The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool

Chapter 561: Who Said there is no Granddaughter in this Family?
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Chapter 561: Who Said there is no Granddaughter in this Family?

Just then, one of the medical staff announced happily, “Congratulations! Your grandpa has made it through the most critical part. He’s now in recovery. We will keep him on oxygen support for a while, then keep an eye on him for a month or so. If all goes well, he can leave the hospital then!”

In the video, Chu Tian looked a little taken aback as she stretched out her lips, “Thank you, doctor.”

After the doctor left, Chu Tian headed closer to the elderly lying in bed.

Everyone could see how Chu Tian’s gaze looked through the screen. The deviousness in her eyes made everyone shudder. The Qi family, on the other hand, felt their heart turn cold.

Once Chu Tian reached the head of the bed, she started to speak calmly, “Grandpa, you sure are hanging out tightly. What should I do? I was really hoping you’d make it through the surgery. But now, I don’t want that anymore.”

Her statement made everyone gasp.

Chu Tian continued, “It’s all because I have more options now. After what you told me last time, I went home and did some research. I found out that the Qi family is the second most influential family in the Capital City. It’s an extremely wealthy family that failed to bear a granddaughter. If I make my way there, wouldn’t I be highly spoiled by everyone?”

By now, everyone looked at the Qi family meaningfully.

The Qi family, who had been lied to, all had a heavy look on their face.

“Grandpa, if you really love me, you’d want me to have a good future, right?”

Chu Tian’s lips curled up eerily and she pulled the oxygen mask off the elder’s face.

This scene made everyone in the room scream.

“Oh my god, she’s so evil! For wealth, she killed her own grandpa?!”

“This girl isn’t too old either right? How can someone so young kill someone in her own family? She’s going to grow up being capable of doing even worse things!”

“I really couldn’t tell how evil her heart was because of how weak she looked. The thing is, she knows how to act! She cheated the entire Qi family! Thank god the Qi family had someone as smart as first young master Qi!”


Mu Jinghang snorted, “The Qi family had been treating this girl like she was some treasure. They must be full of regret right now.”

After the Qi family watched the video, they were furious. Now that everyone began to comment on their gullibility, their faces turned ugly. Qi Shengkuan was particularly angry.

Not only was he lied to, but his comrade was also killed!

Qi Chengyu’s face was dark as he felt like he had been played around like he was a clown.

The way Wen Yuzhen stared at Chu Tian was no longer full of affection like before. As she pointed her finger at Chu Tian, she quivered, “You... How dark of a heart do you have! I must’ve been blind to have been tricked by someone heartless like you!”

Chu Tian’s tears continued to falling down like the autumn rain, “Grandma, let me explain! I really do want to be your granddaughter. Can you forgive me, please? You don’t have a granddaughter, I can be your granddaughter! I’m a really good person who listens to my elders!”

Everyone at the scene was bewildered by her statement. Look at the situation... How dare she still dream so big?

Wen Yuzhen shouted out of fury, “Don’t call me grandma! Even though we have no granddaughter in this family, I would never accept someone so snake-like as my granddaughter!”

Right after she spoke, Qi Yusen stepped up, “Who said there is no granddaughter in this family?”

Everyone was startled by his words – the Qi family as well.

Chu Tian’s face was already white. Now, hopelessness flashed across her eyes.

Wen Yuzhen took a while to gather herself, “Number one, what do you mean by that?”

Qi Xingyou also asked, “Yeah, big bro, what granddaughter are you talking about?”

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