The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 1089: Operation Get His Highness Drunk
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Chapter 1089: Operation Get His Highness Drunk

At night, white roses emitted a faint fragrance.

As soon as Helian Weiwei turned on the television, she saw that the murder case had been solved and the heir of a certain group had turned herself in.

She held the remote control in her hand and sat cross-legged. One end of the remote control was pressed against her chin as she looked at the back of a certain highness in the open kitchen.

Baili Jiajue was not good at cooking. He was only good at frying a steak.

Of course, he noticed the gaze that was constantly looking at him from behind. He turned his head back and saw the person who was secretly looking at him, and the moment she was spotted, she averted her gaze.

Baili Jiajue curved his thin lips into a strange smile. His left hand, which was wearing tightly clasped gloves, elegantly lifted the tray and walked over to Helian Weiwei.

He was now different from the way he was outside. Two cute ears popped out from his silver hair and they looked so harmless.

“Eat some steak first to fill your stomach.” Baili Jiajue knew her taste well. He smiled slightly and added, “In a while, I’ll get them to come over and make you a proper meal.”

Helian Weiwei first put a mouthful of beef into her mouth. Then, she puffed up her cheeks and shook her head. After swallowing the delicious beef, she said with a serious face, “I can’t eat that much.”

“Oh? ” Baili Jiajue raised the corner of his lips and obviously didn’t believe her.

Actually, Helian Weiwei herself didn’t believe it either. After all, her previous appetite was still quite astonishing.

But her current plan was to get a certain highness drunk.

How could she let others appear and ruin her big plans!

Have you seen someone bring their family along when they wanted to sleep with their man?

“I’ve been going on a diet recently.” Helian Weiwei’s face was full of righteousness and sternness as she said this. “Don’t you know? If you don’t lose weight in June, you’ll be sad in July. And it’s already so late, so if they came all the way just to make me dinner, it will stress me out. Besides, my appetite of late isn’t the best either.”

Baili Jiajue looked at the piece of steak that she quickly finished off, and his smile became even stronger. Oh? Her appetite wasn’t hte best?

Even though Helian Weiwei knew how to lie, she had never tried to cover it up like today.

The main problem was that she was going to do something mean, and she felt a little guilty about it.

So the guilty Helian Weiwei heavily cleared her throat and her eyes did not dare to look at His Highness anymore as she said to the air around her, “After spending the whole day cracking the case, my brain is tired and I’d probably get nightmares tonight. Why don’t we have a drink?”

Baili Jiajue smiled and his ears moved. “A drink? ”

“That’s right, just a drink.” Helian Weiwei really wanted to reach out and rub those ears and her beautiful eyes were shining. “It’s still early anyway.”

Baili Jiajue seemed to be in a very difficult position. “Okay, but you can only drink one cup. After the last time you got drunk, it’s really...”

“Don’t worry, I won’t get drunk this time!” Helian Weiwei was very confident. She was here to get him drunk, so how could she get drunk first?

Baili Jiajue was a very professional demon butler and he very quickly curved his thin lips. “Then I’ll go get a bottle of red wine.”

“Okay, and also get a bottle of Wu Liang Ye.” Helian Weiwei didn’t forget the secret that Qing Long told her.

Baili Jiajue’s beautiful brows furrowed for a moment. “Wu Liang Ye?”

“I want to mix the drinks together.” Helian Weiwei smiled lightly and exuded the aura of a young girl. “You don’t know, do you? When baijiu and red wine are mixed together, the two tastes collide and produce a very beautiful and smooth texture.”

Of course, this was all made up by Helian Weiwei.

The most important thing about red wine was its fragrance and mellowness.

After using a decanter, the mouthfeel of the wine would be even better.

It didn’t need Wu Liang Ye at all.

Baili Jiajue stopped in his footsteps and smiled impeccably. “Not a bad idea, but it’s really a pity, I don’t seem to have any baijiu at home.”

“I do! ” Helian Weiwei very happily took out a bottle of baijiu from her backpack and her smile was very bright. “It’s an Erguotou, so although it’s not as pure as the Wu Liang Ye, it’s still not bad. ”

She was really a clever one. She had guessed that there might not be any white wine in the villa, so before boarding the car, she had already gotten a bottle from the convenience store.

Baili Jiajue saw this and raised his eyebrows. He let out a low laugh and said, “I’ll go get some glasses.”

“Go, go.” Helian Weiwei suddenly felt that everything was perfect. While a certain highness was out, she also checked whether the handcuffs she had prepared were firm and whether she had exquisite acting skills.

Baili Jiajue quickly came back with the things. The suit on his body did not become disproportionate because of his shrinking. On the contrary, it actually brought out his youthful figure very well.

Th red wine was placed in a small silver bucket, which made it look very luxurious.

The silver bucket was filled with ice cubes to chill the red wine.

In this kind of weather, drinking a dry red wine with a slightly cool taste couldn’t be more enjoyable.

Helian Weiwei stretched out her hand and took the goblet that a certain highness had brought over.

After Baili Jiajue’s hand was empty, he took a clean handkerchief with one hand and held the red wine bottle with one hand. His posture was perfect as he poured the wine into the goblet.

It was said that the temperature of the hand would affect the taste of the wine, so when pouring the wine, one also had to pay attention.

As long as the goblet was lightly shaken, the rich fragrance of the red wine would be emitted from the mouth of the goblet.

Helian Weiwei first drank a mouthful, then stretched out her fair left hand and lightly clinked the wine goblet in Baili Jiajue’s hand.

A crisp ding sound was made.

Helian Weiwei took advantage of the time when a certain highness was still drinking wine, and stretched out to prop her right hand behind him.

The two of them were very close to one another now.

Helian Weiwei wanted to ambush Baili Jiajue, but she didn’t expect him to have no surprised expression. Although there was still a smile on his face, his eyes were a bit indifferent. He just looked at her, as if he didn’t want to touch her... It wasn’t like before, where he would stretch his hand out to hold her waist.

This made Helian Weiwei’s whole body stiffen for a moment, and then she withdrew her hand uninterestedly.

As expected, he didn’t have much interest in her after she had grown up.

Or was it because he had tried rearing her before already, so the novelty had worn off?

Helian Weiwei narrowed her eyes and finished the red wine in the goblet in one gulp. Then, she bit open the cap of the Erguotou bottle and looked at Baili Jiajue with a faint smile. “Do you want to drink it together?”

“Okay.” Baili Jiajue put down the goblet in his hand. His flawless smile had too many profound meanings that Helian Weiwei couldn’t understand.

She did not know that when she leaned over, Baili Jiajue’s eyes were so dark that they were terrifying.

His gaze fell on the exquisite collarbone that was exposed because she raised her hand. His deep eyes rolled out an unprecedented demonic qi.

At the beginning, when he saw this little phoenix, she was still wearing the most boring thickened little kasaya, and her stubborn expression was not very likable.

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