The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool

Chapter 480: Taking the Outsider’s Side
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Chapter 480: Taking the Outsider’s Side

Qi Yeli thought about it for a long time before he muttered, “But, it’s almost our grandparents’ 88’s birthdays. Are we really going to hide this from them?”

“We’ll play it by ear,” Qi Yusen said. “Though it’s almost time for their birthday, it’s still a month away. You are okay with giving up our sister a month early?”

Qi Yeli’s heart skipped a beat. After another moment of hesitation, he slowly walked outside.

Qi Yusen frowned and exchanged glances with his two brothers.

Just as they thought that their secret was about to be blown, Qi Yeli walked up to Mo Ran and threatened violently, “Keep your mouth shut about everything you saw and everything you heard today. If you don’t, then know that my bullets have no eyes!”

Qi Yusen + Qi Yuyang + Qi Yunyan, “...”

Qiao Qing, “...”

Mo Ran, “...”

What happened to him saying he won’t collude with the other brothers?!

After Qi Yeli warned Mo Ran, he came back to the living room.

He stared at Qi Yusen and said, “Big brother, clean out a room for me. I’ll stay here from now on.”

Qi Yusen + Qi Yuyang + Qi Yunyan, “...”

Qi Yuyang rolled his eyes, “Now you are not scared of our grandparents getting suspicious?”

Qi Yeli said, “I don’t live with them anyway. Even if I move here, they won’t find out. Plus, I will be visiting them often. You think I behave like you two? You two do things without considerations!”

Qi Yuyang + Qi Yunyan, “...”

Qi Yusen then ordered Ning Ye, who was staring with his mouth open, “Uncle Ning, ask someone to prepare a room for Yeli.”

Ning Ye gulped, “Yes, young master.”

He then headed upstairs.

Qi Yeli habitually took out a cigarette and placed it between his lips. However, he remembered something and then smiled at Qiao Qing.

Then, he tossed his pack of cigarettes and lighter into the trash.

“Qingqing, I told you I’d quit.”

Qiao Qing, “...”

Mo Ran, “...”

That lighter had a gold exterior! Why throw it out!

Qi Yuyang smiled and looked at Qiao Qing, “Sister, you’re a beast! Our grandma and aunt tried to get him to quit countless times but he refused. I cannot believe you got him to do whatever you say after one day!”

Qiao Qing, “...”

She didn’t actually do anything.

Just then, a black Bugatti came through the gate.

The car stopped, and Jun Yexuan got out. When he saw Qi Yeli, his heart turned cold.

At the same time, Qi Yeli checked Jun Yexuan out with his eyes narrowed.

He glanced Jun Yexuan up and down then grunted, “You’re Qingqing’s boyfriend?”

Jun Yexuan nodded, “Third brother.”

Qi Yeli, “You look like a demon, not at all like a masculine man. Why is Qingqing into you?”

Jun Yexuan, “...”

“Also, don’t pretend we are close.” Qi Yeli said, “Qingqing hasn’t exactly set her mind on you. You’re calling me your third brother too soon!”

Jun Yexuan, “...”

Qi Yuyang happily hugged onto his cushion, “This is great! Third brother also doesn’t like that guy!”

Without any support, Jun Yexuan turned to look at Qiao Qing with sorrow.

Qiao Qing walked over. She grabbed onto one of his hands and patted his head with her other hand.

Jun Yexuan was instantly encouraged, and his lips curled up. On the other hand, fire spat out of the four Qi brothers’ eyes.

“Sister!” Qi Yuyang was furious, “Why do you always take the outsider’s side! What is so good about that son of a b!tch!?”

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