The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool

Chapter 5: Enchantingly Beautiful and Dangerously Handsome
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Chapter 5: Enchantingly Beautiful and Dangerously Handsome

Translator: CokeZero Editor: Rainystars

Just then, Qi Feng returned, and reported to Feng Hen, “Sect Leader, I have found out everything. For a while now, Qin Hai had persistently pursued Jun Tianlin’s daughter. The reason he accepted the mission this time was also to leave a favorable impression on Jun Tianlin.”

Feng Hen did not comment and continued, “Go find out if Qiao Qing and Jun Yexuan had made any deals.”

Qi Feng was a little startled. However, he had been with Feng Hen for a while now and naturally could tell how cold his voice was. It was as if his own land had been invaded.

Not daring to think anymore, Qi Feng accepted his task, “Yes, sir.”

Feng Hen then said, “Wait.”

“What other commands do you have?” Qi Feng asked.

Feng Hen took off the ring he wore on his pinky, “Give this to Qiao Qing.”

Qi Feng smiled with gratification, thinking that his Sect Leader was finally feeling threatened.

However, the exchange of an object was a very secretive way to express his feeling. Would Ms. Qiao understand?

The man dressed in black felt himself sweat coldly and repetitively self-reflected and tried to remember if he had at all disrespected that girl.

The more he thought about it, the more he wanted to cry!

Peng Yue was mentally being tormented when he heard Feng Hen ask, “So you are telling me, you were close to succeeding?”

Peng Yue said in a serious tone, “Yes sir! If I remember correctly, the gunshot hit a spot near his heart. If it weren’t for that girl, I am confident that I could’ve killed him.”

Feng Hen felt slight doubt after hearing this and quickly fell into deep thoughts.

He’s had several exchanges again Jun Yexuan before and he was one of the very few people who were worthy enough to be his opponent. How could he be so easy to finish off?


The next day.

After Qiao Qing got up, as usual, she grabbed the morning newspaper from the outside railing. As she walked towards the guest room, she opened up the papers.

After reading the headline of the day, all of Qiao Qing’s remaining sleepiness evaporated.

#The third young master of the Jun family had passed away.#

Looking at the attention-grabbing news title, Qiao Qing’s brows furrowed lightly.

A man who lived in a legend... though their paths have never crossed, his name remained thunderous to the ears.

How could he have died so easily?

By the time she finished reading the news, she had already entered into the guest room.

She looked at the man lying flat on the bed. His delicate features made him so handsome, he didn’t even look real.

Qiao Qing suddenly remembered how everyone in this country described the third young master of the Jun family:

A demonic face so enchantingly beautiful. A dangerously handsome visage that scrambles hearts.

Her heart skipped a beat.

Then, she shook her head. How could there be such a coincidence?

This whole situation didn’t involve her, so Qiao Qing inhaled deeply then placed the paper to the side. Then, she walked to the head of the bed with the first aid kit.

As she applied a new layer of medicine for him, Qiao Qing’s hand accidentally brushed against his chest. Her face instantly froze.

The man’s body had heat, but he had no heartbeat!

She extended her hand to test if he was breathing, then she sighed in relief.

His breathing was even and steady, not at all like a dead man’s.

This made Qiao Qing even more curious and she found it hard to believe that someone without a heartbeat could still be alive.

Could it be that she was hallucinating?

To make sure, she placed her hand on top of him again and with the thin bandage between them, she quietly felt for his heartbeat.

However, before she could sense whether or not there was a heartbeat, she felt a tight squeeze on her wrist. Someone had grabbed onto her.

“That impatient, eh?”

Qiao Qing raised her head at the sound and met a pair of eyes that were sarcastic and smiling.

The pair of eyes were exquisite. At night time, they were soul snatching and now, in the daytime, they were even more demonic and uncontrollably desirable.

A normal girl would’ve definitely been enchanted.

However, Qiao Qing was no normal girl.

“Let go.”

These two short words were full of coldness and warning.

So there was someone who didn’t succumb to this face. Jun Yexuan silently found this interesting.

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