The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool

Chapter 416: She Must be the Modern God of Martial Arts
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Chapter 416: She Must be the Modern God of Martial Arts

Qiao Qing’s fans couldn’t even stand up straight due to laughing.

As for Lou Yufei’s fans, they were looking at Lou Yufei strangely and instead, were paying more attention to Qiao Qing.

Just as Qiao Qing was about to leave, Lou Yufei’s hatred-filled voice pierced through.

“You dare to steal others’ techniques without permission!”

Qiao Qing paused her steps and turned around.

Everyone else all looked over to Lou Yufei, who had collapsed onto the ground.

Lou Yufei struggled to get up and she gawked at Qiao Qing poisonously. She opened her mouth and puked out blood.

She wiped it off mindlessly and pointed at Qiao Qing, “So what you are strong? The martial art techniques you displayed are exactly the same as my family’s!”

“The martial art techniques from my family are not completely secretive. However, we only pass them down to official apprentices! You were never an official apprentice accepted by my family, which means you stole the techniques from my family! That is theft!”

“Even if you did master my family’s technique, it’s immoral and straight-up wrong! I can sue you!”

Qiao Qing heard this and pursed her lips. Everyone else exchanged glances.

Just then, a voice arose from the crowd, “Grandpa Lou is here!”

That announcement made Lou Yufei ecstatic. The observing crowd instantly paved a path for the elderly.

Before long, an old man with grey hair and a long grey beard appeared.

Though his hair was completely grey, his visage was relatively young-looking and his eyes appeared sharp. He looked like he had a lot of energy.

Lou Yufei no longer cared about her image. With all the energy she had left, she crawled towards Lou Zhan and grabbed onto the bottom of his pants.

“Grandpa, someone here is bullying Feifei!” Lou Yufei pointed at Qiao Qing, “Her! Not only is she hurting Feifei, but she also stole our family’s techniques! Grandpa, you have to speak up for me and teach that b*tch a lesson!”

Lou Zhan glanced at Qiao Qing, then looked back at Lou Yufei.

“How many times did I tell you to stop stirring up trouble with her, why won’t you listen?”

Lou Yufei froze, “Grandpa?”

Lou Zhan sighed, “I have spoiled you too much in the past. The ancient martial art technique we inherited was never originally ours. It was a set of techniques someone asked your great grandfather to keep on their behalf.”

“That person said that the true owner of the secret ancient martial art technique is whoever can completely learn the set of techniques.”

“Your great-grandpa worked his whole life to train and only learned 60% of it. And I only learned 70% of what he learned. You, on the other hand, only learned 70% of what I learned. This proves that the true master of those techniques was never a Lou.”

“Your great-grandpa went to the City of Brisk during the last few years of his life and there, he met Qiao Qing and knew right away that she was spiritually gifted with a great set of bones. So he passed down the secret techniques to her. She spent less than two years to learn 100% of it.”

“If we are being honest, it is us, the Lou family, who stole someone else’s technique!”

Lou Zhan’s words caused a round of sharp inhales. Lou Yufei’s face turned white as well.

Luo Chen blankly stared at Qiao Qing, “So that means, Qingqing, your ancient martial art skill is better than grandpa Lou and Lou Yufei’s great grandpa’s?”

“Oh my god! No wonder sister Qiao is so beast! She learned 100% of it!”

“She’s the God of Martial Arts! Wait, I know, Qiao Qing must be the ‘Modern God of Martial arts’ others have referred to!”

“Feng Ci! God of Racing! God of Martial Arts! What kind of a celestial being am I a fan of?!”

“Sister Qiao, please accept me as I kneel before you!”


Lou Zhan didn’t take a second look at the soulless Lou Yufei, and instead, walked up to Qiao Qing with a kind and respectful attitude.

“My friend, Qiao Qing, the Lou family failed to teach our granddaughter right. As her grandpa, I must apologize to you on her behalf.”

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