The Bigshot Shocks The World When She Backs Home

Chapter 339 - A Good Relationship with Her
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Chapter 339: A Good Relationship with Her

When they finally reached the living room, Yao Yuan pinched the bridge of his nose and reprimanded his wife, “Find a few things that Yao Tangmight like and gift them to her. Make sure to be on good terms with the girl. We need to forge a good relationship with our daughter.”

Be on good terms? Forge a good relationship?

Qin Man snorted. “You want me to deliver these gifts to her? Did I hear wrong?”

Yao Tang was still her junior, was she not?

Why should she please her? Was this some kind of joke?

Yao Yuan pursed his lips. “I think you’ve failed to understand me,” he spoke slowly. “Whatever happens, Yao Tangis and will always be our biological daughter. Not only that, but she also happens to be quite an outstanding member of the Yao Family. Should we not be expressing our feelings more openly?”

“I don’t care how outstanding she is,” she snapped, rolling her eyes. “I’m her daughter. Shouldn’t she be coming over to apologize for her behavior? Have I entered some alternate universe where the child can disrespect their elders?”

Yao Yuan’s gaze darkened. “I believe I’m not asking you whether or not we should prepare them,” he said harshly. “I’m telling you that we should prepare them.”

“The only reason she doesn’t want to come back is that you’ve been nothing but harsh to her. If you had treated her better, we wouldn’t even be having this problem.”

Just then, a thought crossed Yao Yuan’s mind and he shot her a pointed look.

“If Ranran and Tangtangreally wouldn’t get along, then I suggest that you move Ranranto another house for a while. When Tangtangfinally accepts her, then she can be welcomed back.”

Yao Ran, who had been standing by the staircase, immediately froze in her tracks. Beads of sweat slid down her cheeks as her face paled sheet white.

She had actually returned home around twenty minutes ago.


As soon as she heard some sounds from the first floor, Yao Ran was more than ready to race down the steps to greet her parents. She was just about to ask them about the things that they had been up to.

What she didn’t expect was to hear Yao Yuan’s harsh words echoing across the hall.

She clenched her fists as she backed herself into the corner. Her jaw tightened as she shakily exhaled, unsure of what to do. In the end, she stayed where she was.

“Ranran has been staying in this home for so many years, and you’re just going to kick her out?” Qin Manscreamed from the top of her lungs. “All for that Tangtang? I’m not allowing that to happen.”

“Haven’t we treated her well enough these past few years? Now, we just want her to pay back that kindness and live out for a while,” Yao Yuan stated, pursing his lips. “We’ll even pay for her board and lodging. Is that not a big deal?”

“For a while? Till when? Do you think Yao Tang would even welcome her back? Do you think this is fair to Ranran? You didn’t even ask her! You’re making this decision for her without her consent!”

Qin Man’s voice was filled with resentment.

Yao Ran, who had been standing in the dark this entire time, could only heave a sigh of relief. It seemed that Qin Man was still on her side.

“How could you treat your biological daughter like this?” Yao Yuan finally spoke.

“Don’t you bring that into this!”

Qin Man clenched her fists. “Yao Tang’s already used to living like this. Giving her all these luxuries would only make her even more arrogant. Yao Ran, however...she’s been living in this home for years! Do you think she can survive living all on her own?”

“Can’t you be more reasonable?” Yao Yuan snapped. “Ranranhad lived in our home for many years, but she’s not our biological daughter! Wouldn’t it be better if it were Yao Tangstaying with us instead of her?”

“Reasonable? When have I not been reasonable?” Qin Man’s voice suddenly rose even higher. “If not for Yao Tang, why else would Ranranlose her opportunity to take the Music AssociationAssessment? She had already brought her down like this. Do you think I’ll still welcome that brat into the house?”

Yao Ran gasped, staggering back.

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