The Alpha's Bride

Chapter 620 Family planning (2) [Bonus chapter]
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Chapter 620 Family planning (2) [Bonus chapter]

Damon showed Talia the mental image of what he wanted, but when his scent of the forest mixed with manly muskiness hit her nostrils, and when Talia saw glistening precum on his tip, she got another idea.

Talia released the waistband his of pants once it reached his knees and she leaned over his legs, pressing her breasts on his exposed thighs as she took him into her mouth.

Damon hissed at the same time she hummed, both in pleasure.

He loved the way her tongue wrapped around his cock, and she loved the sensation of him growing in her mouth.

"Yeah, kitten… just like that…", he breathed when her head started bobbing.

Talia knew what he liked, and she did it for him with satisfaction because she could make him feel good. The big and powerful Alpha was vulnerable and exposed, gasping and groaning in the rhythm her tongue set and the biggest turn-on was that he willingly lowered his guard in front of her.

Damon was staring at Talia as possessed, her every move sent a stream of electric current from his groin to his brain, and when she pressed her tongue to slide along the crack at his tip, Damon threw his head back. She could suck his soul out of him and he won't resist, not even a little bit.

Talia enjoyed the feeling of his hot and hard flesh in his mouth, but she enjoyed the most that she was in control. She looked up to see Damon leaning in his chair. His chest heaved as he panted, his firm muscles tightening the white shirt to give her a hint of the magnificent landscape that laid below that fine fabric. Damon was at her mercy, totally enjoying it, and she love it!

Without slowing down the movements of her mouth and tongue, Talia's hand reached just below his scrotum, and she pressed the magic button that was hiding there, giving him that last push he needed to reach Heaven.

The armrests of the chair creaked under the pressure of Damon's grip when he groaned as he shot his hot seed deep into her throat.

Damon loved the fact that she swallowed it all greedily, and then she licked him clean, to make sure not a single drop was wasted.

She told him once that he tastes like dark chocolate, and Damon was not sure if she was messing with him or if that was the mate bond. But then, she tasted citrusy sweet, unlike any other woman (and he tasted many), so he didn't question her about it. Talia enjoyed his flavors, and that was all it mattered.

Talia couldn't believe this. She was pleasuring him, but the fact that his hot and hard cock was in her mouth was arousing. And then there were sounds, and the scent, and the sensations that she could feel through their mate bond, and she was close to orgasm herself. She needed just a bit to reach that high, and she was eager to get there.

Damon was still catching up his breath when Talia straddled him.

"Make me feel good, Damon", Talia demanded while grinding herself on him.

Her skirt was bunched around her waist, exposing her lower half of the body completely. Damon's pants were down, so he could feel her drenched folds gliding over his cock that was still twitching from the orgasm. Damn, he was sensitive.

"Give me a moment, kitten", he pleaded.

Damon hated that he needed a breather, but what she did was magnificent, and if he could have just a minute, no… thirty seconds... fifteen…

"Ahh…", a shaky breath escaped his lips, followed by a throaty moan when her lips latched on his neck. She was licking and sucking on her mark, sending electric currents all over, and just like that, he was fully hard again.

Talia smiled victoriously against his flesh, and she raised her ass to reach between her legs for his cock and to hold him in place.

They both released lustful sounds as he made his way into her hot and moist flesh that welcomed him.

Talia gripped the backrest of the chair for support and her hips moved with urgency. She was almost there. Almost.

Damon groaned like never before. He just came, his orgasm making him sensitive, and his kitten knew exactly how to drive him crazy, crazy for more of her.

Damon wished to have her breasts in his mouth, but the blouse was partially obstructing him, and there was a bra as well. After a second of hesitation, Damon gripped the fabric and tore it with ease. Now there was nothing to obstruct him from enjoying two bouncy peaks of his mate.

Talia was too consumed in chasing her release to notice that her garments were ruined. But she definitely noticed when his lips latched on her nipple and he sucked harshly.

"Oh, God!", Talia exclaimed and pressed herself on his face. "Harder", she demanded, and she moaned loudly when his teeth tightened around her hard bud, sending just the right amount of pain to amplify her pleasure.

Talia's movements became jerky, but she gripped the backrest and kept on going, knowing that her orgasm was approaching rapidly. And there it was, with stars and rainbows, and delicious sparks that tingled her body into numbness.


Damon spanked Talia's bare ass when she slowed down, but she barely noticed.

Damon was not happy. Sure, the ride was good, but he didn't finish, yet she stopped moving!

Next time, he will order her to hold it in until the time is right so they can come together.

Talia was resting limply on Damon and catching her breath when he stood up with her, without pulling out, and she felt the cold surface of his desk on her buttocks when he put her to sit there.

Damon swung his hand haphazardly behind Talia over the surface of his desk, sending pens, papers, mail from that day, and a cell phone to fly through the study, and then he pushed her to lay back on the cleared area with her ass on the edge, nearly dangling off it.

"Ahh…", Talia moaned breathlessly when he started rocking into her.

She was sensitive, and her body was buzzing, but her position didn't allow her to move much. Did she want to move? Not really. She was at his mercy, and she didn't want it any other way. Damon knew how to make her feel good, to deliver the right amount of addictive torture which put her right in the middle between wishing for it to stop and to never end.

Damon held Talia's legs and lifted them up straight to connect at the ankles in front of him, and then he thrust into her vigorously. The height of the desk was just right for such activities.

Talia gasped for air, unsure what do to with her hands. She wanted to hold onto something because the whole room was spinning, but she was in the middle of a massive desk, with nothing solid in her reach, and Damon was too far away. What should she do? She couldn't think because every Damon's thrust brought her a dose of mind-numbing sparks and she left her arms on her sides to do whatever they wanted but her hands moved to her body, searching for her breasts to touch her nipples.


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