The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 1158 - Courting Death
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Chapter 1158: Courting Death

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Little Gangster Li always had a loud voice, but after his yelling...

Everyone who came to buy food knew what was going on.

They turned around and looked at Bai Zhun, who was protecting Little Baldy. No wonder the kid from the Bai family was so angry..

This time, Mrs. Lin had really gone overboard. Bullying a child showed that she had a fundamental problem with her personality.

Xiao Feng followed his mother to buy breakfast. When he saw that his brothers were all there, he heard Little Gangster Li’s clamor and abandoned his usual image as a noble young master. He ran over and asked Bai Zhun, “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.” Bai Zhun looked at the Mrs. Lin. “The ones who are in trouble are the Lin family.”

Xiao Feng had been with Bai Zhun ever since they were young. In the military compound, people did not dare to provoke these two familie exactly because how close they were.

“Mom!” Compared to Little Gangster Li, Xiao Feng’s voice was not that high-pitched, but it made Mrs. Lin even more afraid. “Someone is bullying Bai Zhun. Hurry, come over and take a look.”

Mother Xiao strolled over. She was wearing a pure white business suit. She did not look like someone who even had children before. Her temperament was especially good. She was a teacher and came from a scholarly family. From the start, she did not like Mrs. Lin, if not for the sake of the old chief, she would not even greet Mrs. Lin.

Now that she heard her son was bullied, her eyes swept over Mrs. Lin and became even more emotionless. “What’s the situation?”

Mrs. Lin wanted to explain.

However, she was interrupted by mother Xiao. “I’m asking Little Zhun, not you.”

“Aunt Xiao, I’ll settle this matter.” Bai Zhun didn’t even say anything regarding the matter because he felt that there was no need to.

When Mother Xiao heard this, she knew that even she couldn’t interfere anymore. This child..

“Hai Lou, go and Tell Master Li to fry as many fried dough sticks as he can.”Bai Zhun’s voice was indifferent. “Our child does have a big appetite. I will buy as much as she wants. We are just buying food. Why should we be discriminated just because we’re buying a little more? Even when those things were thrown away by someone else? As he spoke, Bai Zhun glanced in Mrs. Lin’s direction. It’s best if you stay home for the next few days. I can’t guarantee that I won’t splash you with hot soy milk when you go out. You think that I’m rude to an elder, right? That’s even easier to handle. Hailou, Xiao Feng. In the future, regardless of gender, Lin Ziwen included, beat them up every time you see someone from the Lin family!”

“Bai Zhun!” Mrs. Lin was really embarrassed. However, she was most worried about what would happen next. “Auntie did something wrong. Come at me. Why did you let them beat Wenwen?”

Bai Zhun looked at her expressionlessly. “Because I’m a child with no manners. I’ll do whatever I like. If you get to bully my child, why can’t I bully yours? Your child gets to be treasured, and mine doesn’t?”

“You’re just bullying our Lin family because we don’t have as much power as your Bai family, right? ” Mrs. Lin was so angry that her mouth was trembling. “Why don’t you take a look at how much our Lin family has helped your Bai family!”

When Bai Zhun heard this, he laughed. “So the Bai family’s achievements today are all thanks to your Lin family’s help. You should tell this to my grandfather. It’s best if you get Grandpa Lin and uncle Lin together and ask them how your Lin family has helped our Bai Family?”

“Child, you’re really used to being let loose. I don’t want to talk you anymore.” Mrs. Lin turned her face away, thinking that since elder Chief Bai had already been alerted, the worst that could happen was to continue this fight.

Their elder Lin had taken bullets for people of the Bai family before!

Xiao Lin’s mother had originally wanted to advise Bai Zhun to not show off so much at such a young age.

After hearing Lin’s words, she could not help but shake her head. The Lin family had really courted death by marrying such a daughter-in-law into their family.

The other two daughters-in-law who had just married into the family and are often seen with Mrs.Lin did not understand the twists and turns. They only felt that Bai Zhun was being unreasonable.

“That’s enough. Sister Lin just said some things that needed to be said. Shouldn’t the elders educate the younger generation?”

“Chief Lin has taken a bullet for the Bai family before, right?”

“Exactly. Now someone’s being ungrateful, hehe.”

Not to mention Xiao Lin’s mother, even Little Gangster Li felt that these women were a little retarded. No wonder his father had taught him to marry a good wife since he was young and not to just go for the looks.

Little Gangster Li was in a conflicted state back then. He already preferred good-looks in girls so much, and his father rejected his only criteria for a girlfriend? Wasn’t this forcing him to be gay?

Now he understood. In the future, he really had to for more than the looks. One must also consider brains.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t even know when he would die.

Bai Zhun was even more direct. He first picked up Little Baldy, then he said to commander Zhang, “Remember their names.”

“Aiyo, he really scared us to death. Isn’t he just a child? Can he really be the master of the Bai Family? Even if old chief Bai is here, he still has to watch out not to lose face!”

“This child really needs to be kept in check. He is becoming more and more lawless!”

Xiao Lin heard the series of attacks and raised his head again, looking at the tall and straight figure not far away.

Without thinking, he walked over and said to Mother Xiao, “Mom, tell Dad and Grandpa that I will accompany Bai Zhun if he wants to fight.”

“I will fight with him too!” Little Gangster LI also ran over with a layer of sweat on his forehead. “Those who don’t like Bai Zhun will be going against the Li Family!”

Bai Zhun stood in the middle of the two people with an upright posture. He had delicate features and was holding Little Baldy in his arms.

Mother Xiao looked at this scene and seemed to have seen the future of the military compound.

These children seemed to be even more united than the previous generation.

Outsiders always said that the Chinese were sometimes weak because they would’ve already destroyed their own kind before the others had even attacked.

Now, mother Xiao felt the pure brotherhood in these children.

Although they still looked a little immature and arrogant.

But it was still better than leaving a brother in trouble.

A child raised by a soldier should be this courageous!

The two who spoke didn’t think much of it, but Mr.s Lin knew better.

The moment she heard that the Bai, Li, and Xiao families were going to join forces,

her face instantly turned pale.

No matter how she thought about it, she couldn’t understand. She just wanted to teach a little baldy a lesson. How did it end up like this.

After Mrs. Lin returned home, she was anxious for a long time. But seeing that there was nothing unusual at home, she smiled again.

She knew it. They were just a few children. What kind of trouble could they cause.

Unfortunately, she had underestimated master Bai’s ability to plan..

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