The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool

Chapter 9: What are you all Fighting about!
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Chapter 9: What are you all Fighting about!

Translator: CokeZero Editor: Rainystars

Feng Jing looked somewhat apologetic, but for her own son’s happiness, she bit the bullet. “He Wanqing, back then, it was our fault for not being more considerate when we arranged this marriage. We were being hasty.”

“We all have experienced what it’s like and know that when it comes to love, it’s between the kids. If the kids don’t feel that way towards each other and are only together because their parents forced this marriage onto them, then they won’t be happy in the future. Don’t you agree?”

He Wanqing hissed and looked over to Jiang Yi, who had been silent, “It is also your intention to break off the engagement with Qiao Qing?”

Compared to his father Jiang Huai, Jiang Yi appeared much kinder and calmer.

“Auntie, Qiao Qing is a good girl. But I really cannot force myself to feel that way about her. Please tell Qiao Qing to come downstairs. I will talk to her nicely and do my best to not hurt her.”

He Wanqing faked a smile in response. She now clearly saw through them. This family has been wanting to back out of the engagement for a long time but hasn’t been able to find an excuse. This time, upon hearing that Qiao Qing has brought home a man, they could no longer sit still in their seats!

Just as He Wanqing was shaking from anger, the voice of someone who’s been watching the show suddenly arose, “Hey, what’s happening over here? Why’s it so rowdy?”

Right after those words were spoken, everyone there watched as Qin Yongmei walked through the door alongside Qiao Nian.

Qin Yongmei glanced at the furious looking He Wanqing and as if she cared, said, “I have been listening to you, my sister-in-law, talking up a storm. What’s making you so furious so early in the morning?”

Looking at this sister-in-law of hers, who frequently visits just to feel better about herself, He Wanqing tauntingly laughed. “Qiao Qing from upstairs hasn’t even heard me, yet you who live next door heard the clamor that’s going on here? It looks like these houses are not very soundproof.”

Having had her cover blown, the smile on Qin Yongmei’s face froze and she instantly laughed. “Maybe Qiao Qing has earphones in. I really heard you.”

He Wangqing merely smirked and ignored her.

Qiao Nian walked over to the Jiang family and greeted them respectfully, “Uncle and auntie Jiang, what brings you here?”

The moment Jiang Huai saw Qiao Nian, his expression warmed up.

In the City of Brisk, Qiao Nian was as outstanding as Qiao Qing was disappointing.

Her grades were top of the class and she was multi-talented. She was the representative of what others call, “the neighbor’s kid”.

To Jiang Huai, only this type of girl was good enough for his son!

With that thought in mind, his tone grew gentle, “Ah, its Qiao Nian. I am here today to break off the engagement between Jiang Yi and Qiao Qing.”

Qiao Nian looked as though she didn’t understand those words, “Did older sister do something wrong? Why is the engagement being called off?”

Jiang Huai gently hissed, “She is so young yet she hides men in the house. God knows what she’ll do once she grows older. My family doesn’t want a daughter-in-law like that!”

He Wanqing immediately blew up again, “Jiang Huai, you are shameless! You are the ones who dislike Qiao Qing and have regrets over the arranged marriage, yet you are pushing the fault onto Qiao Qing?! How many times do I have to tell you that Qiao Qing was trying to save a life! I dare you to try and insult her again!”

Qiao Nian covered her mouth out of shock and nodded right away. “I believe what my aunt is saying. My older sister likes older brother Jiang Yi very much, why would she do something like hiding a man?”

He Wanqing’s expression relaxed a little at those words.

Jiang Yi then quickly chimed in, “Don’t misunderstand, Qiao Nian. She likes me but that’s just how she feels. I have no feelings towards her. Believe me, I am here today to break off the engagement. After it’s done, we won’t have anything to do with each other anymore.”

Just as He Wanqing was about to reignite, a cold and crisp voice arrived, “What you all fighting about?”

Everyone in the living room fell silent and they all raised their heads to look up the stairs.

Qiao Qing had one hand on the stair’s railing while the other was casually in her pocket. Her face was of pure impatience.

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