The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool

Chapter 417: How Old are You This Year?
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Chapter 417: How Old are You This Year?

Qiao Qing nodded and accepted his apology.

Then, she turned around and shoved her hands back in her pocket. She glanced at Luo Chen, “Let’s go eat.”

Lou Zhan stroked his beard and smiled at Qiao Qing’s silhouette.

Then, he walked up to Lou Yufei, sighed, and scolded sadly, “Our friend, Qiao Qing, forgave you. Come home with me. If you do this again, I will have to punish you according to our family rules!”

The word punish made Lou Yufei shudder. She mustered her strength to get up and then followed Lou Zhan home.

On the way to the dining hall, Qiao Qing and Luo Chen heard many footsteps behind them.

Luo Chen turned his head and saw that there was a giant crowd following them.

Other than Qiao Qing’s race fans and book fans, there were also martial art fans who once tried to be accepted by Lou Yufei as apprentices.

When he saw the group of people, Luo Chen rolled his eyes, “Why are you guys following us?”

The ancient martial art fans were all embarrassed as they stared at Qiao Qing passionately, “God of Martial Arts, can you teach us some tricks?!”

Qiao Qing didn’t turn her head, stop her feet, or acknowledge them.

Luo Chen pouted, “Where is your shame?! Weren’t you having so much fun talking badly of Qiao Qing?! You should go learn with whoever accepted you as their students!”

The book fans and race fans agreed, “Exactly! You were talking sh!t about sister Qing just now! Now that Lou Yufei was defeated, you’re here begging to be taught by sister Qiao. Nobody has skin thicker than yours!”

That person’s words made the martial arts fans appear every more awkward. However, none of them left.

“Qiao... Qiao Qing, we were wrong. There are no excuses and no logical reasons for our behaviors. We were just wrong. Can you forgive us and teach us? We really admire you!”

“Us too! Us too!”

All the fans began to speak.

By now, Qiao Qing had arrived at the dining hall.

The group diligently followed her. Someone began to rub Qiao Qing’s shoulders while someone else pulled out a chair for her. Many people whipped out their campus ID and shouted, “Sister Qiao, what do you want to eat? What do you want to drink? I’ll go buy it for you!”

“Sister Qiao, are you hot? Let me cool you down with my fan!”

Luo Chen’s lips stretched out. He pointed at the person with a fan, “It’s November!”

Everyone at the scene giggled.

Before long, a bunch of people came over with trays.

“Sister Qiao, I got you coke-braised chicken!”

“Sister Qiao, here’s braised pork!”

“Sister Qiao...”

Qiao Qing frowned, “I don’t have the time to teach you.”

Luo Chen agreed, “Exactly! Qingqing is very busy! It’s busy enough for her as it is since she has to teach me. Where would she find the time to take care of you!”

His words invited an endless amount of jealous looks.

In the end, the group of martial arts fanatics couldn’t convince Qiao Qing to teach them. They sighed and left to eat.

Qiao Qing went to get her own food. Right after she sat back down, a delicate-looking man wearing ear studs sat down across from her.

Qiao Qing originally ignored him. However, the man spoke up and tried to pick her up, “You’re Qiao Qing?”

Qiao Qing paused a little and nodded.

Luo Chen eyed the man, “Do you need something?”

The man rested his art on the back of the chair next to his and stared at Qiao Qing with interest, “How old are you this year?”

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