living room outside.

She couldn’t help but look curiously.

A group of women came in. Not just women, but beautiful women.

Ah Bi let out a low shriek and ran over to greet the guests without a care toward Qin Yu.

The women sat down on the sofa in the living room.

Qin Yu saw the housekeeper, Sister Yu, among the women and went up to greet them. “Hello, ladies.”

Qin Yu knew that Sister Yu was the ‘leader’ of the servants in the family and had a high status. That was why Ning Chen had entrusted her to Sister Yu.

The women could not restrain themselves when they saw her.

A woman who looked to be in her forties, dressed luxuriously and had her hair styled meticulously, asked in an arrogant tone. “We’re here to see the eldest young mistress. Why? Is she not around?”

A woman in her thirties, who was wearing a bright red Chanel suit, covered her lips and smiled. “Oh, maybe she’s still not awake? Second Aunt, I think we’ve come too early.”

Someone else immediately chimed in, “That’s true. Yesterday was the wedding night. Our Ning Chen has never bothered to get close with women before. I heard that this Miss Shi is as beautiful as a rose and has an appealing figure. Then during the wedding night...”

Everyone could not help but laugh.

Even if Qin Yu had been a real fool, she could tell that they harbored bad intentions.

Sister Yu’s expression was calm. “I’m sorry. Before the eldest young master left, he told the young mistress to rest more. No one is allowed to disturb her.”

The lady in red was pleasantly surprised. “Ning Chen isn’t here?”

Damn you! Ning Chen isn’t around, and you’re here to bully his wife?

Qin Yu took another bite of the snack and looked down again. This snack made by Ah Bi was really delicious.

“Young Master left early in the morning,” Sister Yu answered in a neither servile nor overbearing manner.

Qin Yu could not help but be impressed and nodded to herself. This woman was also not bad. She seemed to know the general situation of the household better than Qu Li. She seemed really capable.

All the women looked at each other.

“This newlywed, why did he leave early the next morning?

“Could it be that the wedding night last night did not go well? I heard that even a doctor was called.

“Ah Yu, is it true?”

Ah Yu looked down and did not answer the question.

“How do you want Ah Yu to answer this question? Can’t you tell from her hesitation that Ning Chen couldn’t do it?”

There was another burst of mocking laughter.

The middle-aged woman in the lead continued sternly.

“Ah Yu, what exactly happened for the doctor to be called in last night? To think that something like this actually happened on Ning Chen’s wedding night.

“Isn’t this going to bring shame to the Ning family? You’d dare to hide this just because the old master isn’t home? The elders of the Ning family are still here!

“Where’s your young mistress? Call her out! The elders are here, but she’s not here to pay her respects?

“Does the Ning family have any rules? I see that all of you are acting however you want now that the old master isn’t around!”

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