The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool

Chapter 642: Update 24
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Chapter 642: Update 24

Her dark brows, bright eyes, pointy nose, and lush lips were all so beautiful that everyone’s heart quivered.

Her face was already only palm-sized. With her hair down, it looked even smaller. She did a middle parting and brushed her hair so it landed before her shoulders. The combination of red and black, as well as the peek of her white skin, made everyone lust even more.

The saying that the creator is always fair was not the case when it came to Qiao Qing. Everything about her was perfect.

Gong Yi thought, the girl in front of him looked like her, but not exactly.

In his memory, she always wore a loose top and loose pants. And her hair was always in a tight ponytail. She never dressed flashily.

Without looking at her magnificent face, nobody would realize just how shockingly beautiful she was.

The simple and lowkey girl changed her clothes and now the damage she can cause exponentially increased.

Gong Yi wasn’t the only person who was unsettled. Even Qi Yusen and Jun Yexuan, who have seen Qiao Qing in a dress before, lost composure.

The humans weren’t the only creatures shocked. Even the little fox’s eyes turned into heart shapes.

Shen Ruoyi returned then and when she saw Qiao Qing, she froze, “People really do count on clothes to package them. I’ve lived half of my life and I’ve never seen a girl so pretty. The two sisters here are nothing compared to Qingqing.”

She then pitifully glanced at her own son and mourned for his lack of luck.

Jun Yexuan was the first to react. He glared at Gong Yi, “Don’t you dare look!”

He then walked up the stairs and grabbed Qiao Qing’s hand, “We are not going to wear this dress! Let’s go change into pants!”

Everyone else, “…”

Gong Yi’s eyes were still dead set on Qiao Qing as he mocked, “Third young master Jun sure has questionable morale. Isn’t that the dress you bought for Qingqing?”

“All girls love to look beautiful. For your own possessive needs, you want the crowd to drown her out?”

“Tonight’s a party. A place where all the daughters from different families gather and compare themselves to each other. All girls do all they could to make themselves look nice. This isn’t like the gathering of the world IQ club, where friends hang out.”

“Qingqing doesn’t need makeup since she’s naturally beautiful, but you really want her to wear jeans and be laughed at?”

Jun Yexuan was taken aback, “We just won’t go. Okay?”

“Doesn’t third young master Jun know that it’s a good trait to do what was promised?” Gong Yi continued, “This isn’t a party anyone can get to. Everyone needs to be vetted before getting an invitation. Everything’s meticulously planned and food and drinks are served based on RSVP.”

“You agreed to go and I signed you guys up. Yet now, you are saying you won’t go. This leaves you with no credibility.”

“Plus, Qingqing is not just a fish in the sea. She deserves to be in the middle of the stage and be the focal point.”

“You don’t do anything to improve yourself in order to be good enough for her. To ensure others don’t peek at her, you want to hide her and conceal everything she’s good at?”

Jun Yexuan’s eyes narrowed and he grinned, “Qingqing will go to this party. But young master Gong, there’s no need to anger me.”

“I have enough to protect her and I am confident that nobody can take her away from me.”

“As a man, especially her boyfriend, I don’t want other men to look at her. Especially to be peeked at by people like you. I would hate it if other men look at her and fantasize.”

“You’re a bachelor, you wouldn’t understand!”


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